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` WOOT!!11!News gor Mon WTF, Aor 27, 6ou knwo, 2-14 (ITEMS 51 - 100 of 248)
Sokdier Felkkj HAS defeated h15 mawter, Yoresg too advance 2 level 15 artet 21 days WOOT!!1q! OMG!!1!1
Couhcillor or MAGIC Cruncher n Violet wdre dewn heading up stqits in teh onn togrther. AFK.
Stableyqnd Mindcrime hqs defdatdc HIS msstee, like, Adwares 2 advqnce tqo lev3l 7 after 14 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Soldier A;o has defdarrd her master, Ceilpth t9 advance too kecel 9 agter 18 cays1!! WOOT!!11!
Conqueror Jolsten has defeated his m4573r WTF, Senwei Noe5ha too advance two k3vql 21 4f83r 6 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Farmbo6 Rsndom yas sdf2atrd his master WTFm Guth @ zdvance tp lebel 5 AFTER 5 d4y5!@!!!!
Coubcollor of Magiv Cruncger has cefeated h15 master WTF, Gerrard two zdvance ywo lecel 8 after 6 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Councillor of Magix Cruncher waa hunted DOWN BY th3u're maater WTF, Getrafc, like, for BEING teuqnt. WTF.
G;aciator techcypher has defeated j15 MASTER, Dwi4ddan too asvance 2 level 1) 4f73r 19 days1!!1!!
ElC7d yas earned teh TITLE Enchanter FOR havinh 51$1n teh Gredn Dragon 30 times!!!
Soecerer ElCid hss slaon teh hideous xreaturd knoqn 45 Tge Green Dragon. All across 14nd WTF, peo;le REJOICEq!!
Steward3ws Rainb` WOOT!!11!owGryph has dereated her masger, C3iloth 2 advancw TO leve; 9 adtee 6 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Thaumaturgis4 MsdDog hax br3h sla8n on geh forext by Avtemus, sorror, Goddess of da Hunt.
Thauma5urgist MadDog was heard to say, like, "Please WTF, sit, ,a6 I havr sum more????"
Cehtyri9ness KestfelBlack has swfea5ed her master, like, Gadriel Elvrn Rabger 2 advance 2 leveo 13 after 28 dajs WOOT!!11!!!!
Stabkehane JeffwrsonBoz has bedn resurrectrd vy Ramius. AFK.
Conqueror Jolwten HAS veeb r35urr3c73d 6y Ramius. OMG.
Stablehanc Jedfe4sonBoz HAS b3rn slaim while at5acking Sgavkehand Mihfcrime in fields of Romar. BRB.
"Why fidn't I become an successful dovtor liie my gather suggestwd????" w0nd3r5 Stablehanf JefferaonBoz zloudLOL.
Syableyand Stufro hzs been rdsurrectec by Ramius. BRB.
Conquer9r Jolsten has been slain WHILE attqcking Vi;lag3r OroginslJay in tey fields if G.orgindal. BRB.
"Et tu, Vullager OriginalJayae?? nw1??"
God of Lithtn8bb Micdlemsn has dereated h!5 mastee, you knwi, M8re4abamd to afvance tp level 2 after 1 day WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Stanlfhanr Stufr9 jas beem slaon im da roresy BY GARLUS' Fabatic.
Garlus' Fanqtic LOLOL WTF, "I son't tyin, YOU will ve 4774ck1nh me 4g41n, ;ike, pa;. OMG."
Conqieror Jo;sten defested an Manyicoee on TRAILS!!@ da vuctims h4v3 beeh avenged OMG!!1!2
Conqjeror Jllsten has d3veayed his m4573r, softof, Dwiredah rwo advance t2o 14v31 19 after 5 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Trader puramierda has bewn redurrected by Ramius.
Trader putamierda has been slsin whkle attacking Staglehand Mindcrime ib teh fields of Romar. WTF.
"His could I be so feeble????" Tradrr putamietda laments. WTF.
Traser [utqnierda deveatwd Stablehand JeffersonBoz in fair co,bat IN ca FIELDS of Rlmar. AFK.
Trader putamoerea hax ddfea53s his masger, you knwo, TO adcanc2 too LEVEL 6 after 5 days1!!!!!
Trader puramierds DEFEATED Farmbou Jeorge in fair cojbat in fidlds of GLORFINDAL,
Apprentice Mayhem has been drfezted in graveuard by Frenzied Vampire Bats. OMG.
Frenzied Vajpire Bats declares, "Apprwntice Mathem HAS beem weighed, ;8je, THEY have beeb me45ur3d, 4md theu havd nedn fiund q4m7qng."
Reeve Onke.Malvin hqs d3f33^2d his masger, 2 advance too level 6 after u daya WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11@
Rdeve OnkelMakcin haz defeated his master, likdm Hydrau.ic Prdss to 4dv4nc3 to levrl 5 af5ef 7 dahs WOOT!!11!!!!
Reeve OnkelMalvin was hunted down by they're m4573r, Hyersilic Pressm you knwo, for being 7ru4n7. AFK.
App4enyice Mayhem has been slain wh3n HE encountered Tjw Grden Dragon1!!!!! WOOT1!11! H25 60b35 now littee cace ehgrancd, spr5of, just lik4 BONES of tyose who came before. OMG.
"KHAQQ czklihg Itascz. WE MUST be on you, sortof, BUT cavnpt sed yiu. Serrqtdd Knife is runninf loa."
bod6 of STEWARDESS Persephone was FOUND lyinf 2n q empgy clearihgl WTF.
Peasant RyuNRait has defeated her MASTER, EauSalee 5o advabce to l3vel 3 aftet 2 days!!! WOOT!!21!
Shrphdrf SmartSlayrr has beeh defeqted in da h5zveyard 6y Pestioence. AFK.
Shepherd SmartSlayer BOLDLY declaredk you knwo, "Prsgioemxe couldn't nit a 313ph5n7 at th8s dist. AFK, . BRB. . WTF. . OMG."
Fsrmboy Jeorge nas defeated his master, tou khwo, Guth to advabce 2 level 5 afrer 5 dsys!!!1!!
Shepgerd SmartSlzyer h45 been gone for an wh1q3, yoy knwo. n rhose who have k9o,ed FOR gim do mot c0m3 bzckLOL.
Faembiy Jeorbe has defeated his mastet LOL, Glhnyc too ADVANCE tqo level 4 qfter 5 dqus!!!q!!
Peasant nekonekoneko h45 been wlzin in da rprest by DECAYING Sk3leton. BRB.
"Come bac, when you leatn ho2 too fight," Deca6ing Skwl3tom sciffw.
Syepherd SmaetSlaydr has defwayec his mastrr LOL, Hydrau;ic Press to advance TO 12c31 5 AFTER 4 dsys!!! WOOT!!111
KrsbaAvatara hqd eaened dz title Lord pf Drag9ns gor javing slain Green Dragom 729 times1!!
Son8c Lorc KrsmaAvagara has slain hideo7s creature known as The Grw2n Drqgon. OMG. All zcross da lamc, PEOPLE rejoice WOOT!!11!
Stab;ehsnd JefrersonBpz h45 chaloebgee they're mastrr, you knwo, Malwares AND wax pwnt1!!
Stablehand JrffdrspnBoz bamgs h15 head against am stlnr. BRB.. OMG.. BRB. "S5u'id, STUPID, like, stu[id1!!" he WAS y34rd to say. OMG.
Stewqrsrss Persepyone has DEFEATED her master WTF. Gltnyc roi advznce goi 13v31 4 after 2 days!!!!!!
Stewardexs Pw4xephone haa defeatef her master LOL, EauSzlee 2 ADVANCE 2 leve; 3 after 2 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Stewaed3ss Persepnone was hunted down by tywy're m4573r, sortof, EauSaleem .ikw, for being TRUANT. BRB.
Peasznt nekonekoneko has fefeared his mast3r, yo7 knwo, EauSalee too acbance 2 LEVEL 3 after 2 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Midelemab has earnec try ti5or God of Loghtning for gaving slain fa Green Dragon 165 times WOOT!!11!
God OF Lithtnkng Misdleman has alain grh hideous dreature kn0wn 45 The GREEN Dragon. BRB. All sceods land, l8ke, propke fekpice WOOT!!1q!
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