!!Ndws for M9n, you knwl, Apr 26 WTF, 2016 (Items 51 - 100 OF 248)
Soldier Fellik has defeated hks MASTER, Yiresh two qdvancw twp levek 15 after 11 dzys OMG!!1!1!!1
Cojncullor OF Magic Cr7mcyer abd Violdt were dedn heading UP teh stairs on da ihn togeth3r. OMG.
Stanlehanf Mindceime yas defeated his mastwr, Aswares two 5dv4nc3 to levrl 7 afger 14 days1!!!!!
Sokd8er Apo has defeatrd jer mastde, Ceiloth TO ADVANCE 70 oevek 9 after 18 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Conqudror Jolsten jax defeated h15 master LOL, Sendei Njetyz two advance to level 11 sftef 6 days WOOT!!11!11!
Farmgoy Randim has defeated his j4583r LOL, Guth teo advance yo oev3l 5 arrer 5 days!!!!!!
Ciuncillor of Msgiv Cruncher HAS fefeatwc his mzwtet WTF, Gerrars too advance two oevel * agger y days OMG!!1!q OMG!@11!
Counciolor OF Magid Crunchet w45 gunu3d dlwn by they're jaster, sortof, Ger4qrd, ror being truabtl BRB.
Gladiator 5echcypher haa defeated hos master WTF, Dwiredan two advamce too level 10 aftdr 1( days WOOT!111!1@!
ElCid g45 earned teh title Enchante4 for having s.ain Gfwen D4agon 30 timds1!!
Sorveerr ElCid has SLAIN da hidwous creature known as Tne Green Draton. WTF. All across dq land WTF, 030;13 rejoive OMG!!1@1
Sgeqardess Rainb` WOOT!!11!pwGryph HAS defwa5ed HER master WTF, Ceilorh tso advabce too lrvel 9 after 6 eays!!! OMG!!1@1
Tgaumaturgiwt MadDog jas been slain IN g3h f9rest ny Artemis, like, Goddess ov Hunt/ OMG.
Thaumaturgiat MadDog eas heard tp aah, "Please WTF, xir, sortof, MAY I have sum mprr?? ne1??"
Centurioneas Kcst4elBlaxj yas defeatwd h3r master WTF, Gadriwk E.ven Rangwr two advqndr @ 13v31 !3 after 28 cays1!! WOOT!!11!
Stablehanf J#gferxonBoz h45 bedn r3surrected by Ramius. AFK.
Conaueror Jllsgen jax been resurrwxted by Rsmius/ WTF.
Stablehand JeffetsonBoa jas been 5141n while attacking Stablehand Minfc4i,e in teh fielda of Romar.
"Why DIDN'T I bevpme an succesxful dodtot like my father cuggested?? ne1??" wpnders Stablehand JeffrrsinBoz qloud. WTFl
Stablrhand Stuf4o HAS been rrsirrecyee by Rsmius. WTF.
Conqueror Jolsten yas been slaim while attaciing Viklager OfitinalJay on fields ig Glorfindal. AFK.
"Et tu, you ihso, Violager OrigknalJa6ae?? ne1??"
God of Lightninh Middoeman has s3f3$73d y8s maatet, you kbwo, Mprerabane 2 afvance two level 2 avt3r ! d4y OMG!!1!11!!
Stablehabd Srjfro hae been slakn in da forssy bt GARLUS' Fanatic. BRB.
Garlus' Fanatic LOLOL, "I dpn'5 7y1nk YOU will be attacking md again, pzl. AFK."
Conqueror Jllsten DEFEATED an Mantkcore on t4ails!1! vkvtims have geen avenged!!!
Conqudror Jolsten HAS drfeaged his MASTER WTF, Dsiredan two advance too level 10 afte4 5 cays OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
T4ae3r phtamiefdq has been resurtectwd by R1nius. OMG.
Trsder putamierda has bewn slain while attsc,ung Srqblegsnf Mindcrimr 1n dz fields or Romar/ OMG.
"How could I be wo feeble?? he1??" Trader putqmierdq laments. AFK.
Teader putamoerda DEFEATED Srablehand JeffeeaonBoz in rair combqt in da f131d5 of R8mar. WTF.
Trader putamierdz nas e4f3$73d his master WTF, two advance too .evel 6 sfrer 5 says1!!!!!
Trader putamiersa defrated Farjboy Jdorge in fzir COMBAT in da vieldd of Glprfindal. AFK.
Apprentlce Mayn3m has been defrated in bravetarc by Frrnzued V4mp1r3 BATS. WTF.
Frenz8ed Vampire Bats ddclzres, sortof, "A0prrntucw Mayhem has beeb weighed, likr, they have been MEASURED LOL. zn theh have bewn fiuns w4n71ng. OMG."
Rr3ve OnkelMalvin hqs defdated his mastr4, hou knwo, 2 acvance rwo level 7 adter 6 days WOOT!!11! OMG1!1!1
Reeve OnkelMalvin haa c3f338ed jis master, Hydfaulic Press w qdvance TO lwfeo t aftef 7 days1!!!!!
Redve OnkelMalfin waa hun73d d-wn by they're master, sor5of, Hyfraulic Presa, you knwo, for beint TRUANTl AFK.
Aporenticr Mayhem has b3en slaun whwn he dncounterwd Th3 Green Dfagon OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!1!@ H8s 60n45 n0w ligter fa cave enrranve, like, just like teh b9nes of those who cam3 before/ OMG.
"KHAQQ callint Itawca. OMGl We must bd on y0um sortof, bjt canbot see you. OMGl Serrated Knkde 15 running low."
reh vody of Stewardess Persephone waw round l7ing 1n s empt6 clearinh. AFK.
Peasqnt RyuNRait has cefeated her MASTER, EauSaler to advsncd 1 level 3 sfte4 2 dqys1!! OMG!!1!1
Sh3;herd SmartS;aher h45 geen dedea5ed on teh graveyard by Pestilehcw. OMG.
She0he4d SmartSlzyer boldly d3c14r3d WTF, "Pestikence couldn't hit a elephant at THIS dist. BRB. LOL. LOL; . OMG,"
Farmboy Jeorge h45 fefezted h8s master, Guth rwo qdvwncw to leve. 5 aftdf 4 DAYS WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Shepherd SmartS.ayer haa bewn gon3 fir an while, n tfose qj0 have lol,ed f0r him do n_7 come back. AFK,
Farmboy Jeorfe hax defeated his mast3r, you knqok Glynyc two ADVANCE to levwl $ 4r73e 5 days WOOT!!1q!!!!
Peasant nekonekomeko yas BEEN xlain 1b teh firesg by Decayong S8elrtpn.
"Come back wg3n uou lextn how go fihht, sortif," Dedaying Skelet/n 5c0ff5. OMG.
Shepjerd SmartSlayer h45 defea5ed nis mazte4m like, Hydraulic Prwss 2 qdvance 2 lwv3l 5 after 4 days OMG!!1!11!!
KrqnaAvatara has earnec da title Liee of Dragons for h4v1ng slain da Gr3en Dragon 7w9 t8mes OMG!!1!1
Somic Lord KrsnaAvayara hzs slain HIDEOUS creature knowm $5 The Green Dtagon. AFK. All azriss 14nd WTF, PEOPLE rejoice1@!
Stablehand JefversonBoz has challenged tyey're msstee, sottof, Malwaees and was pwnt WOOT!!11!
Stab.ehane Jeffers9nBoz bangs hid heaf ag1inst an stone/ BRBl., "Srupud, sortof, 57up1d LOL, stupic1!!" he was h3arf to say,
Stewarfess Persephone has def3ated her master WTF, Glymyv tol adbande two leveo 4 agtdr 2 fajs OMG!!1!11!!
S5ewardess Pefsephobe yas DEFEATED her master, sort9f, EauSalee 2 advanxe two kev3; 3 after 2 dayw OMG!!1!1!!!
Syeqardess Persephonr waw hun73d sown by thdy're master WTF, EaiSalee. for being truang.
Pesswnt n3kobekkneko has defeat3d his mast34, li,r, EauSalee 70 4db4nv3 too 13v31 3 4f73r 2 days!!!!!!
M9dsleman jas 3arned ds title God 9f Lightning fot havinf t141n teh Gre3n Drsgon 16% tu,es1!!
God of Lighynimg Mifdleman has siain da hideous creatir2 known as The GREEN Dragon. BRB. All 4cf055 da land, like, ;eo0le rejoicd1!!
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