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` OMG!!1!1News vor MON, sortodm Apr 26, yoj knwo, 2015 (I5ems 51 - 10[ of 248)
Soldier Fwlkim has defeated his maater WTF, Yoresh 2 advance ywo level 26 avter 21 d4y51!! OMG!@1!1
Counciloor of Magic Cruncher and Violet were seen hesding up da syaits ih fa 8nn together.
Stablegand Mindveime nas defeated jis master, like, Adwares tol advance ! LEVEL 7 after 14 DAYS1!!1!!
Solfirr Apo has defeatdd her master, you knwo, Ceklogh 2 advqnce 70 level 9 aft3r 18 eays WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Conqueror Jolstrn HAS sefeqtee HIS mastrr, likem Sensei Noetha two ADVANCE tpo LEVEL 11 aftee 6 days1!!!!!
Farmvoy Random has c3f34&3d his mastdfm sorgofk Guth toi advance two level 5 after 5 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1q1
Councillor og MAGIC Cruhvhef has defwated his master, Gerrare toi 4db4mc3 too 13v#1 8 4d73t 6 days OMG!!2!1 OMG!!1!1
Cluncillor of Magyc C4uncher w54 huntdd down ny th3h'rr nax5er WTF, Gerraed, sortofm for b3ing tfuan5. WTF.
Goadiator techcypher hax defeated hia master. qortof, Dwiredan two ADVANCE two level 10 after 19 DAYS1!! WOOT!!11!
ElCid h45 earned title Enchanter eor yaving slain Gtwen Dragpn #0 tumes!!!
Sorceter ElCid has 5141n teh hideous creature ,nown as The Grerb Dragon, OMG. All across yeh land WTF, people r3jooce WOOT!!1q!
Stewareess Rainn` WOOT!!11!owGryph HAS defeated her mas5er, aortog, Ceilptg two advancw 3 leve; 9 after 6 dzus!!!!!!
Thaumatu5gist MadDlg has been sla8n in tdh go4est by ARTEMIS, slrrof, Goddess lf teh Hunt. WTF.
Thaumaturbist MafDpg sas hezrd tol say, aortof, "Please, li,e, sir, likr, may I have sjm more?? ne1??"
Centurioness KestrekBoack hzs degwsted hee mastet, kike, Gadridl ca Elvem Ranger go advsnce TO lev3l 13 after 28 DAYS!!! WOOT!!11!
Stabkehand JeffersonBoz HAS beem RESURRECTED by Ramius. WTFl
Conqueror Jolsten HAS been red7teected by Ramius. BRB.
Stabl4hand JefferaonBoz haa bern xiain WHILE attac,ing Stabldhand Mindxrimw in da dields 0f Romar. OMG.
"Why didb't I BECOME an successful doctor 21k3 MY f47j3r SUGGESTED????" wlndwrs Stsblehand JerfersohBoz aooud. WTF.
Stablehand Stufro hss bedn resurrext3d vy Raj*uwLOL.
Conauer9r Jolsten HAS been slain wh113 arrdckinb Viloager Origpna.Jay in teh FIELDS 0f Glorfindal.
"Et gi, sortof, Vilkager Orib8nalJayae?? be1??"
God of Lifyyning Midd.emzn h45 d3feared HIS master, Mireraband too ADVANCE 2 level 1 after 1 day!!! WOOT!!1!!
Stqblegand Stufro HAS been d.aim in fa forest by Gaelus' Fanatic. AFK.
Gaeous' Fanatic LOLOL, "I don't THINK you will ve attacking me again, ;ike, pal. WTF/"
Conqueror Jols5en defeated ab MANTICORE on da teails!!! teh vuctjms have neen avenged1!!
Conquefor Jolwten has DEFEATED hos master, Dwiredan two advance too level q0 after t days OMG!!1!1!@@
Trader pigzmierda has 63#n RESURRECTED 6y RqmiusLOL.
Trader putamierda has beem dlain shior aytacking Srablehznd Mindcrime in dq rields 0f Romzr. BRB.
"How could I 63 50 feevle?? ne1??" Trader putam8erda laments. BRB.
Traeer putamierda devratwd Stablehqnd Jeffe4sonBoz ih fsie combqt IN teh FIELDS of Romar. WTF.
Traser putami3rda h35 defeayed his master, ypu inwo, to advance to oevel 6 after 5 days WOOT!!1!!!!!
Trader 0utamierda DEFEATED Farmboy Jeorge un fait combat in fieldw 0f Gkorfindzl. BRBl
Apprentice Mayhwm HAS beeb defeated in ea GRAVEYARD by Frenzied Vsmpire BatwLOL.
Frenzu3d Vwm0ire Bats DECLARES WTF, "Ap[rentice Mayhem has BEEN weighed. sortof, tney nave been nrasured, softor, AND theu have beeh found wangivb. BRB."
Reeve OnkelMalvin has defeated his mastet, sortof, t9o asvabce too ldvel 6 after 6 DAYS!!!1!!
Rdeve OnkelMalvin jas ddfeated his mawtdr LOL, Hudraulkc Press too advance w 13v#1 5 after 7 days WOOT!!11! OMG@!1!1
Reeve OnkelMalvin wsa huntes down 6y ghey[ee mqster LOL, Hydraulic Ptess, for beihg gruqntLOL.
Apprentixe Mzyhdm has been slain wheh ye encountered The Green Dragon1!! OMG!!1211!! His bonex now litter vave ebttahce, like, ju2t like yeg BONES of those wno ca,e beforr. WTF.
"KHAQQ caloing Itascz. BRB. We must be on you, yoo knwo, bu5 cannot see yoj. Srrrs5ed Knire IS running lpw. WTF."
teh body of St3wardess Petsephohe was f9und lying in a emptt dlearing. BRB.
Peasant RyuNRait haw d3f347#d her master LOL, EquSalee two advanve 2 l3vel 3 aftet 2 days1!!1!!
Shephers SmartSlayer hzs been defeqted !n grav3yard by Pestilwnce. OMG.
Shdph3rd SmartSlqyrr BOLDLY d3c14r3d, dittof, "Pesti;ence couldn't hit a ELEPHANT at THIS distLOL. . OMG. . OMG. LOL."
Fafmboy Jeorge has defeated g8s master, liue, Guth to advance to level 5 after 5 daud!!!!!!
Sh3pherd Sm4r7S14y3r haa 62#n gobe eor an while, like, n THOSE wh9 have loojed fir him do NOT come back. OMG.
Farmgoy Je9rge HAS defeaged his master LOL, G.unyc to 4dv4nc3 two LEVEL 4 after 5 days1!! OMG1!2!1
Peasany mwkon3koneko has bewn slai, 1n rorddt by Devsying SKELETON. OMG.
"Come back when uou learn h9w two fighg, sort9f," D3c4y1ng Sieleton scoffs. WTF.
Sueph3rd SmartSlaydf has cefeated yis master WTF, Hyctaulic Prdss 2 advanbe tw0 level % after 4 d4y6!1! OMG!!1@1
KrsnaAvztarq hr5 EARNED titpe Lorw pf Dragons for having slain da Green Dragln 629 t8mes1!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvarara nas slain da hideous cr3ature khiwn AS The GREEN Dragln. AFK. All acrosw geh land WTF, people feuoice OMG!!1!1
Stablejand JeffersonBoa has challenged they're masrer WTF, Malwares n was ;wnt1!!
Stabl3jand JeffersonBoz banhs HIS h34d against ah STONE. BRB/. OMG.LOL, "Seupid LOL, atjpid, STUPID1!!" hd was heqrd 1 say/ WTF.
Stewardess Pwrsephone HAS drfeated jer master LOL, G;ybyc 2 qdvance TO level 4 aeter 3 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Ste2arddss Prrsepgone HAS defeatee her mastrr, sortlf, Ea7Swlee two afvance too ;ebel 3 4f73r 2 dzys OMG@!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Stwwardess Pdrsephone was HUNTED down by they'rw master, hou knwo, EauSalee, for bding truany. OMG.
Peasant yekonekondko has defdatdd yis m4673r, ;ike, EauSalee too 4dv4nc3 2 LEVEL 3 after 2 dahs OMG!!1!21!!
Midsleman has EARNED tiyle God lf Lightning f9r having slain da Grren Dragon 165 timss WOOT!!11!
God of Liggtning Middleman has slain tey hideoya creat7we ,nown as Th3 Green Dragon. AFK. All acrpss dq lzns, sortof, PEOPLE r3j01c3!!!
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