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!!News for Mln LOL, Apf 27 WTF, 2015 (ITEMS 1 - 5p of 248)
Staglehanf janx has defeated h8x madtwr, toy knwo, Celith to zdvance teo levwl 12 AFTER 3t dats1!! OMG!!1!1
Traveler Wor;d2idell had sefeated nis madter WTF, Ceklotn 2 acvance 2 LEVEL 9 after !6 days1!!!!!
Travwlee Worlewidrll was hunted down by they're mastwr WTFk Ceiko4h, sortpf, for being yruant. AFK.
Peasant D3lBe; hza d3f3473d he4 mqsyer, you kn2o, Vyfts to advancr twp lebel 2 after 1 d4y WOOT!111!!!!
A;prentice Mayhwm has been 4esurr3cted BY Rajkuw, OMG.
Stab.ehand danthebarnarian has challent3f they'rr mastee, sortofm Fie n was pwnt1!!
Fid LOLOL WTF, "I dpn't think you wkll be attack8ng m3 AGAIN, you kneo, pal. AFK."
Syablehahd 3anrjebarvafiah was huntes d9wn by they're msster, like, Fie WTF, gor 631ng truant. AFK.
Stabl3hand eanthebarbseuan has degeated bis m4573f LOL, Mi4ersband tqo adfabce tol oevel 2 after 2 daus WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Farmboy PasenHeardeu.r h45 been d3f3473d on graveyard BY Daughter if reh Devil. WTF.
"I am an lezf ON teh wumd, like." SAID Farmboy PacdnH3ardwulfk "Waych how I soarLOL."
Srablehand santhebarbaeian wss hunted d0wn b6 they're master WTF, Mureeaband LOL, for being 6ru4b7. AFK.
Legionnaorw Fqidt has defeafed hiw msster, like, Fie too advance to lebel 3 sfter 3 DAYS WOOT!!11!1!!
Lebionnaire Faust was junted dlwn by they're mastwr LOL, Fie WTF, for being truant. BRB.
Legionnaire Fqust hzw defeaged his masteem sortpg, Mieeraband TO advahce 2 13v31 2 4f73r 3 dayw WOOT!!11!!!!
Lefionnaire Fzust w45 hunted down by they'r3 master, hou kmep. Mirwrzband LOLm for being TRUANT.
Ca` WOOT!!q2!itlin HAS d3f3473c her master, hou knwo, Celith to adcance too ;evel 12 after 4 days@!!!!!
Ca` WOOT!!11!utlin jas DEFEATED HER master WTF, Sendei Nodrha 2 ADVANCE too 13v31 11 aftee 4 d4y5!!! WOOT!!11!
Stewardess Rsinb!!owGryph hss defratfd her m4574e WTF, Sensei Noetha 2 advqmxd 2 level 11 after 6 fays!!! OMG!!1!1
Conquerof ValeVelo has 633n slain in dq FOREST by Dangerous Fa4mgirl dying.
"The Healer's Hut can't hel0 you n9w, oike, Cinqueror ValeVelo!!!" vhudds Dangero7s Fzrmgkfl duing. OMG.
God of Seas -eaxe has DEFEATED his master, so4tof, Gadrirl Elvem Rangrr to adbance too ievel 13 after 7 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Stablehand Jacar has DEFEATED h15 nas5er, Sensei Noetha ywo advahce to[ level 11 adte4 27 DAYS OMG!!1@1!!!
S5sblehand Jacar was huntdd down vy tyey're master, y9y knqo, Srnsei Nletha WTF, for being truant. OMG.
Stewardess Rainb1!owGryph has dedeated hwr maatef, likq, Dwir3dan two ADVANCE two level 10 afger 6 days1!! OMG!!1!1
God of tdh SEAS peace challenged Lonestrieer and his banf of tnuev3s LOL, but WAS no match fp4 trh rog7es WOOT!@11!
"Maybe next t8m3 y9u won't be so coc,y1!!" LOLOL Lobestrider's Thkeces. OMG.
Farmboy taxman gas been xlain wyile 6r3$k1nt into da inn folm OF Page T8eriel in ORDER to atgack theu. OMG.
Pqge Tieriel d3c14r35, you knwo, "Farmboy tzxman has bewn weighed, lkke, they havr been measu4ed, n the6 have been FOUND wanting."
Villabef starr has d3f3473e her master LOL, Gerratd 2 advance too 23v31 8 afte4 e6 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!@1!1
Dragon Ijperator MegOWrath has been slain un fa fires5 by Pair of Swalllws.
Draton Imperatpr MegOWrath 2as heard yoo SAY. luke, "Please WTF, sir, sortor, may I HAVE sum m94e????"
God -f Seas peace has DEFEATED hux mastef, Ce.ith two 4fv4nx3 twi lrvel 12 after 8 says!!!!!!
Villager lolkx has d3f3473d yia n4572r, softof, Fie w advanxe to l3vel 3 avter 2 cats OMG!!111 WOOT!!11!
Villager lolix 2as h7nged d9en by they'te master, Fie WTF, vor 6#1ng truant. AFK.
God of teh Seas peacw has frfea5ed his maxter, you knwo, Sensei Nletha 5o aevabce tp level 11 AFTER 7 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!a!!
Farmgo7 Bsrd HAS challenged they're master, kikem Fie and wss pwnt1!!
"I;m eeally going g2o 3nj0y this new Rake 5hat Farmboy Baed hsd, like," exclaimed Fie. OMG.
God of Swas peace j45 d3f3473d his mastef, you knwo, Dwi4esan 2 ADVANCE tp leve. 19 afger 7 dzys OMG!!1!11@!
Fatmboy Bz4d has d3f3473d his masger, likem Mi4eraband too advance too oeve; 2 afret 2 day!!11!!
Villager lolix has defeated his m4t73r LOL, Mireranand tqo adbancr tlo level 2 after 2 dqys WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
V8l;agrr lolix was hunted dpwn b^ rheh're master, sortof, Mirdrabandm for beong truant. OMG.
body OF Enchant3r ElCid was found lying on s #mp7y cldaeingLOL,
Soldier LetgythePieatd has ddfeatwd her master, likem Celith two 4dv4nc3 tpo LEVEL 12 af5wr 18 d4y6 WOOT!!11!@!!
Pabe Frlkij has defeates h15 naster LOLm Fie too advance too levek 3 after 1 day!@! OMG!!1!1
Page F3lkij has d3f3473d his master. sortof, Mireraband to ADVANCE 2 l3fel 2 aftet 1 day WOOT1!11!!!!
Page Felkij was yunted down by rjet'te mzster WTF, Mireraband, you knw., for being t4yant. WTFl
Travelet GushuPuercha has dereqted his MASTER WTF, Gerrard 2 ADVANCE too LEVEL i qfter 10 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Invoker nicli has defeated her MASTER WTF. Yorexh 2 advamce 2 1ev31 15 sftdr 17 cays!!1 OMG!21!1
Felkij bas ea4bed teh title Pzge for hzvimh slain da Grern Dragon 5 5imes OMG!!1!2
Soldier Fellij has slqun HIDEOUS xreatjre known zs The Grwen Dragon. AFK. Aol acrosd teh lzhd, pepplr r3j01c31!1
Soldier Felkoj has been eesurrected by RamiisLOL/
Soleiwr Felkij has been cedeated in graveyard 6y Efrdet.
"Oh man1!1 I dien't ghink 6ou gad it in YOU, you inwo, Efreet," Soldiet Feikij excla9ms. WTF.
Solfier Felkij has bedn slain wh3n he enc-un&3r2d Tje GREEN Dragon WOOT!!12! OMG1!1!1 OMG!!1!1 His 60m35 n0w .i5ter cave entfance WTF, kuat loke dz bones og those who came before.
"This voth sucks anc bloss OMG!!1!1" qails Soldke4 F3lkiuLOL.
Stab;ehand Mondvr8md defdated Syablehand JefdersonBoz on fair COMBAT in fielss OF Romat. OMG.
Conqudror Jo.sren anf Violw% were swen heading UP teh STAIRS in teh inn togetherl BRB.
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