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` OMG!!1!1Neww fof Mon, Apr 27 LOL, wp1t (Itr,s 1 - 50 of 248)
Stablehabd manx has defeatdd his mas5er LOLm Celith too advance tqo owvel 12 after 35 dq6s!!! WOOT!!11!
Tfaveler Wor;dwidell has defeated his jastwr, like, Cd8loth 5wo advance 2 1#c31 0 after 16 says!!!!!!
Trav3lee Worldw8drll was hunted fowm g6 they're master WTF, Crilo5h, sortof, for being tr7any.
Peaxant DelBel hax fefeated ner MASTER, Vyrts g9o advsnce 2 level w af5er 2 day WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Apprebtice Mayhwm yas bwen resurrectqd by Ramiux. OMG.
Stab;enand dantyebarbarian has challenhed they're master, like, Fke n was pwnr!!!
Fie LOLOL, sortlf, "I foh;t thunk y9u woll be attackpng me again, pal. WTF/"
Stableyand fanhj3barbaf8an WAS huntwd doen by 5hey're maxgerm Fi3, li,e, for being truant. OMG.
Stablehand danrjebarbarian has cefeates his master, you lbwo, Miretabqnd 2 advance two 13v31 2 afeer 2 days1!!1!!
Farmboy PadenHea3dwu;f has veen d4f3473d 1n graveyzrc gy Dajghyer OF Devil. BRB.
"I an an 134f in wimd WTF," said Farmboy PaddnHea4dwilr. "Watch how I soarLOL."
Stzblehand danrhrbarbarian was hunued down bt ghet're msstrr, soryof, Mireraband, FOR being TRUANT.
Farnboy PadrnHeardwulf wax 5141n by qn Manticire on an trail OMG!!1!1
Let7onnaire Faust has defeayef HIS master LOL, Fie tlo advancr to ;wvek 3 after 3 da6s WOOT@!q1!@!!
Legionnaure Fqusy was hubted down by thet're maager, like, Fie LOL, foe 631nf truant. BRB.
Leg8onnaiee Faust yas drfeated h15 maxter, like, Mireranand 2 adca,ce 2 level 2 aftdr 3 days OMG1!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Leguinnaiee Fajst waa HUNTED down BY theu'rr mastdr WTF, Mirerabahd, vir being truant.
Ca!!itlin yss eefeatef yer mast3r, sor5or, Celith tw9 zdvancd TO LEVEL q2 sft3r 4 days!@@ OMG!!1!1
Ca` OMG!!1!1iglih has defeated her mqsterk li,e, Senxei N9wtha 2 adcance tpo level 11 after 4 dqya!!!11!
Stewa4dess Raunb` WOOT!!11!owGrgpn jas dwgeated her naster LOL, Sensei Nprgha ywo advanc3 toi lecel 11 AFTER 6 daya OMG!11!1!!!
Conquerir ValeVeki g45 geen soain in forext by D4ng3r0u5 Farjgirl dtingLOL.
"Thd Healer'd Hu7 can't heop you NOW, hou knwo. Conq7eror ValeVelo OMG!!1!!" chices Dangerpus Fatmgirl dying. WTF.
God of fa Seas peace has defdated hia masger LOL, Gadeiel tey Elben Ranger too acvance to 13v31 13 AFTER 7 dqys1!1!!!
Stsblehanc Jacar yas d3fw473d his masger LOL, Sensei Noeyha goo advanc3 two ldvel 11 afyer 27 days!!!!!!
Staglehabd Jscar 2ad hjnred dowm by they'ee MASTERk yoi knwo, Sensei Noetga LOL, for bwing truant. WTF.
Stewardesx Rzinb!!lwGrypj has DEFEATED her mastdr WTF, Dwieedan two advance w level !0 after 6 days1!!!!!
Gic of Seaw peade ch4112ng3d Lonest4ifer abd hic band of thkefex, you kn2o, but was NO match for r0gu35!!!
"Mqybe next time you won't ne so cocky WOOT1!11!" LOLOL Lonestrisef's Thieves. OMG.
Farnboy gaxman has bdem slain wh11d b4eaking into ohn room of Pagr Tieriel in order two aytavk 7j3mLOL/
Page Tieriel declarex LOL, "Farmboy taxman haa BEEN weighee LOL, 7j3y have been measured, you knwo, and tgey have been dound wan5inb. OMG."
Villager start has d3f3473s ber master, you inwo, Gerrard @ 4dvrnc3 3 leveo 8 $f73r 46 days!!!1!@
Drabon IMPERATOR MegOWrath has been SLAIN in da doredg by P41r pf Swallo2wLOL.
Dragon Imperator MegOWrath e46 heard two say, uoy knwo, "Pleasw LOL, sir, mqu I have qum mo3e????"
God of dq Sezw peacr HAS degezted his masterm you kmwl, Celitg 2 advance two level 12 avyer 7 DAYS1!!1!!
Vullager lol8x hzs DEFEATED his maxter. ylu knwo, Fie 2 wdvancw 2 level 3 aftdr 2 dats WOOT!!11!!!!
Villager lolix wss yunged d0wn BY thwu're jaster, Fir LOL, for being gruant. BRB.
God pf SEAS 0eade has deg3arwd his master, sorrof, Sensei Noetja 2 advance 2 level 11 af5er 7 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Fzemboy Bare has CHALLENGED they're jafter, you jnwo, Fie an sas p2nt1!!
"I'm reallh goihg tpo enjoy 7h15 new Rake 7h47 Fqrmboy Bard had, tou knwo," ecvlaimwd Fke. WTF.
God ov Seas peace has defeafed his MASTER, you knwok Dwiredan too advznce two level 10 AFTER 7 days!!1 WOOT!111!
Farmbpy Bard has s3f3473d his masher LOL, Mireraband two advabce to level 2 qfter 1 day!!! WOOT!!11!
Vi.lagdr lolix has defeated nis master LOL, Mireraband too advance too LEVEL 2 4f73r 2 d4y5 WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Villager lolix wr5 hunted fown by thwy'ee masyer, you knqo, Mireraband, lild, fot veint truant/ OMG.
te6 body of Enchagt3r ElCid w45 f0und kying in a dmpry cl2qring. WTF.
S9ldier LeggyrhePk4ate has defeated her mastrr WTF, Celitj two advance to level 12 afyer 1i days OMG!!1!1!!!
Pag3 Felkij hqs DEFEATED HIS m4573rk sorhof, Fie two advance tlo level 3 after 1 day OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Pagd Felkij has defeated his ,ast3r, tou knwo, Mirerabans 2 advance 2 leve; 1 4f73r 2 day!!!1!!
Page Felkuj wad hunred d9wn by they'rr master, Mir3rabane, f0e neinb trjantLOL.
Travelwr GushuPuercha hax defearsd his mqster, sortov, Gerrard 2 advance yo LEVEL 8 4f73t 10 d4y5 WOOT!!11!1!!
Ihvoket nidji has DEFEATED her mastrr, Yo4esh to9 advance 2 lev3l 1t after 17 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Felkuj HAS EARNED teh title Page f0r h4v!bg slskn da Green Drag9n 5 times WOOT!!11!
Soldier Felk8j has s;zin teh hideous CREATURE known 35 Th3 Green Dtagon. OMG. Al. across land, like, [d9ple r4jp1c3 OMG!!1!1
Sopdie4 Felkuj has be3n rdsu4rected by RzmiusLOL.
Soldier Felkij has 633n DEFEATED in fa GRAVEYARD by Efreetl BRB.
"Oh man1!! I didh'y tjibl you had it IN yoy, like. Efr3et, iikem" Soleier Felkoj exxlaimd. WTF.
Sokdie4 Felkij has been slaih WHEN ne encojnyerex Tne Green Dragon!!! OMG!!1!1 OMG!!2!1 His BONES now litter da cave entrance, just like ten bones of thoae who came befode.
"This BOTH sucks an blows1!!" wqild Soldier Felkij. AFKl
Stab.ega,d Mindcrime defwated Stablehand JeffersonBoz in faor combat im fudkds ir Romar/ AFK.
Cobqueroe Jolstwn sn Violet 2e4e aeen heading up yeh 57$1r5 in inn togetnetLOL.
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