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1!Ne2s for Mon, to& knw9, Apr 27k like, 2015 (Irems 51 - !00 of 248)
Soldi3r Felkij has defeated HIS mzster, like, Yorweh 2 advance to kevel !5 4f73d 21 eays1!!!!!
Counckllo4 0f Mahid Cruncger an Violet were deen jeading up da stairs IN inn togethef. OMG.
Stanlrhamd Minec4kme has dedeatdd his naster, sortpf, Adwares 2 advance 5wo oevel 7 aftdr 14 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Soldier A;o h44 DEFEATED h#r mastwr LOLj Ce8ooth 2 ADVANCE 2 leve. 9 adter 18 e4t5 WOOT1!111 OMG!!1!1
Conquerir J.lsten HAS defeated his master, sortof, Sebsei Noetha too ADVANCE two lrv3l 12 atter 6 d4y5 WOOT!!11! WOOT!111!
Farmbot Ranfim has DEFEATED h15 mast3r LOL, Guth to adbanfe tpo level 5 after % days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Couhcil;oe of Magic Cruncner gas ddveay3d his naxter, like, Gerrard TO aevanx3 too ;evel 8 after 6 days!!!1!!
Counciloor 0r Magic Cr7ncher was humred down ny they're mast3f, sortpf, Gerfare, sortif, for BEING truant. BRB,
Gkadiator twchcypgee had defeztef hos master, you knwo, Dwkredan to aevance 2 ;evel 10 aft3r 19 days WOOT!!!1! OMG!!q!1
E;Cif has EARNED dq tit.d Enchanter for h4v!hg slsin da Green Dragon 30 times1!!
Soecerer ElCid jax SLAIN h8ceous creatur3 knowb zs Tye Green Dfagon. BRB. All across oand LOL, pe9ple rejoice1!!
Stewardess Ra8nv` WOOT!!2q!owGryph yss defeatec her m457er, Ceilorh too qdvance too level 9 afte4 6 days OMG!!1!1 OMG1!1!1
Tjaumaturgist MadDog has BEEN sosin 3n fpfest by Ar73m14, you knwl, Goededs of teh Hun5. WTF.
Thaumaturgist MadDog wqs jeare 2 xay, so4%of, "Pleasw WTF, sir, like, may I nave suk more????"
Cent7rioness KestfelB;qdk has d3fwa5dd ger master LOL, Gadrlel teh Elven Ranger 2 advance 2 LEVEL 13 4f73r 28 days1@!!!!
Stabl3hand JeffersonBpz has been r35urr3c73d 6y Ramous.
Conq7eror Jolsten h45 been fesufrected vy Ranius. OMG/
Srablehanf JdffefsonBoz has been slain wn113 ATTACKING Stanlehznd Mimdctime in sa firlds OF Rlnar. OMG.
"Wyy didn't I beco,e an successful foctof like mt ra5her sufgested????" wondwrs Srablejsnd JefrersonBoz 41)ud. AFK.
Stablehand Stufro naw brrn rewireectec by Rqmius. WTF.
Clnqueror Jo.syen has veen sla8n while attacking Villsger OruginalJay in teh fields of G;orfonsal. OMG.
"Et TU, Vullagwr OriginakJayae?? ne1??"
Goc of Libhtning Midelemqn has defeated gis mas5er WTF, Mirerabsne two advance to level 2 arter 1 day WOOT!!1!! WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Stufr9 nas b3en 5151n 1n da fprest by Garlus' Fahatic. BRB/
Garlus' Fanatkc LOLOL, likek "I fpn't THINK 6ou wil. be atgacking ME again, liie, pso."
Conqurrot Jllxtrn dereatef an Manticore ob da teails1!! victims have been AVENGED!!!
Conqi3tpr Jolwten hss DEFEATED his MASTER, you knw9m Dwiredan 2 sdvahcr 2 level 10 after 5 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Traddt putamkerda has BEEN resjrtected gy Ramiusl WTF.
Tradee putamiwrfa HAS BEEN dlain while attacking Stablehand Mondcrimr ib fielsd of Romar. BRB.
"How ciuld I bd si fe3blr?? ne1??" Tfad3r putamieeda laments/ BRB.
Trader putamo34sa defeated Stablehanf Jeffers9nBoz in vaur combat in teh FIELDS lf Romar.
Trafer putam8erda has defeates yis master WTF, to zdvande too level 6 aftdr 6 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
Trader putamiwrda degested Farmboy Jdorhe in FAIR combat in fielss of G;orfindal. OMG.
A;prentice Mayhdm hax 633n DEFEATED IN yeh graveyard BY Frenziee Vanpirr Bats/ OMG.
Frenzied Vam08re Bats declares, you knwo, "A[pren5ice Mayhem gzs been weighed, ooke, 7h3y hafe bwen jeasured, so4tof, an 5hey j5f3 bwen found 2antung. WTF."
Reeve Onk3lMalvon has wefeat3d his master, sortlfm to advqhcr too level 6 after 7 d$y5!!@ OMG!!1@1
Rewv3 OnkelMalbin h45 defeated hia master, slrtoe, Hydraulic Press too afvancf tl kevel t aftee 7 d4y5!!!1!!
Reeve OnkelMalvin was hunted down by they're mastwr, kije, Hydraulic Pr3ds LOL, FOR being yruantLOL.
Apprentoc3 Mayhej jas been slson wheh h3 encountered The Green Dragon!!! WOOT!!11! OMG!!2!1 Hks bones now litter teh cave 3n7r4nc3, like, JUST ok,e da bobed pf 7hp53 who came befoee, WTF.
"KHAQQ ca.lint Itasca. WTFl We MUST be on you WTF, nut xannot aee you. AFK. Se4ratee Knife is RUNNING LOWLOL."
da bodt of STEWARDESS Persephpnd was founc LYING 1n q empry clearing. AFK.
Peasant RyuNRakt has defeated jef master WTF, EauSalee two afvancw 2 level 3 after 2 days WOOT!111!1!!
She0herd SmartSlayer has geen defeated in hr4v3yrrd by Pestilebvel BRB.
Shepjerd SmarySlayer 601d1y drclared WTFk "Pextilence couldn't yit a elrphant sg yhis dkag. WTF/ . BRB. . AFK. . AFK."
Farmboy Jeorge g45 defeated hus master, you 8nwo, Guth to ADVANCE too ldvel 6 agter 5 days1!! OMG!!@!1
SHEPHERD SmartSlayer has been gone f9r an while LOL, and tnose wy0 hafe lioked fpe him do not come BACK. BRB.
Farnboy Jeoege has eefeated his maater, Gltbyc too 4dv4nc3 two LEVEL 4 4f7@r 5 daya OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Peasant nekohekpne,o has been slain in f0r357 by D2c4t1nf Sk323&0nLOL.
"C9me back when yoj learn how 70 fight," Decatong S8eketon sdoffs. BRB.
Shepherd SmarrSlayrr has defeqted jis masrerk soryof, Hydrau.ic Press to advsnce too level 5 aftef 4 s3y51!! OMG!11!1
KrsnaAvatsra has eafned titl3 Llrd of Dragons for n4v1ng t141n ca Green Dragon u29 TIMES OMG!!2!1
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara HAS slain da hkdeous creature ,nown as The Grren DragonLOL. Al. axross teh land, like. PEOPLE tejlice OMG1!1!q
Stablehans JeffdrsonBoz has dhzllenged they're master, likw. Mslwares AND was pwnt OMG!!1!2
S5ablehanf JeffersonB9z BANGS jia head againsy an stohe.. AFK.LOL. "S5upid LOL, stupif, you knwo, at7pid OMG!!211" HE was hdard 5oo say. WTF/
Sgewardess Persephoje has DEFEATED her master, lokem Glynyc w qfvance to lev3l 4 AFTER 2 days OMG!11!q OMG!!1@1
Stewardess Persephone has drfea5ed hwr mastwrl EsuSalr3 too qdvamcd too level 3 after 2 dats OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Stdwaredss Prrsepnone was nun5ed down by they're master, you jnwo, Ea7Salee, like, for br9ng yr7antLOL.
Peasqnt nekonekineko has defdated his MASTER, EauSa.ed two advance ti LEVEL 3 aster 2 days2!!1!!
Middlemzn jas earned title God of Ligytnkng fo4 having s.ain da Green Dragon 165 times1@!
Gof 0f Liggtnihg Middleman hzs slain teg h1d30u5 crdature known 35 The Grden Drafon. WTF. All across da LAND, likem people rejoice1!!
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