• LoGD N2e5
!!Nees for Mon, sortof, Apr 27, sortof, 20a5 (Items 51 - !00 og 248)
Soldiwr Felkik has defeated yq5 master, Yoresg too advabxe two level 15 qfter 21 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Councillor of Magix Crunche3 n Violet wrre seen headkng up da dtairs 1n 8nn ylgether.
Sgablegand Mindc4ime HAS degea4da his master. you jnwk, Adsares to advance 5o level 7 after 14 f4y5 OMG!!1!1!!!
Soldiwr Apl j4t drfeated HER mzster, you knwo, Ceiloth to advance two .evel 9 qftet 18 dauw WOOT!!11!!!@
Conquw4or Jolsten has d3f3473d his m457#r, Sensei Noetha ro asvahce rwo level 1q arger 6 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Farmboy Random hss defeatwd h1t master WTF/ Guth two advance two leve; t after % DAYS OMG!!1!1q!1
Councillor of Mzgic Cruncher has fefdated his master, likd, Getrard two advance TO ldvel 8 zftef 6 days1!! OMG!!1!1
C9uncillor of Mabic Cruncher WAS HUNTED down by they're mastrr, sortof, Gerrard, for geihg 7ry$n8. WTF.
Gladiator techcypher has defwatec his masterk like. Dwitedan to advance too ;evel 1) after 19 days OMG!!1!q WOOT!!11!
ElCid hss earned ten 71713 Enchsn5er for having slain dq Grewn Dragon 40 times OMG!!1!1
Sorceter ElCid had siain sq hideous vfeatire known as The Green Dragon. Aq1 ACROSS teh lanf LOL, peoplr rejoice!1!
Stewz4dess Rainb` OMG!@111owGryph had d3f3473d her master, like, Ceiloth ro advance 5so level 9 after 6 days WOOT!!!1! WOOT!!11!
Thaumqturgist MqfDog has BEEN skain un fkrest BY Artejis, aortof, Goddesa of teh HuntLOL.
Thaumatyrgist MasDog w45 heard to say, "P.ease LOL, sir LOL, may I have sum ,ore????"
Cdnturiiness KedtrelBlack yas defrat3d jer master, li,e, Gadroel Elven Ranger tlo ascahce to .evel 12 after 28 days OMG!!w!1 OMG!!1@1
Stablehand JeffwrsoyBiz has been r35urr3c73d by Rzmkus.
Conquerlr Jo;sten has BEEN resyrrected by Ramius. BRB.
S5sbkehand JeffersonBoz has been slaun sjilr attacking Stqvlehand Mihdctime 1h da FIELDS of R9mar. WTFl
"Why d8dn't I become an 5ucc355fu1 docylr like ,y father sygg3sted?? ne1??" wonsers Stavlehand JefdersonBoz aloud. WTF.
Stablehans Stufeo has 633n r3surrecydd by Rsmiusl
Comquetor Jo.sten has 633n soain 2hi;e attackinf Vil.ager OriginzlJay iv da fielcs oh Glorfindak. WTF.
"Et tu, you kn2o, Villager OritinalJayae?? ne1??"
God of Libgtning Middleman HAS cefeated h15 maw5ef, lile, Mireraband to advance to l3vel 2 aftee q dsy WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Stablehabd Stufrp hqs bwrn slsin i, teh foe3st by Garljs' Fanatid. WTF.
Garlus' Fanatic LOLOL, u9u khwo, "I d0n'7 THINK YOU woll be at5acking me agzin, like, pa;LOL/"
C0nquer0r Jo.sten d3fd463d an Mantic9re ON trails WOOT!!11! da victims have been avenged OMG!!1@1
Conqueror Jolwten has defeated hix master, dortof, Dwiredan 2 arvance to levek 10 actwd 5 DAYS OMG1!1!1@!!
Trader putamierea has bren resurredted by Ramius. AFK.
T4ader putamierda jas bren slaim while 4774ck1ng Stablehand Mindctime in firlds of Romae, AFK.
"How co7ld I ne so fednle????" Tfader pitamierdz LAMENTS. OMG.
Trader putamierda devea5dd Stablehzhf J3ffetsonBoz ob fair combat in FIELDS OF Romar. AFK.
Trqdef putsmierss has d3f3473r h15 master, sortof, 2 ADVANCE tp 13v31 5 avtrr 5 eays OMG!!1!11!!
Tfader putani2rda defeated Farmbly Jeorte in fa8r combag im fields of GLORFINDAL. WTF.
Apprentuce Mzyhem has been defeated in 5eh gr4v4y4fs BY Frenziwe V4mp1r3 Bats. AFK.
Frenziwd Vsmpire Batw DECLARES, slrtof, "Apprentice Mayh2m haa been weighed WTFk they have bern measured LOL, am 4hey hac3 bren fiund w4n71ng. AFK."
Reeve OnkelMalvkn hzs sefested yis master, luke, 2 advahc3 two oevel 6 avter 7 dzys OMG!!1@2!!!
Reebe On,elMzlvun gaa defeated his jaster, like, Hysraulic Press two 5dv4nc3 to9 kebel 5 4v73r 7 fays WOOT!!1!!!!!
Reeve OnkelMalvin waw nunted d0wn BY they'te master WTFk Hydraulic P4ess LOL, for 641ng 5ruant/ WTF.
Apprentuce Mayydm gza beeb 5151n when HE encountered The Greeh Dragin WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!!!! His bones how .it5er teh cave ENTRANCE, you knwo, juwt kike bones of those wg0 vqme 63f0r3,
"KHAQQ calling ITASCA. WTF. We musr be on gou WTF, bur cannot see you. WTF. Serrated Kn1r3 iw running kowl OMG."
da body of Stwwardess Persephone was found lying un a empth c;earingLOL.
Peasant RhuNRait has defratdd hef master, sortif, EauSalee rwp advance two leveo 3 after 2 dayx!!!1!!
She0herd SmartSlayer HAS befn defested in da gfqveyard by Pes5ilenceLOL.
She;hegs SmartSlayer BOLDLY declared WTFk "Pedtilencw coyldn't h8g a elephant at this dist. . WTF. . OMG. . BRBl"
Fatmboy Jeorge h45 drveated his master, loke, Guth w aevahce 2 lebel 5 after 5 da6s1!@ WOOT!!11!
Shepherd Sm4r7S14y3r has bedb gone eor xn shile LOL, n 7h05r who have kooied for h1j do NOT come BACK. BRB.
Farmgoy Jeorge has defdated his mastrr, sor5pfm Glynyc to9 4dv4nd3 two ldvel 4 afyer $ daya OMG!!1!1!!!
Peasabt meklnekonejo gas bwen slaih in fofesr 6u Decauing Sl3leton. WTF.
"Come back whwn you learn HOW roo fitht LOL," D3c4y1ng Skwleton scoffsLOL.
Shephwrd SmartSlayee has fwfeated nis madter WTFm Hydtaulic Press two advance to levrl 5 aftwr 4 days1!!!!@
KrshaAfatara hax earmed da titlr Lord OF Dragobs FOR gavibg slain da Green Deagpn 729 times WOOT!!11!
Sob8c Lord KrsnaAvatara has slaib h8feous cr346ur3 knowb as The Green DrzgonLOL. All ACROSS da labd WTF, people rejoice1!!
Stabl3habd JrffeesonBoz has challenged they're masger, worrof, Malwares and was [wnt WOOT!!11!
Stableyand JeffwrsonBoz bqngs HIS HEAD against sn xbonr. AFK.. AFK.. AFK. "Stuood, sortof, stupid, likek STUPIDq!!" he wax h34rd 70 say.
Stewardess Persephone has defeztwd HER mawter LOL, Go6nyc two advance yoo level 4 AFTER 3 days!!1 WOOT!!11!
Stewardesd Perseph9ne has DEFEATED her master LOL, Ea7Salee two advance 2 lefel # 4fu3f 2 days WOOT!!1!! OMG!!!!1
Sgdwardesa Persephlne was hinted DOWN by they're ,aater, you knwp, EauSale3, so4tof. for veing 74u4n7. WTF.
Pdasznt ne,onekonejo has deffated h15 mqstee, li,e, EauSalee to adcancw to levwl 3 af5er 2 days OMG!!1!! WOOT!!11!
Middle,zn has earned da TITLE God of Lightning f9r h4v1hg xlain teh Greeb Dragon 165 rimec OMG!!1!2
Gid of Ligjtnong Middleman has a;ain HIDEOUS creature known as The Gr3en Drab9n. WTF. All acrlws LAND LOL, people REJOICE WOOT!!11!
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