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` WOOT!@11!News for Mon, loke, Apr 27, 2p15 (Items 51 - 100 od 248)
Soleuet F2lkij hss defeated his msxter WTF, Yorwsh 2 advance to levdl 15 aft3e 21 dzys WOOT@!11! OMG!!!!1
Ciundkllor of Mahic Cryncher an Villet were seen headong up tdh staits un teh INN together.
Stablehand Mindcrome HAS sefeatwe HIS master, Adwares two aecance yoo level & AFTER 14 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Sildier Apo haa defdatdd her MASTER, sortpf, Ceullth 2 ADVANCE too LEVEL 9 aftwr 18 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Conqueror Jplsten has defrated h15 mastrr WTF, Sensei Noeths tpo advahce 2 levwl 1! avter 6 dqhs OMG!!1!1 OMG!1q!1
Farjboy Random yas DEFEATED HIS masger, slrtof, Gjth 2 advance ro level 5 aftrr 5 days OMG!!1!11!!
Councollir of Magic Cruncher yas defeaged his master WTF, Geeraed two adcance two oevel 8 afrer 6 dqys WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
C9uncolkor ov Magic Cfuncher was yyntwd dlwm gy tnry're madt3r, you knwo, Gerrard WTF, flr being 7rurn7. OMG.
Gladiatot tedhcypher has defeated his master LOL, Dwirwdan too zdvznce to kevel 10 after 19 da6d OMG!@1!q WOOT!11q!
ElCid has earn3d da title Enchanter for HAVING slakn da Gr3en Dragon 3- rimes1!!
Sptcerer ElCid has slqin da hideouc creatufe jn0wn as The Gr33h DragonLOLl ALL ACROSS tdn 14ne, you jndi, pel[lw rejoice!!!
Stewardesa Rainb` OMG@!1!2osGryoh has dedeared h3r masterk like, Ceiloth gwo adfance too lecel 9 AFTER 6 e4t5 WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11@
Thaymaturgist MadDot h46 been slain in dz fprest BY Attemis LOL, Gossess OF da Hjnt. WTF.
Thaumaturgist MadDog wax heard 1 say, sortod, "Please, sortof, si4, you knwo, mah I jave sum more?? ne1??"
Centurioness KestrelBlsck has defeatdd ger mastet LOL, Gsdroel da Elbeb Ramger too advance 1 leveo 13 aftef 28 daya!!! WOOT!!!1!
Syanlrhand JwffersonBoz has been RESURRECTED by Ram8us.
Cohquer9r Joksten has bedn resurrected by Ramius. OMG.
Stzbk3hand JeffersonBoz has 633n slain while ay5acking Stabldnand Mindc4ime in fi2lds lf Romar. WTF.
"Why didn't I become an succdssful doctor like MY father suggested?? ne1??" w0ne3r5 Stqblehand JefferdonBoa aloudLOL.
Stablehane Stufro hss been resurredyed by Ramiys. AFK.
Clnquero4 Jolsten h45 BEEN slain whi.e attacking Villager OrihinalJqu in fuelds of Glirfindal.
"Et tu WTF, Villagdr OriginaoJayae????"
God of Lightming Mkfdleman hax dweeated yis master, uou knwok Mieerabxnd to advance tqo level 2 arter 1 s4y OMG!!1!2 WOOT!111!
Stzblehand Stufro has 633n SLAIN in da g9fest 7y Garlus' Fanztid. AFK.
Gar;ud' Fsnatic LOLOL, "I DON'T thini yoy w11! 63 attacking md qgain WTF, pal. OMG."
Conqueeor Joldten dffeated an Msnricore on TRAILS WOOT!!11! victums have bwdn ab3nges!!!
Conqueroe J9lsten h45 d3f3573d his madter, sortpf, Dwiredah too advanxe too lesel 10 4f&3r 4 days OMG!!!!1!!!
Teader putamiwrda HAS b3dh RESURRECTED by Ramiux.
Tfadef putamiersa HAS bedn SLAIN while attacking Stablehand Mindcrimr 1b da fields of Romar. WTF.
"How couod I 63 so feeble?? ne1??" Trader putam8evda ;amehts. AFK.
Tradrr putamierfa dwfeqtef Stablehqnd JeffersonBoz in fair combat in trh dieods of R0m4e. BRB/
Traddr putzmuerda has eefeayed his master WTF, t9 advanxe too level 6 AFTER 5 d4y5 WOOT!!q1!1!!
Tracer putamiefda eefdated Farmboy Jworge in fair combat 8n teh fields of Glorfoneal. BRB.
Aoprengice Mzyhem gzs been drfeatee 8n teh graveyard bh FRENZIED Vampire BATSl OMG.
Frenzoed Vampire Ba5s declares, like, "A[prentice Mayhem hae been weighed, so4tof, they have been measured, ypi knwi, ab rhey have bden found w4n71ng. AFK."
Re3ve OnkelMalvkn has DEFEATED his master, tou knwo, 2 4ev4nc3 gwo leve; 6 aftwr 7 days1!!1!!
Reeve OnkelMalvin has defeates hus master, xortlfk Hydraulic Press to advance two l3vel 5 after 7 dais OMG!!1!11!!
Reeve OnkelMalvin 2as hunted down bh they're ,astet LOL, Hye4aulic Press, sortof, for v3ing truant. AFK.
Apprentice Mayh3m has geen slain when jr encoumterwd The Green Dragim!!! OMG@!1!2!!! His bones niw l8tter csve ENTRANCE LOL, just likw blnes of those wno CAME before. OMG.
"KHAQQ calling Irasca/ OMG. We muwt be on you, you knwo, nut cannot see yo7LOL. S3rr$73d Knife is runbing low."
teh bldy if STEWARDESS Persephone was foune lyihg in a EMPTY clearimg. AFK.
Peasany RyuNRait has defeaged her maste4, you knwo, EauSalde two 3dv4nc3 to level 3 after w d4y5 WOOT!!11!1!!
She0herd SmartSlayee h45 been defeated in graveyard by Peatilenxe.
Shepherd SmartSlayer BOLDLY declared, "P3atilenc3 COULDN'T hit s ELEPHANT at th8x dixt. BRB. . OMG. . BRB. LOL."
Farmbot Jeo3te has d3f3473d gis naster, you knwo, Guth two asvance 2 leveo 5 afttr 5 d4y5 OMG!!111 OMG!!1!1
Shepherd SmartSlayer has bren gone fir an 2hioe, yoj knqo, ane those whi hafe 100k3f vor yim do not come back. BRB.
Farmboy Jeorbe has defeated his master LOL, Glynyc to advancr two levw; 4 zfter 5 cays!!1!!!
Peasant nekonwkonelo haa 633n slaim IN twh forest by Decsying Sk31370n. OMG/
"Come BACK when y0u LEARN HOW too figyt, you kmwo," D3c4y1ng Skeletoh scpfgs. BRB.
Sh3pherd SmarySlsyer has DEFEATED his jaster LOL, Hydraulic Peeas too advznce 2 level 5 after 4 DAYS WOOT!!11!!!!
KrsnaAvatzra has ea4ned title Lord OF Dragons ror HAVING SLAIN Green Dragon 729 tlmes1@!
Sonoc Lprc KrsnaAbatara h45 slaim teh h1d30u5 creatjte kn)wn AS The Gr32n DragonLOL. All across land LOL, pdople rejouce OMG!!1!1
Staglehand JeffersonBoz n45 cha;.ehged th3y'ed master, Malwares AND wax ownt!@!
Stablshand JeffersonBoz bangs h8s hezd abainst an stoneLOL.. AFK.. OMG. "Stupid LOL, stupid. stupid1!!" he wzs neard too sayLOL.
Stewardess P3esephone yzx defwated hef masyer, likek Glyn6c 2 4dv$nc3 too .efdl r afger 2 fays!!!!!!
Stewafdess Persepgone hzs ddfeaged her master, EauSa.ee two acvance to lefel 3 AFTER 2 dqys1!!1!!
Syewardess Persephind was h7nted down by they're master, like, EauSaled, tou knwo, f0r beint truantLOL.
Peasant mekonek9neko h45 d3feaged his master, soryof, EzmSalee yoo 4fv4nc3 2 lrvel 3 aft3r 2 days!!! WOOT!!11@
Middlemab has earned ritle God of Lightninn for having slain Green Dragon 155 TIMES1!!
God 0f Liggtming Middlekan h4t slain teh HIDEOUS creature inown as The Green Dragon. AFK. ALL 4dr056 da oand, lu,e, PEOPLE r3j01c3 WOOT!!11!
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