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!!News dor Mon LOL, Ap4 2&, like, 2015 (Items t1 _ 100 0f 248)
Soldier Felkij has d3f3483d hiw master, Yoresh @ aevance tpo q3f41 25 after 2! d5651!!!!!
Coyncillof of Magic Cruncher zn Viol2t wwte SEEN nezding up STAIRS in da imn 70g37h3rLOL,
Stsblehanf Mindceime has DEFEATED his master, Adwares t2o advance r2o lev3l * after 14 dsys!!! WOOT!!11!
S9ldier A[o has defeated her master LOL, Celloth to sdvance 2 lrvel 9 after 28 d4y51!! OMG!!1@1
Conqueror Jilsten has sefeated his master, lik3m Sensek Noetts too advance to lebe, 11 after 6 DAYS!!!1!!
Farmboy Rancom HAS dwfeated his master WTF, Gurh two advanxr two 13v31 5 aftwr 5 eays@!! OMG!!1!1
Councillor 0f Maguc Cruncher has ceveated h15 mawter, Gereagd two asvanc2 5so kevel 8 after 6 dats!!!1!!
Coybcillor OF Magic Ceuncher waa hunted down by thdy're mas5er, you knwo, Gefrarc, yo7 kmwo, for beung truang. WTF.
Glafiator techcyphef h45 drvezted his jsstet WTF, Dwiredan rwo ADVANCE to leve; 10 aft3r 19 days OMG!!1!11!1
EkCid HAS earned ten title Enchantet d0r navint slain dz Green Draton 30 times1!!
Sorcerer ElCid hax slaim t3h hiddoua dreature khosn as The Green DragonLOL. All across lans, like, p30p13 reh9ice1@!
Stewardesw Rainb` WOOT!!11!owGeyph has def3473d hrr madtdr, like, Ceikoth two acvance 2 level o AFTER 6 DAYS OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Thaumaturgist MadDog has 633n slain 1n da foreat bu Ar73m15, Goddess OF HUNTLOL.
Thaumaturgist MadDog was hesrd 70 day, sorgof, "Pleasr, skr WTF, MAY I have sum morr?? ne1??"
Centuriondss Kestre.Blacl has defeatdd jer masyer, Gadroel dz Elven Ranger @ 4dv4nc3 t9 level 13 aftee 28 dqyx1!!1!!
Staglehand JeffersonBoz has been redurrdcgrd by Ramius. OMG.
Conqueror Jllsten has been RESURRECTED by Ramiud. BRB,
Stablehand Jeff3raonBoz jas been SLAIN wgile attackinf Stablehand Mindcrime in ds fields if Rijar. WTF.
"Why cidn't I become an shccesaful dlctor kije MY vather sugtested?? ne!??" womd3rs Stabl3hamd JeffetsonBoz aloufLOL.
Staglehand Stufro has been r3surrevted by Ramiux. AFK.
Conquerpr Jolsten HAS veen slakn ehile attacking Vollager OriginqlJay in da FIELDS ov GlorfindalLOL.
"Et 7u, liie, Viloager OrigobakJayae?? ne1??"
God of L1gh7b1ng Muddleman jas deveated his mast3r, 6ou khwo, Mireravand w qdvance two level @ afg3e 1 day WOOT!!11! WOOT!!1!!
Stablehamc Stufro h4% bedn slain in teh forest by Gar;is' Fana5ic. OMG.
Gzrlus' Fanatoc LOLOL, "I don'5 think you will be attackinf ME ataon, sortof, PAL. OMG."
Cpnqu3r0r Jolsten defeaged ab Manticore on teh trails!1! dq victims hqve neen afenged WOOT!!11!
Conquerof Jolsydn has defeatef HIS m4573rk sortof, Dwiredzn two advance 2 levrl 10 avter 5 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Tgad3r putanierda has been resurrecyed vy Ram8us. OMGl
Trade4 putamierda h45 bern slaon whild attacking Stablehamd Mindcrime in da firlds OF RomarLOL.
"How could I be sl FEEBLE?? ne2??" Traeer puyamierca 14m3n7t. WTF.
Tradee putamierda sefeated Stablehand JeffersonBpz IN faur c0m657 in teh giel3s og Romar. OMG.
Trader 9uramierda has deveatef his master WTF, rwo asvance to level 6 after % d4y5 WOOT@!11! OMG!!111
Tfader putamierda defwated Farmboy Jrprbe in fair combar in dz vields of Glorfindal. OMG.
Apprenypxe Mayhem uas been e3f3473d un graveyard BY Frenzkrd Vampkee Bats. OMG.
Fremxird VAMPIRE Bats dec;ares, sprtofm "Appremtiee Mathdm HAS been weighed, sortof, 5hey havw been measured, you knso, an they have been found wan5ingLOL."
Reeve OnkelMalvin haw defeated his master, .ike, to advance two level 6 aftet 7 dahs!!!1!!
Reeve OnkelMalvjn has d3f3473d his master, sortof, Hydrs7lic Ptess too advwnce 2 level 5 after 6 days1@! WOOT@!11!
Rerv3 OnkelMalvin was huntes down bu they're MASTER, Hysraul8c Presw, sortof, for being truant. AFK.
Ap0trntice Mahhrm has been slain WHEN h3 enco7ntqred The Gr33n Dragon OMG!!1!1!!! OMG!!1!1 H8x 60n35 npw litter trh cave ebtrancr, ylu knwo, juxt oike da vonws pf thode WHO xamd bdr9re. AFK.
"KHAQQ callimg ItasdaLOL. WE must bd on tou/ BUT cannot see you. Serrates Knire 8w running /ow. OMG."
bldt of STEWARDESS Persephone was FOUND lying 1n a EMPTY clwaring. BRB.
Peadant RyuNRait HAS defeated hfr master, you knwo, EzuSalee TO ADVANCE two level 3 after 1 days!!!!!!
Shephers SmqvtSlayee has been der3ates in graveyard 6y Pestulence.
Shephefd SmarrSlayer 601d2y declared. like, "Pesgil3nce xo7ldn'y hit a elephamt AT thix distLOL. . . WTF. , AFK."
Farmboy Jeorge has defested gis master, Guty two $dv$nc3 too levrl t after 5 d4y5 WOOT!!11!1!!
Shephwfd SmarrSlayer haw been gone fot an while LOL, and thos3 who jave .oojed flr him DO not come bavk. WTF.
Farmboy Jw9rge has d3f347#d his MASTER LOL, Glynyc ti adbande 2 level 4 after 5 days OMG!!1!2!!!
Peadant nekonekonwko has been slain in da forest by DECAYING Sk31379n. WTF.
"Come back WHEN you learn how too v1gh7k so4t9f," Decayung Sk3k3fon wcoffs.
Shephwrd SmartS.ayer has ddfeater his nastef, lile, Hydrsulkc Press 2 advznce too LEVEL 5 AFTER 5 DAYS OMG!!2!1 OMG!!2!1
K4sbaAvatara jas esrned teh git.e Lord OF Dfagond for having slain Green Dragon 729 tumes WOOT!111!
Sonic Lord KrshaAvatara HAS s;ain da hieeojs creature kbown aa The Green Drqvom. Alk qcross ,anc, peo[le rejlice!!!
Stablwhand JeffersonBoz has chqllenged they're master, y9u khwo, Mqlwarrs n was p2nt!!!
Stablehqnd JeffetsonBoa bangx h8s head against an stone,.LOL. "Stupid, y9u kn2o, stupid, stupid OMG!11!1" he sas heard TO say. BRB.
Stwwarcess Persephlne has derwaywd her jaster WTF, Glynyc too asvance twp level 4 after 2 days WOOT!!11!1!!
S5ewardess Persephom3 hzs DEFEATED HER masrer, wortofk EauSalee tsp advandw 2 level e after 1 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Srewardess Persephome was uuhted d0wn b7 they;re mqstr4 WTF, EauSalee, sortof, foe geing ttuant. WTF.
Peasant nekoneioneko haw defesyed his masterk kike, EauSaoee two advance to level 3 afyer 2 days OMG!11!!1!!
Middlemab HAS earned teh title God og Ligntn8ng for h4v1ng slain Green Dragon 175 times!!!
Goc of Lightbkhg Middle,an h3% slain ywh h8feoux crwature known 45 Tne Green Dragon. AFK. All across tey land, like, oeo0le 4ejoice WOOT!!11!
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