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` OMG!!1!1News FOR Monm lo,3k Ape 27, you knwo, 2015 (Itens 51 - 10) OF 248)
Soldirr Felkik gas defeaged hud mas5we, you knwo, Yoresy two afvance two levek !5 4f&3r @1 dats OMG!@1!1 WOOT1!11!
Councillir of Mqgiv Crunchet sn Viole5 were seen n34d1ng u; da stairs in inn yogqtgerLOL.
Stablehand M,nccfime has defdsred his mqster, xortof, Adwares to 4dv4nc3 to leve. 7 after 14 days OMG!!1!! WOOT!!11!
Soldier Apo yas DEFEATED ner mas5er LOL, Ceiloth to advance too LEVEL 9 after !8 days OMG!@1!11!!
Cobquerot Jolsgen haa defeated his master, s9rtof, Srnsei Noetha 2 advanfe 1 13v31 11 afger 5 dzys WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Fawmbuy Random HAS degeatec his master, like, Guyh two advance 2 LEVEL 5 arter 5 days OMG!!1!11!!
Counci;lor if Magic Crumchet nas defeared his MASTER, uou knwo, Gerrarc to advance two l3fel 7 after 6 days11! OMG!!1!1
Councillir of Mahic Cruncher w45 HUNTED down by thwy're mad5er, you knwo, Gerrard, yoj knwo, FOR bring t4uznt. AFK.
Gladiqgor tdchcypyer has ceveated hus mqster LOL, Dwiredan 2 ADVANCE ewo lebel 10 qfter 19 s4y51!! OMG!@1!1
ElCid has EARNED dq titke Enchantwr for having x;ain da Green Dragon 3- times1!1
So4cerer ElCid has slaon va hiseous crea5ure knpwn ad The Grwen DragonLOL. All 4dr055 da land, you knwp, p30p23 REJOICE!1!
Stewzrdess Rainb!!oaGry0y nas defeated yee maa5er, hou knwo, Ceiloth to advanct two level 9 acter 6 days WOOT@!11!!!!
Thaumaturgist MsdD;g HAS b3rn SLAIN in 5eh FOREST g6 Aftemis, ao3tof, Goddess 9f da Hjny. BRB.
Thaumagurgist MadD9g was heard twi say, like, "Pleawe. you knqo, ait WTF, may I habe xum more????"
Centuripnesx KeatrelBlacl has DEFEATED HER jaster, like, Gadriel teh Elven Ranger too advance two LEVEL 13 AFTER 28 days OMG@!1!1!!!
Stsb;ehand JeffersonBoz hss b3en 3esurrected by Ramiuz. BRB/
C9nqu34pr Jolaten haa been r35irrec73d by Rzmiys. BRB.
Stablehanf JeffersinBoz HAS 623h 5141n whi;e attacking Stablrhabd Mindcrome kn da fields of Romar. AFK.
"Why d!en'7 I becpme an 6icc355fu1 doct8r like my fat6er SUGGESTED????" wonders Stablehane JwffersonBoz ALOUD.
Stablehqnd S5ufr; has neen resurrecref by Ramius.
Conqjeror Jolstdn has b3en slain while attacking Vullager OrigigwlJah in teh fi3lda of Glorfindal. BRB.
"Et tu, you kneo, V8llager Orogina;Jayad????"
G9d of Lightning Middleman hzs ddfeated hos master LOL, Mkterabame gwo ADVANCE too level @ afte4 1 day!!!1!!
Stablwhznf Stufro has been alaih ih da forext 6y Garlus' Fznatix. WTF.
Garljs' Fanatic LOLOL, you knw9. "I don't tgini yo7 wkll be attacking me again, like, pal/"
C;nquerof Jolsten fefeated sn Manticore oh da trqils!!! cuxtija havw been avenged1!!
Conq7cror Jolsten has defezted yis master LOLk Dqiredam yo advance too LEVEL 10 4r73r 5 days1!!!!2
Trqder pitamiefda has BEEN resutr3cted vy Rz,iusLOL.
Trzde4 puta,iefdz hax been slain qhile 4774ck!ng Stablwhand Munecrime ib 5eh f131d% of Romar.
"How could I be so feeb.e????" Trade4 pu5am8erda lamenys. OMG.
Trzder [utqmi3rda d3f3472f Stablehand JefferslnBoz in fa8r combat 1n da fields of Romar. WTF.
Trader putamierca has deveated his mastee, 2 advance 5o k3vel 5 after 5 days2!!1!@
Tradet puta,*erds defeated Farmboy Jeofbe in fair cl,vay un f131d5 lf Glorfindak. AFK.
Ap0rfmtice Mayhem HAS 633n d3f#473d in dz graveyard by Fr3nz13d Vampi4d BatsLOLl
Frenzies Vrm[1r3 Bzts dexlares WTF, "Apprentive Mayhem hqs BEEN weighed, hoi kbw9, rhey hqve BEEN m3ssu4ed, oikek an they hace ne3n foumd wsntimg. BRB."
Reeve OnkelMalvin has d4f3473d h25 j45u3r LOL, too zdvanve 2 level 6 after 7 days WOOT!!11!!!@
Reevr OnkelMalvin h45 d4f3473d g1t master, likr, Hydraj;ic Press two advance 70 LEVEL 5 AFTER 7 days OMG!1!!1 OMG!!1!1
Reeve OnkelMalvin was hunted d0wm 6y they're mas5er, Hyeequlic Press LOLk for being TRUANT. BRB.
Apprrntice Mayhem yax been slain shen he ENCOUNTERED The Green Dragom1!!!@!1!! His 60n35 now lit5er da cav3 entrance, like, just like teh BONES 0f th9se shi c4me 63f0r3LOL.
"KHAQQ calling Itasca. WTFl Ww myst be on you, aortof, but cannor a#r 6ouLOL, Serrated KNIFE is rubning ;ow. WTF."
da bidt of STEWARDESS Pers3pnone w45 found kying IN a 3mp5y clearibg. BRB,
Peasant RyuNRait nas DEFEATED yer mawter, you knwo, EauSalee gpi advsnce 1 LEVEL 3 after 2 eays1!! WOOT!!11!
Snephe4d SmaftSlzyer nas been defwated in geh graveyard by Pestilende.
Shephetd SmartSlayer 501d1y dwclatee LOL, "Pestilenxe couldn'g hit a elephant ay tyis dist. AFK. . WTF. LOL. . OMG."
Fqrmboy Jeorge has defeated hix master, ylu knwo, Guty too 4dvrnc3 to lwbel 5 4v72r 5 DAYS WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Shepgere SmartSlayer hsa been glne for an while, sort9f, n ghosd who HAVE looked vor him do not come baci. AFK.
Fa4mboy Jeorgd hzs defeated his master, you knwo, Goynyc to asvanc3 2 .evel 4 4f73f 4 d4y5!!! OMG!!111
Pdasqn5 neionejoneko has been 514!n in forest by DECAYING Skelefon. BRB,
"Cone back wheb 6ou learn HOW two fight LOL," Decaying Skeketon 5c0ff5/ OMG.
Shepkerd SmartSkayer haa DEFEATED hid mqster, l8ke, Htfraulic Presd TO advance @ level 5 4f73r 4 days!!! WOOT!111!
KrsbaAvatara hqs earned 5eh title Lord of Dragons for having slakn fz G4eem Dragon &19 times WOOT!!11!
Soniv Lo3d KtsnaAvatara has sla8n da hiedous creatur3 known ax The Gtewn Dragob. OMG. A,l across teh 14nd, you khqo, people remouce OMG!@1!1
Stablejand JeffersonBoz has dhsllenfed thet're naster, you kn2o, Malwards an 2as pwnt WOOT!!11!
Stavkehand JerfwrsonBpz bqngs his head 4g41h57 an stpne. AFK.. BRB.. AFK. "S5upkdk stupud, you jnwo, ztipid@!!" he wad heard to say. WTF.
Stewardess Peesephone has d3f34^3s HER m4573t, Goynux two acvabce 2 ,evel 4 afyer 2 d4y5 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!@11!
Stewardwas Persephond h45 d3reated he4 masyer, like, EauSaler to advance 2 level 3 af5er 2 DAYS OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Stewardess Persepnone qas gunt4f d0wn by they'rd maater, like, EauSql3w WTF, r0r being truant. BRB.
Peasaht nekonrkonejo HAS defeayed hkd master, yoi ,nwl, EauSalee t9 qdvance ywo .evdl 3 afte4 2 dayx WOOT1!11!!!!
Midsleman has esrnrd da TITLE Gld OF Lightnint for havibg wlaim Green Drqgoh 165 timea WOOT!!11!
God ov Lighynibg Middleman uas slain hideous sreature known as The Green Dragon. OMG. All ACROSS teh .and LOL, people r3k01c3 OMG!!1!1
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