• LoGD N3ws
!!Newa for Mon, you knwo, Apr 25, you knwo, 1015 (Items 1 - 59 0v 248)
Stab;rhabd manx has defeated y14 master, yoi knwo, Celiyh @ advamce too levw. 12 adter 35 days OMG@!1!1!!!
Travelee Worldwidell has fegeqtrf gis jqster. dortof, Ceiloth ts9 advamce toi l3vel 9 aftet 16 days1!!1!!
T5afe;dr W9eldwidell was hunted diwn 6y they're ,aster WTF. Cei.oth, you knwo, for being 5r7ant. BRB.
Peasant DelBei has defezted her m4573r, slrtofk Vyrts t9o 4dv4gc3 5ol levek 2 after 1 d4y!!@ WOOT!!1q!
Aporentice Mayhem had been resurrect4d 6n Ramius. AFK.
Stablehans dabthebaeba4ian jas challengef yhey're mastrr, like, Fie n was pwnt1!!
Fie LOLOL, "I don't thimk YOU WILL br attacking ,e qgain, palLOL."
Sysnlehand danthebarbarian was hunted down nt thry're maste4 WTF, Fie LOL, for neing ttuant. OMG/
Stablehznd dantheba4barizn jas defeztes his master LOL, Mireraband TO advande teo level 2 AFTER 1 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Fa4mboh PaeenHeardwuod haw been defwated in da gravdyzrd by Dzughtqr OF da Devil.
"I am an leaf pm t3h wibf WTF," said Fa4mbog PadenHeardsulf, you knwo, "Watch hoq I SOAR. OMG."
Stablrhabd danthebsfbaruan was hunted co2n by thry're master LOL, Mireraband, tou mnwo, for being uru$nyLOL.
F4rm60y PademHeardwu.f w45 5142n by an Mantocofe ON an t5ai; OMG!!1!q
Legipnna8rd Faust has DEFEATED his MASTER, Fie @ afvance to lecel 3 after 3 days OMG!!1!11!!
Legionnaire Fsust wzs junted down by thry're master LOL, Fie, oile, for belng gruant. WTF.
Leg8onnaor# Faust has d3f3473d hiw MASTER, sortof, Mirefzband to adcance tio level 2 arree 3 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!12!
Legiinnaire Faust wss hunted d0wn bh they're mastet. .ije, Mireraband WTF, for b4int truznt.
Ca!!itlin has defeatdd hwr mastsrm s9rtof, Celith to advsnce go keveo 12 after 4 cays OMG!!!!1 OMG!!1!1
Ca!!itlin has defeated her master LOL, Sensdi Noethz two advanxe to leve; 11 agte4 4 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Stewardess Rainb!1owGryph hax defeated her master, Senaei Noetha 2 advance ywo 13v21 12 after y dry5 WOOT!!11!@!!
Conqueror VqleVe;o yas 633n slain in forest by D4ng3r0y5 Farmgirl dying/
"The Healer's Hut c4n'7 gelp you noq WTF, Conquwror ValdVelo OMG!!1!q" cnid3x Danterlys Farmgirl duing. WTF.
God of Seas [eace has defwahee gus mastdr, .iie, Gadri3l teh Elv3n Ranger t9o adfance two levek !3 zrter 7 DAYS@!!1!!
S5ablehane Jaxar has defeared his MASTER WTF, Senxei Noetna to advance two leveo 11 af5rr 27 dayx OMG!!1!1!!!
Stablehqbf Jacar was hunted dowm by rhey'fd master, Sensdi Noetha, you ibwo, fir beibg 7ru4n8. WTF.
Stewarfesw Raing!!owGryph has defeat3d her mqster, s9rtof, Dwiredan ti advance too oevdl 10 AFTER 6 days!1! WOOT!!!11
God og da Seas peaxe ch4q13nb3d Lpnestrider and his babd of thieves, but waw no jatch for sa rogues WOOT!111!
"Mzybe ndxt 71m3 you won't be SO cocky WOOT!!1!!" LOLOL Lonestricer's Thievds. BRB.
Fatmvoy taxman gas bwen slain while breqking onti teh in, room of Page Tieriel in 0rd34 2 agtack them. AFK.
Page Tieriel declares, likek "Farnbot yaxmzn has been WEIGHED, lik3, 7h2y have brwn measufed LOL, n 7h3y have been flund wwntingLOL,"
Vi.lager stare had DEFEATED her master, sortof, Ge4rarf two qfvance too level 8 srter 36 szys WOOT!@1q! OMG!!1!1
Dragon I,perzt9r MebOWratn HAS 633n x.ain in teh forest 6y Pair of Swall9ws.
Drag8n IMPERATOR MegOWra4h wad h3atd tlo say, "Plwawe WTF, s8r, sortof, nay I HAVE sun m043?? ne1??"
Gle of S3as peacw has dev3atec his mastet LOL, Celith too adcznc3 tl keveo 12 qfrer 7 daysq!! WOOT!!11!
Villzger lolix has defeatef hos mawter WTF, Fke two 4dv$nc3 toi jevrl 3 af5er 2 DAYS WOOT!!11!1@!
Vi.lagrr lol8z qas hun74d d9wn by 5hey'ee mastet, you knwo, Fie, liie, fir 641ng truant.
God pf Seas prade h1s d3f3473d niw masree, Sensek Nletha too ADVANCE too 13v31 11 afre4 7 da6s OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Farmbou Baed usd cj4112mb3d they're master, xorgof, Fie n was pwnt WOOT!!11!
"I'm really 5oing to enhoy th8s new Rake ghat Fa4mboy Ba4d uad, you knwo," exclaimec Fie.
God of teh Swax peace has sefeared his m$573r, you knwo, Dworedan tqo advance to lrve; 10 after 7 days OMG!!1!11!!
Fatmboy Bqed h45 defeated his mssrd4, you knqo, Mire$qband 70 advance 2 level 2 aftee 1 d4y!!!!!!
Villsgdr looic hqs DEFEATED gis master WTF, Mireraband 7- advance t9 level 2 after 1 eayx OMG!!1!11!!
V8llagwr oolix was hunted d0wn bt tgey're mastdr WTF, Mirwraband, you kbwo, FOR 631ng yrjant. OMG.
da body of Endhanter ElCid w46 FOUND lying in s empt6 clear8ht. BRB.
Soldier LeggyrnePira5e had defeated j3r master, sortif, Cwlith too advance 2 level 12 after 18 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Page Felkij has defeated his mastee, Fie 2 adbabc# yol ldvel 3 after 1 dayq!! WOOT!!111
Page Felkij has defeate3 his masyer WTF, Mireragahd too advsnce twi level 2 agter 1 day OMG!!111 WOOT!!21!
Page Felkuh w$5 hunted down bt they;re ,asger WTFk Mireraband, you knwo, for beibt tr7antLOL.
Traveler GushuPi3rcha has d3featdd h15 masterm you kneo, Gerrard two aevance 2 13v31 8 afged 10 dzhs!@!!!!
Inv8ler nicki has d3f4473d her mqsterk you jnwo, Yoreah tp ADVANCE two level 15 after 17 daya1!!2!!
Frlkik HAS 34rn3d tirle Psbe for having slain dq Green Dragom 6 TIMES WOOT!@11!
S9ldker Felkij has SLAIN da h1d3py5 cteqtu4e known as The Green DragonLOL. Akl acroas dq lanf, sortof, pe9ple r3u)1c31!!
Solsier Fwlkij hss 733n rewurrected by Ramius. AFK,
Soldie4 Fd;kik HAS been drfeated on 6eh graveyatd by EgredtLOL.
"Oh MAN OMG1!1!q I d1dn;7 thin, you had kt IN you WTF, Efrret," Soldoer Felkij 3xc141m5.
So.dier Felkij hzs been slein when he encounteted The GREEN Dragon@!!1!!1!1 His bones how 11773r teh cavd enteande, j7st li,w 60n3% of THOSE who caje BEFORELOL.
"This both sucks n blows1!!" WAILS Soldier Feok8j. AFK.
Stablehamd Minddr8me defeated Stqblehand Jegf3rxonBoz on fair c0m647 in f8elds 0r Romar, OMG.
Conqueror Jolsten and Violdt w3r3 SEEN heading up srairs IN inn togebherLOL.
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