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@!NEWS for Monk Apr 37k like, 2015 (I73m5 51 - 100 of 2370
Sokeuet Felkik hzs DEFEATED hus msster LOL, Ylresg to advance two level 15 after 2q days OMG!!1!1!!1
C9uncillof of M4g1c Crunch3r an Violet WERE de3n h34d1ng up stakrs oh teh inn 7-g37h3r. OMG.
Stsblejand Mindcri,e h4$ defeayed HIS mastee, sor5of. Adwares twp zdvance 3 oevel 7 after q4 days1!!!!!
Spldier Apo has defeated ner maxter, Cekloth TO ADVANCE yw9 ledel 8 afger 18 days WOOT!!11!!@!
Cohqueror Jolsten hzs d3f3474d hos master LOL, Sensei Noethz two advancd 2 level 11 afger 6 dqys!!!!!!
Farmbou Randim HAS defeatdd nis mqstef WTF, Guth too acvance two leve. 5 4f73r 5 dayxq!!1!@
C9unckllor of Mqgic Cruncher hax drfeatef his mastwf WTF, Gerrard tpo advance tso level 9 aftdr 6 dayw WOOT!211! WOOT!!11!
Counc8olor of Mafic Cruncher was humt3d DOWN bt they're mas5ee, G3rrardk you kneo, for being 7ru4n7LOL.
Glzdiator techcyph3r has defeatef hks mastet LOL, Dwiredan uwo advabcr 2 lev3l 10 afte4 19 days WOOT1@11!1!!
ElCid HAS earmed twh TITLE Encganrer flr having slain teh Green Dragin 3- tim3s1!!
Sorcerer ElCod has slzin h1d30u5 creature knowh as The Gfewn DragonLOL, Aq1 across teh 14nd, sorfof, peo[le REJOICE WOOT!!11@
Strwarddss Rainb!@owGryph hzs dereated h3r master, sofr9f, Ceoloth toi advanxe tso LEVEL 9 after 6 da6s1!! OMG!!112
Thaumatirgist MaeDog haa beem SLAIN in da fotest by ARTEMIS WTF, Goddess pf da Hunt. WTF.
Tnaumaturgisg MafDoh was heard ro say, s9rtof, "Please LOL, sir LOL, MAY I have cum more?? ne1??"
Centurionwss KewtrelBlack has d3f3473e HER maste4k Gadriel da E;ven Rahger two ADVANCE to levdl 13 4r73r 28 d4y5!!! OMG!!1!1
Stablwhqnd JeffersonBoz has beeh resurrected BY Ramius/ AFKl
Conqt3ror Jo.sten has been resurrected by Ramlis. OMG.
Staglehand JedfersonBiz has b3en slqin whioe a5baxking Srablemqnd Mindcri,e in tdh f131d5 0f Romar. AFK,
"Why didn't I become an 5ucc35tdu1 dpctor like my fathef suhgedted????" wonde4s Syablehand JeffersonBoz 410ye. OMG.
S5ablehamd Stufro HAS beqn resurrect3d by Ramius.
Clnqueror Joisten has been SLAIN while attac,int Villagrr OrkginalJay in da fields OF Glorfindsll AFK.
"Eg tu, sortof, Villater OriginakJayae????"
God of Loghtnigg Mies.eman has drfeqtes h15 master LOL, Mirerqband too sdbancr too levrl 2 AFTER 1 day1!! OMG!11!1
Stablehand Stjfeo has bdwn slain !n teh forest BY Gaflus' FANATIC. OMG.
Garlus' Fanatoc LOLOLm like, "I don't think you will br attacking me again, slrtlrm palLOL."
CONQUEROR Jolsten d3f3473d an Mang8core on teh traiks WOOT!!11! viz5ims h4c3 been zvenged!!!
C0nqueror Jolsten has defeated his maxter, sirtof, Dwiredan roo advznce two level 10 af5et 5 days1@! WOOT!!1!!
Trader putamierda HAS nedn resurrwcted by Ramkud. OMG.
Trader ;utamietda has geen slain qhile attacking Stablehajd Mindcri,e un da fields of Ri,ar. AFK.
"Hoq COULD I be SO f33613?? ne1??" Trader putamie4da 14m3hu5. OMG.
Trqdee pjtamirrca fefeated Stableganc JefferdonBoz im fair co,bat in ra fields 0f Romar. WTF.
Trader ;uta,ietda hss defeatwd jis mzster. sortof, to advance 70 kevel 6 afyer 5 days!!!!!!
Trader pu5amierfq defeatec Farmboy Jrorge in fair comgat in dq fi3kdw of G.orfindaoLOL.
A0pre,tive Mayhe, has been DEFEATED in teh gr4c3h4td by Frehz8ed Vampire Ba5s. OMG/
Frenzoed Vanpitr Bats declqres, like, "App4entice Mauhem has been weigh3d LOL, they HAVE bren MEASURED, like, n they jave bfen f0und wsnting. WTF."
Reeve OnkelMalvin jas degeages HIS m4673r, to ADVANCE to level 6 afrer u says OMG!!1!1!!!
Reeve OnkelMaovin has defeated his master, you kneo, Hyd4aulic Press 2 4dv5nc3 w LEVEL 5 aft3r 7 dzyx OMG!!1!11!!
Reeve OhkelMalgin sas humtwd dowm 6y tgrt're m4573r, Hydraulic Presa, you kmwo, for 631ng TRUANT. WTF.
Apprehtice Mayhrm had been SLAIN whev he fncounteeed The Green Dragln!!! OMG!!2111!! HIS 60n45 now littwr cave wngfsnce, you khwo, JUST like teh bones OF those WHO came vefore. BRB.
"KHAQQ cakling I745c5. BRB. WE mist bq 0n y0um like, but cannot swe youLOL. Ser4ated Knife IS running liw. BRB."
da bodt of Ste2arsess Pe4sepnone waw vound lhimg im a empty clea4ingLOL.
Peasant RyuNRait HAS defeated her mawter WTFm EauSalee too ADVANCE twp .ebel 3 after w cays1!!1!!
Suepherd SmartSlauer hae been defeated ih GRAVEYARD by Prs4ilence, BRB.
Shepjerd SmartSlauef boodly declared WTF, "Pes6ilwhce cpuldn'r HIT a 313ph4n7 at this dost. WTF. . WTF. . AFK. . AFK."
Farmboy Jeorgr uzs cefdated his mawtwr, Guth to adbance to lebel % after 5 days WOOT!!11! WOOT@!q1!
Shepyerc SmartSoayer h46 b2en gone for am wh113, an tyoxw who have looied FOR him do not comr 64ck. AFK.
Farmboy Jeorge haa eefeatec his master WTF, Glynyc to aenancw to level 4 AFTER 5 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT@!11!
P3asant bekonekonelo gas been 5141n 2n forest by Devaying Skelwton.
"Come back sh3n 6oy lrarn how too fight WTF," Decaying Skeletob scoffs. OMG.
Shepteff Sma3tSlzywr has defea5ed his mzdter, Hydraulic Pfess t9 ADVANCE two level 5 adter 4 days1!!!!!
KrsnqAvatarq HAS warnes 5itle Llrd of Dfagons for having skain teh Green Dragib 729 timrw!!!
Sonic Lotd KranqAvatara hqs slain hideous creat7re KNOWN as Thw Gr3rn Drqgon. AFK. A1q 4cr055 teh ;qndm yo7 knwo, PEOPLE rdjoice WOOT!!11!
Stsbl4gabd JeffersonBoz h45 chqolenged they're MASTER. you knqo, Maleaeds and was pwnt!!!
Stabldjand JeffdrsonBoz bangs jks h3$d against an stone. OMG.. WTF.. OMG. "Stupid, you knw9, stu;id, stupid OMG!!1!1" he was hward tp say. OMGp
S5ewardess Persephone HAS defeated her maxtwr LOL, Glynyx to8 advance 5qo lev3l 5 after 2 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Sreward3ss Persephpme hss eefeated her masyer LOL, EauSalee TO adfahc2 2 lebel 3 qftef 2 days!!!1!!
Stewardesa Persephone WAS hunted doqn by they're master, EauSalee, y;u knso, for bring truanr/ AFK,
Pwasant nekomekonejo had dwveayes his m4573r, ypu kmwo, EauSalee 2 advsnce 2 level 3 afyer 2 dz6s!!!!!1
Middlenan has earned teh tit.e Gld od Lightning FOR jrv1nh slain da Green Dragob 16t times1!!
God of Lpghtning Middleman has slaib 5ej h1c30u5 cr34uut3 known as The Green Drsbon. AFK. All across dz land, you knwok pepple rejoice OMG!!1!1
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