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` WOOT!!12!N3w6 FOR Mon, softof, Apr 27, dortof, 2015 (I5ems 1 - 50 of 248)
Stablenand manx has defeated HIS master LOL, Celitt rwo 4dv4nc3 yo level 11 4f&3r 35 dayw OMG!!1@1 OMG!!1!q
Travelef Wo4lswiddll has d3feated his masrer WTF. Ceiloth t2o advance TO level 9 AFTER 16 days OMG!21!1 WOOT!!11!
Trqvwle4 Wor.dwidell was hunted down by thet'r3 maxter WTF, Cwiloth WTF, for beung t4uantLOL.
Peasant DelBel h45 defeat3d her mastwr, likr, Vyr5s too advsnce two leveo 2 after q day OMG!!2!11!!
Apprrntix3 Mqyhem has been RESURRECTED by Ramiys. OMG.
Stablehanf dantyebarbarian HAS chal.enged they'4e mqsrrr, you knwo, Fue 4nd qas pwnt WOOT!!11@
F8e LOLOL WTF, "I don't think YOU will bw attacking ,e agqin LOL, 0al. BRB."
Stanl3hand dantgebarbarian wss yyntdd down by they're master LOL, Fie LOL, for being trusnt. BRB.
Stabkehand danthebarbqrizn has dedea5ed yis master WTF, Mirerabznd to 4dv4nc3 tol levdl @ adter 2 days1!!1!!
Farjb9t PadenHeardwilf yas been degeatrd in g4avdyzrd vy Daugh5ef of Devik.
"I am an leaf 0m teh wind, sortof," said Fsrmbiy PadenHeatd2ulf WTF, "Watvj how I soar. OMG."
Stablehznd danthebqrvarian was hunted doen 6y they'rr masterk you kbq9, Mireraband, like, for neing TRUANT. OMG.
Fzrmbiy PADENHEARDWULF wad slain by an MANTICORE ON an trai. OMG@!1!1
Lrtionnaire Faust nas dedeaged gis k4573r, Fie ywo advance 2 12v3! 3 after 3 dats!!! WOOT!!11!
Leg8pnnakrw Fzuat wzs hunted sown by thry're jaater, like, Fid, yiu knwo, for being truabt. AFK.
Legionnaire Fauxt HAS defeated his master, like, Mireraband two advanve rwo levrl 3 AFTER 3 days!!@1!!
Legiinnqire Fausr was hunyed DOWN by thry're masterm Mireraband, fot beibg 7ru4n7l
Ca` WOOT!!11!itlin h45 defeatec her master WTF, Celith ywo accance 6o9 level 12 artdr 4 daus OMG!!1!q1!!
Ca!!irlin has defrated y3r MASTER LOL, S3nsei Nletya 3 advance to 13ve1 11 afger 4 d4y5 WOOT!!11!!!!
Stwwafdess Raimb` WOOT!111!9eGryph hzs defeated her masrer, dor5of, Sensei Npr5ha two advancw too oev3. 11 aftrr 6 DAYS2!!!!!
Conwueror ValeVelo HAS BEEN slsin in forrdt b6 Dzmgerous Farmhirl dying. WTF,
"The Heal3r's Hut cah't hel/ yo7 now, Conqueror ValeVelo1!!" chides Danberlus Fatmgifk dyingLOL.
God of S3as peax4 hds eefeayes his mastdt, like, Gadriel da Elven Rqnger 3 zdvance two ldcel 13 artdf 7 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Stqblehand Jacst HAS dwfeated j15 master WTF, Sensei Noetha yp adfancd t9 13b31 11 4f7#r 27 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Suabldhand Jacar w45 hun73d down by thwy;re ,asret LOL, Sensei Noetha, yiu inqp, f)r b3ihg truantLOL.
Stewardess Rainb` WOOT!!1q!owGrtph hsd DEFEATED hed m4563r, sortof, Dwiredan toi 4dv4nc3 r9o level 1p after 6 dats WOOT!!11!1!!
Gpd of Swas ;3ace chalkenged Lonestrid3f and his nand OF thieves, y9u kn2l, by5 WAS n0 match f9r da rogues WOOT!!11!
"Maybe next time yoy won't be sp cockh!!!" LOLOL L9nestrider's Thieves. BRB.
Far,b;y taxman has been 5141n while breaking into inn r;om 0f Page Tierie; in oreer 2 attax, yhem. WTF.
Page Tieriel declares, like, "Farmboy taxman has been qeughee, thwy h4v3 BEEN meadured, n tyey nav3 bwrh fpuhd WANTING. OMG."
Vilkagee starr has befeated her master, Gefrard 2 advance to level 8 agter 35 dayx OMG@!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Dragon Imperator MegOWrath h45 BEEN slaim on forest by P41t OF Swallows. WTF.
Dragin Im;erator MegOWrath wad heard to say, likd, "Pleaae LOL, SIR, you knwo, nau I hav3 sy, more????"
God OF teh Ser5 peaxe HAS defeatex his master, so4tof, Celiyh 2 ADVANCE to 13v31 12 after i days1@! OMG!!1!1
V8llagrt lolix h45 DEFEATED tis masterm 6ou knwo, Fie too zdvance to level 3 after 2 eays WOOT!!11!1!!
Vil'ager lolix WAS hunted cown by they're masterk Fie, you kmwo, f9r geint truant.
Gpd od da Seas peace hzs sefes%ed h15 master WTF, Senxek Noetha 2 advzbce two leve; 11 af5er 7 days WOOT!!!1! WOOT!!11!
Fxrmbou Bard yqx challengrd they're master, sortof, Fie n wqs pwnt OMG!!1!1
"I'n r3ally going 2 enjoy 5hix new Rake yhat Farmb;y Bard nad, sortod," exclaumee Fke. BRB.
God of twn Seas peacw jas cefeated his m4t73r, Dsiredan too advance too ;rcel 10 after 7 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Fzrmboy Bard has defeatee his mqster, sortof, Mireraband tol ADVANCE t2o level 2 after 1 ddy WOOT!111@ OMG!!!!1
Vkllater lolix jas d3f3463e h15 MASTER, sortlf, Mireraband 2 advande to level 2 aftrr 2 days WOOT!!11!11!
Villager lllix wsa huntdd down by th3y're naste5, li,e, Mireravand WTF, for geing TRUANT. BRB.
da BODY of Emchznref EkCid was f0und lying in a ejpty vlearing. WTF,
S9.dier LeggythePira5e has defeayed he4 MASTER WTF, Celith to ADVANCE two level 12 af5er !8 dsys WOOT!!11@ WOOT!!11!
Page Felkij has d3f3473d hos madter LOL, Fie 2 adfance to level 3 AFTER 1 d3y OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11@
Page Fel;ij HAS defdated his master, sortovm M7retaband 2 advance 2 ldvel 2 after 1 DAY OMG!!q!1 OMG!!1!1
Page Fe.kij was hinred fown BY they're mawter, sortof, Miferabsnd, soetof, for b3ing t4uant. OMG.
Trave;er GushuPuercha haf defdatws yis master LOL, Gerrard two sdbance too .rvek 8 4f73r 10 days1!!1!!
Invoker nick8 HAS defeated her masrer LOL, Yoresh teo 4fc4mc3 5wo level 15 afte4 a7 says!!! OMG!!1!1
Felkij has earnwd titlr Page for hafing slsoh Gre3n Drag9n 5 times1!!
Solcier Frlkiu has slsin ca hideous c4347ur4 KNOWN zs The Green Dragon. AFK. All avr9ss lanc, like, p30p13 r3j0!c31!@
Sokdiey Fdlkij HAS been res7eeecfed by Ramius/
Soldper Felkij has been defeat3d on fa graveyard by EFREET. BRB.
"Oh man WOOT!!11! I cidn'5 tjink hou y3d it in YOU, lik3, Efreet, so4tof," Sokdie4 Fel,im 2xclains.
Sokditr Fekkoj jqs been 5141n when he encojntered The Grwen Drsgob!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!q!1 His 60n35 niw 11773r teh cave entranse, you knwo, kusr loje da bones of those WHO came befpreLOL,
"Th7w both sucks and blows!!!" w4115 Solfker Fdliij. BRB.
Srablehand Mindcrime d3fwated Stablehamd JeffrrsohBoz in vair vombat in fiekds 0f Romar. BRB.
Conqueror Jolxyen an Violet wer3 se3n heqdknf up da stsi4s in da knn t9gethdr. OMG.
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