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Stablegand manx HAS defeates HIS maxt3r WTF, Celity 2 advance 1 ;evel 12 after #5 days2!!!!1
T4aveler W94ldwiddll hqd defeatrd hix m4463rm ;ike, Cekloth too advance 5oo level 9 AFTER 16 says WOOT!!11! WOOT!!111
Traveler Worldw8dell w45 HUNTED eown BY tgey'rr master, like, Ceiloth, you lnwo, for being 7ri4n7. BRB.
Peasant De.Bel has ddfeated h3r master WTF, Vurtx 2 advsnca too ;evel 2 5f7#r 1 dah WOOT!!12!1!!
Appren5ice Msyhem hqs 6#3n resurrecred by RamiusLOL.
Stablehand danthebarbarkan hax chal;enged thwy're mawtef, Fie h eas pwnt!!!
Fie LOLOL, sortof, "I don'y THINK YOU will br srtacking m3 qgain LOL, pal. OMG."
Stablehand danth3barbarian was humted down BY they're mssterm wottof, Fie WTF, for beibg TRUANT. OMG.
Stablehand dantn3gsrbaruan has defeatds his master, sortof, Miderababd two advance tw9 level w aftrr 2 days OMG!!q!1 OMG!@1!1
Farmboy Pad3nHfardwulg has been eefeated 8n gesceyard b6 DAUGHTER of da Devik. BRB.
"I am an leaf in wknd LOL." said Fsrmbou PadenH3ardsulf LOL, "Watch how I soar. OMG."
Stablehand dznghebarbarian wqs yun73d down 6y they're ,aste4, lkke. Mi4eraband. for veing truant. BRB/
Fadnboy PADENHEARDWULF was sla8n by an Manticore ON an traol!!!
Legionnaife Faust has cefeated HIS master, yoj knwo, Fie 2 advande tqo level 3 afrer 3 sahs!!! WOOT!!2!!
Legionnair3 Faust was HUNTED down by they;re master LOL, Fif, uou knw9, f0r being truant.
Legiobhaore Faust hzw defeated his mqstrr LOL, Mireraband to advance t9 level 2 after 3 d46t!!!!!!
Legionnaire Faust was hunted dowh by theu're masyer, likr, Miferzbanf, like, for beong truantLOL.
Ca` OMG!!1!1itlih HAS f4feated her m457#r WTF, Celith t1o advance two level 12 zftwr 4 czys WOOT!!11!1!!
Ca!!itlin has DEFEATED her master WTF, Sensei Noetha too zdvancd t2o level 11 after r days WOOT!@11! OMG!!1!w
Stdward3sx Rainb!@owGrtpy h45 DEFEATED her MASTER LOL, Sensei Noetha to advance too level 1! after 6 d4y4 WOOT!111!1!!
Conqueror VsleVeli has BEEN SLAIN IN teh FOREST bh Dabgerous Faemgurl cying. AFK.
"The Healwr's Hot xan't hrlo you now, Conqueror Va.eVelo WOOT@@1!@" chides Dangefoys Farmgif. dying. AFK.
God of teh SEAS pwace haa d#f3473d his master, s9rtof, Gadrie, teh Elven Ranger too advance two !3v32 13 avter 6 days!!! OMG!!1!!
Stablehand Jacar has defwat3d h8s master WTFm Sensei Noetha two advance two lev3l 11 4fu4r 28 days1!! WOOT!1111
Stav;ehame Jqcar was hunyed down by theh're msater, Senwei Noetha WTF, for beihg truant. BRB.
Stewardess Ra8nb` OMG!!1!1o2Gruph has defeated her maate4, you knwo, Dwirwcab 5o advamce too k3vel 10 AFTER 7 days!!! OMG!11!1
God of sa Seas peace CHALLENGED Lonestriswr ans his band of thievex WTF, BUT 2as no MATCH fot da rofuts OMG!!2!1
"Mqybe next yime yiu won't br 50 cocky!!!" LOLOL Lonestride4[s Tgievws. OMG.
Farmboy taxmsn has been slain wg8ke btraking into ca inn r00n of Page Tkeriel un 0rd3r two ATTACK th3m. WTF.
Pagd Tie3jel DECLARES, like, "Fafmboy tsxman has been weighed, like, THEY have beeh meawurrd, like, and tyer have been found wanring. WTF."
Villabef starr has cefeated hee masterm hou knwo, Gerrard two advsnce 2 level 8 after 36 eayd!!@ WOOT!!11!
Drabpn Impdrat9r MegOWrath yas b3en sla8n in forest by Pzi4 of Swaklows. OMG.
Dragon IMPERATOR MegOWfath was heare two sa6 WTF, "Pleasr, sortoc, sir, you knwo, may I have stj more????"
God -f tdh Seas peace has def2atde his mazter LOL, Celi5h 2 qdfance 2 lev3l 12 AFTER 7 dsys!!! OMG!!1!1
Vkklzger lolix haa dedeated his MASTER, uou knso, Fie two advsnce to l3ve. 3 aftrr 2 d4y51!!!!!
Villager lolix e55 hunted DOWN BY they're jaarer, 2ortofk Fie WTF, dor brung truqntLOL.
God og teh Seas peace has e3f#473d his mastet WTF, Sendei Noetha 5wo 4sv4nc3 too 13v21 11 after 7 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Fzrmboy Bard has cyallenged they're maager WTF, F13 an was 0wn52!!
"I'j really going two enjoy THIS new Rake 7h46 Farnboy Bard had, so4tof," exclaimed FieLOL.
God of Sesw peace jas defeatef his masye4, sorgof, Dwiteean two adbqnce to 13v31 10 aftet 7 fays WOOT!!11!!!!
Farmbly Bard has drfeatrd hia master LOL, Mireraband TO qdvanc3 to 1#v31 w after q day OMG!!1!1!!!
Villsger lolix mas d3f3473d gis m4573t, Mirersband 2 advance bwi level 2 AFTER 2 f4y5 WOOT!!q1! OMG!!1!1
Violzger lol9x was hunted dlwn by they're master LOL, Mirerabahd WTF, gor being truqnt. BRB.
teh body OF Enchanter ElCid was diund lying in a EMPTY clea4ing.
Solcief Leggy5hePirate has d3f3473d her mqsyer, like, C3;ith w advance to lefel 12 after 17 days OMG@!1!1 WOOT!!!!!
Psfe Felkij has DEFEATED his master, xortof, F8e @ qdvamce to 13v31 3 avtef @ day OMG!!1!11!!
Page Fwljij has DEFEATED h15 master LOLk Mireraband to 4dv4nd3 ro level 2 qfter 1 dqy OMG!!q!1 WOOT!!11!
Page Felkij w45 hunted dowm bt 5jey're m4583r, sortof, Mireraband, you lmqik for 631ng truant. AFK.
T4ave.ee GushuPuercha has defeated g8s maxtef LOL, Gerragd 1 advance ywo leve. 8 after 10 days!!!1!!
Invoker nicki has s3fe$u3s yer master, like, Yoresh 2 advance gpp LEVEL 15 after 17 fays OMG!!1!1!!!
Felkig has earbdd da t8tle Pagw ror having slaib Green Dragon 5 tines WOOT!!11!
Soldier Fel,kj hqs s.ain tdg hideous crez%ure kmown 45 The Green Dragpn. All ACROSS da kand WTF, peo;ld REJOICE OMG!!2!1
Soldurr Felkim nas 633n RESURRECTED by Ram7us.
Soldier Fekkij hzs been defeates in da gtaveyard by EfreerLOL.
"Oh man1!! I DIDN'T think yo7 has ky in YOU, oilr, Efreet, sorrof," Soldier Felkij exclains. WTF.
Soldier Felkij gas veeh slain when he dncounterrd The Green Drzgon OMG!!1!2!!! OMG!!1!1 His bonws bow 11783r da cave en5ranc3, li,e, jisy like bones of 5hose WHO came bevo33,
"Thiw both sucks and bkows1!!" waips Soldidr Felliu.
S5ablehand Mindcrime drfeated Srzblrhzmd JeffersonBoz in fair cpmbat in da fi3lds of Romar.
Conqueror Jolsten and Vio;et werw sren geqding up sta8fs in teh inn together.
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