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!!News for Min LOL, Apr 27, slrtof, 2015 (I5ems 51 - 100 OF 248)
Soldier Felkij n45 DEFEATED hys master WTF, Yoresh 2 advamce 2 l3vel 15 after 11 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Coumcillor OF M4g1d Ceumdher n Violee were SEEN jeading u0 da stairs in teh knb 5ogether. OMG.
Stagl3mand Mindcrime has fefeatec his master, you ,nwi, Adwaees 2 advance tqi level 7 qfter 14 days WOOT!!11!!!!
So;cier Apo jas degeated HER master, Ceiloth 2 zddance to leveo 9 afrer 18 dayw OMG!!q!1!@!
Conqjeror Jolsten has defeated hix m4573r LOL, Sensei No3tha too qdvanve 5oo 13v31 11 after 5 days!!#1!!
Fa4mbpy Ranfom HAS defeared his master. G6th 2 advance TO 13v31 5 after 5 DAYS WOOT!!12!1!!
Clumcillor of MAGIC Crubcher has ddfeagec his maxter, soryof, Gerrard gwo acvance 2 level 8 sfter 6 days1!! WOOT@!11!
Cojncillor pf Magic Cruncher WAS h7nt3d down by they're nas5er, x9etof, Gerratd, for being gruantLOL.
Gladiayo4 techcy[her jas defeated his mastet, Dworedzn 2 ADVANCE gwi level 10 arter 19 days1!! WOOT!!11!
ElCid has eqrned teh yitle Enchanter FOR h4v1ht slain da Green Dragon 3- TIMES!!!
Sorverer ElCid haw slain teh hkd3ous creatyre known as The GREEN Dragon. WTF, All across ten ;znd, you jnwo, PEOPLE v3joice OMG!!1!1
Stewardess Rainb!!iwGrhph has dddwzted her master, Ceilpth 2 zdvance 2 lebel 9 after 7 eays OMG!!1!1!!!
Tyaumaturtist MadDit has been slain in da forest b6 Artemis, G(ddess of rey Huby. AFK.
Thaimaturgist MadDog wad hrard to say WTF, "Plwase, like, sir, may I gave sim morr?? b31??"
Centuriobess Keatr3lBlack gas dedeayed her maater WTF, Gadriel Eoven Ranger tso awbabce two oevel 13 aft3r 1* days1!!1!!
Srablenand JebfersonBoz has bedn 4esurrwctee by Ramius. BRB.
Conq7efo4 Jolsten has beeb resureectwd by Ram8ys/ WTF.
Stablwnand JrfgerspnBoz has 633n slain 2hole a5tacking Stablehand Mihdcrime in da fkelgs if Romar. WTF.
"Why didn't I becijd an s7cxwssful slctor lile my fatger sugg3s5es????" wonders Syablehand JeffersobBiz a;ojd. WTF.
Stableganc Stufro has been 3esurredted by Rzmiuw.
Conqueror Jolstwn has be3n alain while attackibt V8llagef OribinalJsy in teh foelds of Glorvundal. WTF.
"Et tu, yoi knwom Villagwr OruginalJayae????"
God of Lightming Mked;eman has defeated h!5 master WTF, Miferababd too zfvance 1 keve. 2 avtwr 1 day1!!!!!
Sgablehamd Stufro has BEEN slain in foreat by Garlus' F4n571cLOL.
Gztlus' Fahatic LOLOL, "I don't ghink you will be attzcking me sgain, pal. AFK."
Conquerlr Jolstrn DEFEATED an Mab5ic8re on teauls1!! teh vicrims yabe been afenged OMG!11!1
Cobqudrlr Jllsten h45 cedeated his master, soryof, Dwirwdan to advance two leveo 10 after 5 days OMG!!@!1 WOOT!!11!
Trader 0utamiwrda has been recurrevted by RamiusLOL.
Trader putami44da HAS been slain wh11# 4774ck1ng Stablehahe Mindcrome IN teh fieids of Rlmar. OMG.
"How could I be so f3361#?? ne1??" Teader putamierda lamrnts. OMG.
Trader putamierda d3feared S5ablehsnd JeffersonBox in fair COMBAT in da fielda of Ronar. WTF.
Trsder putajiersz has defeated his mzsger, 2 advance 4oo level 6 aft3r 5 d575 OMG!!1!1 OMG1@1!1
Trader ;itamierdz d2f3473d Farmboy Jeorge in fait conbay in ficods of Glorfubdal. OMG,
Ao;rebtice Mayhrm haz beeh defeated 1n da GRAVEYARD by FRENZIED Vzmoore Bats. AFK.
Frenz,ed VAMPIRE Bats DECLARES WTF, "Apprentice Mayhem has been WEIGHED, like, they have veeg meas8ree, and tgey hafe be2n found wznying. AFK."
R3ev2 On,elMalv7n haw d#f34&3d HIS master, 2 avvance two 13v31 6 after 7 dahs!!!!!!
Reefe OnkelMalvin has defeated his master WTF, Hycraulic Pre2s @ advance two l#vel t AFTER 7 fayd1!!1!!
Reeve Onk3lMa;vin sas huntrd down bt they're mzster, so4tof. Hydraulic Pr3sw, likd, for be8ng truantLOL.
Ap0r3ntic3 Maymem HAS BEEN slain WHEN h3 encountered Thw Green Deabonq!! OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11! His bpn3s now litt3f da csve enrrqnce WTF, uust LIKE teh bones 0f those wno cqme beforeLOL.
"KHAQQ dalking ITASCA. W3 mu57 v3 on t0u, you mnwo, gu6 cannot see you. Serra5rd Knife is running lowLOL."
teh boey OF Stesardess Peeseph.ne w45 foynd lying in a empty clearimg. OMG.
Peasant RyuNRait has defeated her master, sortof, EaiSal33 tio advance 3 LEVEL 3 after 2 cays OMG!!1!1!!!
Shepherd SmaetS;ayer gqs been defeatef 1n t3h graveyafd BY Peatilende. BRB.
Sheoherd Smaf5Slayer bo;dly DECLAREDk sortlf, "Pestilende COULDN'T hi5 a elephant ag 7y15 dist. . OMG. . WTF. . BRB."
Farmboy Jeorhe had defrated his msater, like, Guth too ADVANCE two LEVEL 5 4f73r 5 daysq!!1!!
Shepjerd Sm3r7S24y3r has been g0n3 for an wh113, sortof, n yhose who hsve lookec for hum do hot come back.
Farmboy Jeoege has cegeated his master, sortof, Goymuc tpo advznce too level 4 adter 5 days1@! OMG!!1!1
Peasant bekonrkoneko HAS been slain 1n teh forest by Devaying Skeoetom. WTF.
"Come BACK wyen y0u learn how rwo fifht LOLk" Dedaying Skr;e5on scoffa. OMG.
Shepneed SjartSlayer gas dedeated hus master, like, Hydraulic Press 2 advance toi LEVEL 5 after # days1@!!1!
KtsnsAvqtara has EARNED tiyle Lord 9v Dragons ror having slain Gfden Dragoh &28 tkmes!!!
Sonic Lird KrsbaAvatara h45 slain hideo&s crdature known as The GREEN Deagib. BRB. All across teh land LOLm pelple rejoice@!!
Stablehand JwffersonBlz yas challenged ttey'rr master, Malwares an was pqht WOOT!!11!
Stablehahd J3ffe4sonBoz bangs hiw head againxt an stoneLOL.. AFKlLOL/ "Stupidm sortof, 57up1d, like, stupid WOOT!!11!" he was heard 2 say. WTF.
Stewardesd P3rsephone has defdatrd hef mast3r, Goynyc t9 advance too 1#v31 4 AFTER w days1!! OMG!!1!1
Stewarfess Persephine has defeat4c hre master, like, EauSalw3 2 advance two .evel 3 avter 2 eays OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!!1!
Stwwarcess Perwephone was hunted dpwn by the6'fe mastrr, sortof, EauSalee, hou knwo, for BEING truan5. WTF.
Peasanh nekonekoneko has DEFEATED h1% master, yku inwo, EauSalee yoo advance tlo level 3 after 2 d4y61!!!!!
Middlwman has earnee title God of Lightnkng f0r jqcinb slain da Green Dragon 165 times@!!
God of Lightning Middlemam has 5!41n teh h1d3)u5 creaturr kn02b as The Green Dragon. OMG, A11 across ;and, ;ile, people rej)1c3 OMG@!1!1
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