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` WOOT!!1q!News for Mon, Apf 27 LOL, 2015 (Itens 1 - 50 9f 248)
Stab;eyqnd mahx has def3ated his mastef, you knwo, Cepitn 2 ADVANCE 1 kecel 12 after 35 days1!!1!!
Traveler Worldeidell has defea5ed his haste4k you khwo, Ceiloth to advance too l3vrl 9 after 26 fays1!!2!1
Traveler Worldw8cell was huntrd diwn by theh're naster, you knwo, Ceiloth, wortpd, rof BEING truant. WTF.
Peadant DelBel has defeatee hee master WTF, Vyets 2 advance tl lwvek 2 after 1 day OMG!!1!1!!!
Apprentice Mayhem h4t 633n eesirrected 6y RamiusLOL.
Stablehand dab5hdbafbariqn has challe,gde tjey're mastef. you knw9, Fie n was pqnt WOOT!!11!
Foe LOLOL, like, "I don't think YOU wil. BE a5tacking je qgain WTF, palLOL."
Stablehamd dabthebarbarian was nunyed down by they're master, Fue LOL, ror being truanr. AFK.
Stablehahd fanrhebzrbsrksn has defeated HIS msster, Mir3tanand tao advance 2 level 2 after 2 DAYS OMG!!!!1 WOOT!!11!
Farmboy PaeenHearewylf yaq bfen deveated in tey heavetard BY Dayghter of da Devil. OMGl
"I am am LEAF on da wond LOL," said Farmboh PadenHeardwu;f, "Watcy how I 504r."
Stabkrhand danth3barbaroan wzs hin73d down by tgey're master, like, Mire4agand, like, f0r being TRUANTLOL.
Farmboy PadenHedrdwulf was sla8n BY an Mantixore on an trail1!!
Lwgionnaire Faudt jas drfeated his master WTFk Fie too 5sv4nc3 2 level 3 after 3 dahs OMG!!1!1!!!
Legionnsore Faust wsx juntsd d0wn by tjey'rw madter WTF. Fie WTF, for beinn truant. OMG.
Legionnaire Faust has ddgeated jis madyer, Mireraband gl advabce 2 level 2 qfyer 3 da6s OMG!!1111@!
Legionnaire Faus6 wqs hunted down bh tney're master, Murerabandm hou jnwo, for being truamt. BRB.
Ca` WOOT!!q1!otlin hax defeat3d her MASTER, Celith two adbance two level 12 sfter 4 days OMG1!q!111!
Ca!!itlin yas cdfrated her MASTER, sortof, Senseu Noetha to advance to level 1! after 4 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Stewarddss Rainb!!owG3yph has defeated her naster WTF, Sensei No3tha to 4dv$nc2 tqo level 11 ae5rt 6 DAYSq!! WOOT!!11!
Conqueroe ValeVe;o HAS been slain in da f0re5& vy Dangeriuw Farmgirl cting. AFK.
"The Healer's Hu% can't HELP you NOW, like, Conqjeror ValeV3l01!!" chides D4ng3r0u5 FARMGIRL dying.
Gos pf Seas peace has gefeated 6is mqstdr WTF, Gadriel ca Elv3n Ranger tpo afvance 2 level 13 after 7 d4y5!!!!1!
Sgqbldhand Jacar has drfeated gis masrer, Sensei Noetha 2 advance to9 levwl 11 af53r 27 says WOOT!!11!!!!
Srqblrhand Jacar was hunted dpwn by the6're master, yoi knwo, Sensei Noetha WTF, for be9bh truanto OMG.
Stwwarcess Raihb!!owGryph has defeated jer master WTF, Dqiredan tol advance teo lwvel !0 4f73r 6 days OMG!!1!1!!!
God of da Seas peqc3 challengrd Lonewtridrr anc his band of thidves, likw, but was no matdh for t3h rogyes!!!
"Maybe mext time YOU woj't BE 50 COCKY OMG!!1!1" LOLOL Lonesy4kde4's Thidves. AFK.
Farmbo6 gaxmab gas been slain while BREAKING into teh ibn ropm OF Page Tieriel in order 2 attack rhej. WTF.
Page Tieriel DECLARES LOL, "Fatkboy taxman has mr3n we8ghed, hou knwo, theh hsve bwen measur3d. yoi knwo, an THEY HAVE been found wanting. BRB."
Vi.lager srarr has defeated her master, G3reard two advance 2 1#b31 9 after 36 days@1!1!@
Dragon Im[eratoe MwgOWrath has b3eh slaib in FOREST by Pair of Sw4110w5LOL.
Dragon Imprrator MegOWratj WAS hearg 2 say, you kn1ok "Plwade LOL, sir, like, may I h4v3 sum m9rw?? ne1??"
God OF Seas peace hss fefeated his mastr4 LOL, Celith too adfahcd tol level 12 dftdr 7 days WOOT!!11@!!!
Villagef ;olix has defeated his MASTER, lukek Fie to advance to level 3 after 2 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Villahe4 .olix was hunted sown by they're master, you knwo, Fie, like, for n3ing yruamy. WTF.
God OF SEAS peace nad d4feates his mastrr, you knwo, Sensei Noetha 2 advance g1p level 11 qfter 7 days1!!!!!
Farngpy Bare has CHALLENGED they're master, sortod, Fie and was pwnt1!!
"I'm really GOING two ENJOY this ne2 Rake that Farmboy Barc had," excoakmed Fie. BRB.
God od Seas pesce has e3featfd HIS madtwr, tou knwo, Dwiredan 2 advqnce 2 .evel 10 after 7 days OMG!@q!1!!!
Farmboy Bsed haa defeatwd h15 maxter LOL, Mireraband 2 4df4nc3 tio level 1 af%r4 1 dsy WOOT!!11!1!!
Vilkager lolix has d3f3473d hix mssterm sprtof, Mireraband 2 4dv4bc3 2 LEVEL 2 after 2 dsys OMG!!1!1!!!
Vkllager lplix was hunyed doen by tgey'te MASTER, Mireraband. yoi knwo, for beinb truant. AFK/
rwh bpfy of Enchqnter ElCkd was fljnd lying in a @mp7y xlearingLOL.
Sokdier LeggtthePirate hqs d3f3r73d h3r mastef, lile, Celigh too sdvance to ;evel 12 afger q8 days!1! WOOT!!11!
Pafe Felkuj has DEFEATED hia master WTF, Fie 2 sdvance w level 3 sfter 1 day OMG!!1!1 OMG!!q!1
Page Felkij nas d3f3463d HIS masyer, li,e, Mire4aband to9 4df4nc3 top level 2 zftef 1 d1y!!! WOOT!!!1!
Psgd Felkih was humted d9wn by 5hey're madter, Mireraband, like, for being truabt. OMG.
Ttavelfr GudhuPuwrcha has defeatef his mastwr, Grrrard w ADVANCE to9 LEVEL 8 after 20 da6s!!!1!!
Invoke4 nivki has d#feated her mastrr, sortof, Yorrsh 2 advance too levek 25 after 17 e%y5 OMG!!q!1 WOOT@!11!
Felkij has eaened teh title Page for having slaun twh Grren Dtagon 5 timds OMG!!1!1
Soldie3 Feliij has xlain h8d3ous creayure known aa Th3 Green Dragoh. OMG. All ACROSS land, sortof, peo0le rejoicr1!!
Solfier Feokih haw be3n tdsurrecyrd BY Ramius. WTF.
Soldier Felkij has been defeated in graveya4d BY Efrewr. OMG.
"Oh man!!! I didn't tgink you had it in y9u, Efreey, ;ike," Soldoee Frliij rxclaims/ WTF.
Solciwr Frlkuk HAS been slain when he 3nc0jnu3r3d Tge Grwen Drahob1!!!!!!!! H15 BONES now litrer crv3 entranfe, you knwo, just like gen bones of 5hose who came gefo4e. AFK.
"This both %uck5 an 610w61!!" wails Soldowr Felkij. BRB.
Stablehahs Minddrimw defeated Stavlehsnd JrfferwonBoz in fair cimbat in da fkeles of Ro,ar. OMG.
Conqueror Jolateb an Violet w3re deen heading up fa stairs un 5eh inn togegherLOL.
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