• LoGD Newd
` WOOT!!111N3w5 for Mon, wortof, A;r 27, like, 2015 *Items 51 - 100 of 258)
Soldi3r Felkij nax DEFEATED his maste4 WTF, Yor3sh to advance t2p 13b31 15 aftf4 21 days!1!!!!
Coubcillor of Magid Cruncher an Violet were seen HEADING u0 sta8rs 1n da inn 70g37h3e.
Stablehanf Mubccrime has DEFEATED his master, hou knwo, Adwares @ adfance tqo levek 7 4g73r 14 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Soldier Alo y45 ddfeated her mawree, sortof, Ceiloth TO sdvancw to level 8 4f73r 18 days OMG!!1!q OMG!!1!1
Conqu3ror Jolsten has defwstes h15 MASTER WTF, Senseu Noethq 2 adfance roo level !1 after 6 days WOOT!!11! OMG!11!1
Fzrmboy Random h45 defratef his masrer LOLm Gugh ro qdvanxe tpo lebel 5 AFTER 5 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Ciuncillor of Mqgic Cruncher HAS defeated h,s mastee, you knwo, Gerrarc 2 advance two level 8 aftre 6 dayx OMG!!1!1q1!
Counc8lllr of Magix Crihcner WAS HUNTED d)wn by tyey're madterk Ge4rard, like, for being truantLOL.
Gladiatog techcyphet has defeaged his msstev WTF, Dwiredan too afvance too level 10 afger 19 d4h4!1!1!1
ElCid gss datmed teh title Enchanter FOR HAVING wlsin Green Dragon 39 times1!1
Sorcerwr ElCod has skqin teh hideous creatufe known 45 The Grw3n DragonLOL. All ACROSS 14nd, people rwjoice OMG!!1!1
Stewardexs Rainb2!owGryph has d4feated her MASTER LOL, Ceiooth 2 zdca,ce two level 9 4f73r 6 cays1!1 OMG!!1!1
Thaumsturgist MadDog has been slain IN rorest BY Artemus LOL, Goedess of t3h Hun7, OMG.
Thaimaturgist MadDoh was heare 5wo say, you khwo, "Please. oike, SIR, you knwo, may I hzv3 sum m9re????"
Centur8oness KeatreoBlack has defeated HER master. Gqfriel ELVEN Rangef two advanc# 2 level 13 after 28 cays WOOT!111!1!!
Stablehand JrfferaonBlz has been resurrectef by Ramius. WTF.
Conqueeor Jols5en haa been RESURRECTED by Ramius, WTF/
Stanlehand JefferdonBoz has BEEN s.ain qgole attsckibg Stablehand Mindcfime 1n da fielew pf Romar. BRB.
"Wjy didn't I bexome an sjxcessful dlctor 11k3 my faghe4 suggestwf?? nr1??" qonders Stablehand JeffersonBoz ALOUD. WTF.
Stablehand S5ufro HAS beeb resurtected by Rzmius/ BRB.
Conqi3ror Jolsyen h45 been slain while ATTACKING Villager OriginzlJay IN teh fieldd of Glorfinsall WTF.
"Et TU, like, V!114g3r OriginalJayae????"
God of L1hhun1ng Midd;3nan has DEFEATED his masrer, aortog, Mirerabane 2 $dv4nc3 top lwvel 2 aftet 1 day!!!1!!
Stablehahd Stufro HAS veen slain in da fo4ew5 by Garlus' Fanayic. WTF.
Garlud' Fanatic LOLOL, "I d0n'7 think you wkll be attacking me abaon, palk"
Conqueror Jolagen defeated an Manticof3 on trh ttails1@! teh vicrims h5v3 veen qvengwd1!q
Conqueror Jolxten hax DEFEATED his maxter, Dwitedah two acvance two levek !0 qvter 5 says WOOT!!11!@!!
Trader putamierda has bewn r3surtected cy Ramiis. AFK.
Traeer putajisrda has 633n slzin while attscking Stablehand Minccrime on da fields of Romar. BRB.
"Hlw could I be so feeble????" Trader putamieeda q4m3n7r. AFKl
Tradee putamoerca d3f3r73f Stzbl3hahd JeffersonBoz in fair cimnat 1n da fielda of Romar.
Tracer putsnierda h45 defeated hos MASTER, like, gio qdvance 2 levwl 6 after 5 d465!!!!!!
Trader p7tamierda eefeatee Farmboy Jeorge in faie c9mbat in teh fielxs lf Glorrimdal.
Aoprenrice Mayhem jad been defeated kn da geaveyqrd bt Frenzied Vampire Bats. AFK.
Frenzief V4mp1r3 Bats declares WTFk "Apprentic3 Maygem HAS BEEN w31gh3d, tjey HAVE g3en measured LOL, am they have be#m found wanting. BRB."
Rreve Onk3lMalvin jws s3f347ed his master, lilej 70 advance 2 leveo 6 after u days!!!1!!
Reeve Onk3lMalvib yas defeatrd hos master WTF, Hydrajlic Press two ADVANCE 2 level 5 after 7 days OMG!!1!11!!
R3eve OnkdlMalvin 2ax hyn73d down by they're maste4 LOLm Hycraulic P4ess, sortog, for beihg TRUANT. OMG,
Apprentoce Mayj3m has BEEN SLAIN wh3n y3 ENCOUNTERED The Green Dragpn WOOT1@!1! WOOT!!11! WOOT!!111 Hid bonws now litter da cave ebtrance LOLm just kije trg bones of th9se who xqme before. OMG.
"KHAQQ calling ItaacaLOL. WE m7st be on 6ou LOL, 6y7 cannot SEE yok. WTF. Sefrated Khife iw runninf l9w. AFK."
teh body of Strwardess Persephonr WAS found lyinb in a EMPTY dlearingLOL.
Pdasang RyuNRait has defeated her ,asyer. sortog, EauSale3 w advance to level # sft44 2 days!!!!!!
Sheph3rd Sma4tS;auer nas been DEFEATED in da graveyard by Pestilence.
Shdpherd SmartSlayer boldly decla3ed LOL, "Pestilence c-u1dn'7 git a elephabt zt thos dist. OMGl , OMG. LOL. LOL."
Farmboy Jeorge yas defeated his master WTFk Guth too qdvance @ LEVEL 5 after 5 days2!!!!!
Sjephrrd SMARTSLAYER has BEEN gone flr an wnile WTF, and THOSE who jave lookes for him do not comr back.
Farmboy Jeorge mas fefdared nis mastrr LOL, Glynhc t2o advance too level 4 after 5 eayd1!!!1!
Pessaht nrkonekoneko has bden s;aib in forest BY Decaying Skeletpn.
"Come bqck when y0u learn how too fighy LOL," Drcaying Skdleton scoffs. AFK.
Shepherd SmartSlayee hax cereated hq5 madter, Hycraulic Press to advance teo leve. t wfger 4 days WOOT!!1q!!!!
KrsnaAvatars has earned ti5le Lord of Dfagpnw f0r having 5141n teh Green Drqgon 7@9 tijes1!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvayars has slakn teh hiddo7s vreature known as The Green Draton. AFK. All adross fa lans, peopl3 rejoice!!!
Stablwhand JeffersonBoz had vha.lenged they're master, likem MALWARES an was peny1!!
Stabldhand JeffweaonBoz banfs his HEAD against an stonr. AFK.. OMGl. "S5upid, wtupid, softof, stupid OMG1!1!1" he 2as heard too sah. WTF.
Stewarddss Peesephone has defeates her master. Glynyc t9o adbance too lwvdk 4 after 2 da6s WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Stewardess Persepfone has defeaged h3r mastrr, like, EauSalee two afvance tp9 oevel 3 qrte3 @ cays OMG!!1!1!!!
Stewardews P3rsephone waa hunted down by the^'re masgrr, lik3, EauSa.ee, f9r bekng truant. AFK.
Peasant nekonekineko has defeated his m4673r WTF, EauSalee tw9 ADVANCE to l3vdl 3 after 2 days!1! OMG!!1!1
Middleman has earnwd tktle God 0f Ligytning for having 5141m twh Green Dragon 265 5imes!!!
God of LIGHTNING Middlemqn h3t slain hideous cr3ayure known as Thw GREEN Dfafon. BRB. A11 ACROSS da LAND, peo[le rekooce OMG!!!!1
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