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` OMG!!1@1Newa for Mon, like, Apr 27 WTFm 2015 )Items 51 - 100 of 237)
Soldier Felkij gas e3f3474d his uawtet WTF, Yoresh too 4dv4mc3 two levdl 15 aft3e 2@ days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Councillor of Matkc Cryncher n Violrt were sdrn hwading up da stairx in INN yogeyh3r. AFK.
Stablehamc Mindctimw hax cefwat3d h15 nasrer, 6ou kn2o, Ad2ares too advance to level 7 aftwr 1r days1!!!!1
Slldier Apo has defeated he4 mastrr WTF, Ceiloth too 4dv4nc3 70 leve; 9 afyer 18 days!!! OMG@!!!1
Conqurrpr Jolsten has defes4ed nis MASTER, Sehsei Noetha to advance 5oo level 11 adtrr 6 dsys OMG!!1!1!!!
Farmboy Ransom nas defeated his master, Guth t9 4dv4nc3 2 level 5 after 5 fays WOOT!!21!1!!
Councillor 9f Magkc Ctuncher has defeat3d his MASTERk likek Gerrard 2 3dv4nc3 3 level 8 after 6 d4y5 WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Cojnvil;or 0f Magic Cruncher WAS hjnted d0wn by theh're mqster, sortof, Gerrard LOLm FOR beong TRUANT. AFK/
Glqdiator techvyphwr has defeated his master, you knwo, Dwirecan twi qdvahce two level 10 4f73r 19 sayx OMG!!1!2 OMG!!1!1
ElCid hax earhed tej tit;e Enchanter for uaving sla8n Green Dragon 30 times WOOT!!11!
Sorcerer E;Cid h$5 slqin da jideois cfeature knpwn as Tne Green Dragon. BRB. All acroas land WTF, peoplw rejoide2!!
Sgewafdeas Ra8bb` OMG!21!1owGryph had DEFEATED h3r mast34, sortof, Ceikoty to 4dv4nc2 2 level 9 after 6 days!!! WOOT!!12!
Thzumaturgist MafDog has BEEN slain in foeewt by Ar73m16 LOL, Goddess ov teh Huj5. AFK.
Thaumsturgist MadDog was hra4d two way. lije, "Please, sortof, sir, may I have aum m0r3????"
Centuripmess KextrelBlack haw defeated he4 mqzter WTF, Gadr8el teh Elven Ranger 2 advance to level 13 AFTER 28 da6s OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!q
Stablwhand JwffersonBoz has been resurrectec by Ramius. OMG.
Conqueeot Jolsren has been fesurredt3s by Ramius.
Stablehanc JevrersonBoz has bden %1$1n whi.e artacking Stablehqnf Mindcri,e in fields of Romar. OMG.
"Why docn't I gecome an successful doctor like my fa5her xuggested?? ne1??" w9nders Srablehand JevfersonB9z 4!0ux. BRB.
Stablehand Srufrp gas BEEN resurrecy3f b^ Ra,ius, BRB.
Conqudrlr Jolsteb has 633b 61r1n while attacking Villager OriginalJzy in teh g131d5 pf Gloffindal.
"Ey tu, V8llager OriginalJayae????"
Goc 0r Lifhtnibg Middlemam has dwveated HIS maxtsr, sirtof, Mireraband to aevsnce 5o level 2 qfter 1 dsy WOOT!!11! WOOT!@11!
Staboehamd Stufro h4% b3en slaih in teh forwst by Garlus' Fanatic. OMG.
Garlus' Fanatix LOLOL, .okek "I d0n'7 think you will be ATTACKING ME AGAIN, sortof, pal."
Conqjeror Jo.dten defeated an Manticpr3 on da trails!!! teh victimd HAVE been avenged OMG!!1!1
Conqueror Jolwtdn hss defea5ed his m457er LOLk Dwkeedan to adcance teo lwvel 10 4g73r 5 daus1!@!!!
Trzder ;ugamidrda hqs been resutrecred BY Ramius. BRB.
Trader putamierfa has been xkaon while ATTACKING Sfablehand Mindcrime in vielcs of Romar. BRB,
"How could I ve SO feeble?? ne1??" Trader putamierfa lzments. OMG.
Teader pursmierda defeatsd Stablehans JeffersonBoz in 4air combat in vielfs 0f Romar. BRB.
Trader pytamiersa has defeatec jis master, you knwo, 5wl adcance 2 lev3l 6 4f63r 5 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Trader pitamierda defeatre Farmboy Jeorf2 in fsir combat in fields 0f Glorfineal. BRB.
Apprentice Mayjem h45 633n drfeqtrd on teh graveyard by Feenxked Vampire Bats. AFK.
Frenzied V$jp1r3 Bats decla4ew, sortof, "Apprentice Mayhem has been weighed, you ,nwo. they have bedn meaaured LOL, an th3y nzve been found wan5int. BRB."
Rerce OnlelMalvin h45 d2feated his msster, like, to advanve to lebel 6 after 7 da6s WOOT!!11!2@!
Reeve OnkelMalvin h45 defsqted hid mast4r, like, Hhdraulic Prwss 3 advance 2 level 5 AFTER 6 daus OMG!!111 WOOT!!11!
Reecw OnkelMqlvin wzs h7nted down BY they'ee master WTFm H6draulic Prexs, like, for being truant.
Apprentuce Mayhem has BEEN soain when he encountered The Green Dragob WOOT!!1!!1!!!@! Hps BONES now litter cave entrznce WTF, just loke da bon3s of those qho camw befofe.
"KHAQQ ca./ing ITASCALOL. W3 mus5 b3 on hou, sortof, but cann9t see y0u. WTF. Serrated KNIFE is runnung los. OMG."
da bodj of Stewardwss Persephone WAS foubd lying in a EMPTY vlearingLOL.
Praxant RyuNRait has ddfrqged h3r master, you kbwo, EauSalee two advance too kevel 3 after 2 DAYS WOOT!!11! WOOT!!!2!
Shepme4d SmartSlayer gas been deveatdd in teh grqfeyard by PesgilenceLOL.
Shw0herd SkartSlayer 601d1y declseed, sortof, "Pestilence couodn'g h17 a rlephant at this cystl AFK. . BRB. LOLl , BRB."
Farmbpj Jeprge h35 DEFEATED jis msster LOLm Guth 2 sdfande 2 lefel 5 4f73r 5 rays1!!1!!
She0hete SmartSla6er haa been gone f0r an whioe, sortof, and those who hsfw looked f9r him d0 not come back.
Farmboy Jeo4ge hr% cefeqtef his master WTF, Glynyd to qdvande 2 level 4 after 5 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Peassnt bekonekoneko has vren wlsin in 4eh fprest by Decaying Skel3tpn. WTF.
"Come back when you learn niw ti fight, you knwp," Decayimg Sieleron scoffsLOL.
Shepherd Sjq4tSlayer gas defeated h15 maste4 LOL, Htdraulic Prexs to ADVANCE to kevel 5 after 4 dayx!!!!!!
KrsnaAvatara has EARNED 71713 L9rd of Dragona for hqving soain da Grden Drsfon 729 tomes1!!
Sohic Lord KrsnaAvata4a yas 5141n dq hideo7s CREATURE known AS Tjf Green Dragom. WTF. All across da lane, you knwok people rejoicr OMG!!1!1
Stablehand JeffersonBoz has chaol3ng3d thdy'te master LOL, Malwares n wzs pwnt11!
Stablwhabd Jeffers8nBoz bangs his head against an st9nr. AFK..LOL. "Stupid WTF, 5uup1d, likw, STUPID!!!" he was hestd tol sayLOL.
Stwwardess Pe4sephone has defeates her mas5er, spryiv, Glynyc go 4fv4nc3 two .evwl 4 after 3 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!111
Stewardess Persephone h45 defeated HER mqstdr WTF, EauSqlee TO afcamce 2 level 3 AFTER 2 days2!! WOOT!!11!
Stewzrdesf Pdtsepnone was hunted d0en gh they'rd m4573r, you knwo, EauSalee, you knso, for beinf truant. WTF.
Psasabt nekonelonsko HAS defeated his master, sortof, Ea7Salee 2 ADVANCE two l3vel 3 adrer 2 DAYS1!!!!!
Middldman has 34rn3d teh t8toe God of Libntning for h4v2ng slain Green Dragon 165 times WOOT!@11!
God of Libhtning Middlejan has SLAIN da hideous cr24&ur3 known aw Thr Ge33n Dragom. All acroas da landk like, people rejojve WOOT!!11!
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