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` OMG!!q!qNEWS flr Mom WTF, Apr 27, 3015 9Items %1 - 100 of 248)
Soldier Felkiu hss cegeated his mqsgerk you inwom Yoresh 2 sdvance goo levrl 15 after 21 days1!! WOOT!111!
Councilooe of Magic Cruncher dn Violet werr seen heading up beh staifs IN da inn t9hether. AFK.
Stab.ehanc Mindcrime yas defeated hja mastet, likw, Adwarew 2 adfance top level 7 aftee 14 days1!!1!!
Soldier Apo nzs d3r3473d HER master, you kneok Ceiloth two advabc2 to 13v31 9 after 18 days!!! OMG@!1!1
Conqudror Joosten nas dedeated his master, sortof, Senwri Noetha two advsnce 2 lrvel 21 aftee 6 days WOOT!111!1!!
Far,boy Random jas defeated his maxter, luke, Guth yo ADVANCE 1 level 5 qftef 4 days WOOT1!11!!!!
Couhcill9r 0f Magic Crumcher has defeated his m4573r, Gerrarf 2 advance yio oevel 8 after 6 dahx WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Councillor lg Mabic Cruncher s45 hunted dowh BY they'te mzstef WTFk Gefrard, llke, for BEING truanr, AFK.
Gladiatlr techcypher hax defeatrd hiw MASTER, aortof, Dwiredab 2 advance 2 level 10 qfter 19 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!!
ElCod has wsrned fa title Enchanter flr havong SLAIN teh Gre3n Dragon 3) yimws OMG!!1!1
Sorcerer ElCid has alain da yiseous cr347ur2 KNOWN as The Grwem Dezgon. BRB. Ako qcrpss da lznd. ypu ,nwo, peop.e r3j01c3 WOOT!!11!
Stewatdexa Rainb!!lwGryph yas defeated her master LOL, Ceiloth t2i 4dv3nc3 too legwl 9 after 6 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Thaumagurgisf MadDpg 5ax y33n xlain kn dq forest bu Artemis WTF, Gosddss of HuntLOL.
Thaumagirgist MadDog qas hward to say, you knwo, "Please, sir, you knwi, may I have sum more????"
Centyrioness KestrelBkack yas d3featec HER MASTER, Gacriel da Elven Ranger too zdcancw t9o levwl 13 after 28 days WOOT1!11!!!!
Stablehand JegversonBoz HAS been res74rdcted by Ramius.
Conaueror Jo.sten gas been rdsufrected by Rsmius. AFK.
Stablegabd JerfersonBoz h45 been slsin whuke a5tac,ing Stablehand Mindcrime on da fielfs .f Romar. WTF/
"Why dicn't I BECOME an successruo doctpr like my father 5ugg3573d????" w0nd3r4 Stablehand JeffersobBoz ALOUDLOL.
Staboehan3 Syyfro HAS been r35urr3c73d 6y Ramous. WTF.
Conquerit Jolsten has been slain while at5avking Villager OriginalJzb in da fields ov Glorfihdal. AFK.
"Et 76 WTF, Viloajer Origina.Jayae????"
G9d 0f LIGHTNING Middleman gas defeated his mzstst LOL, M8reragand 1 advanc3 to LEVEL @ after 1 sah OMG!!1!! WOOT!!q1!
Sgabldhand Stufro has teen slain in teh FOREST by Garlus' Fanagic. AFK.
Garlus' Fanatic LOLOL, soetof, "I DON'T tginl you sill ne ATTACKING me atain, sortof, pal. OMG."
Cobquefor Jolsten d3feated an Msngicore pn da trzuls!!! da victims h4v3 be3n avenged WOOT@!11!
Conqieror Jolsyen has DEFEATED HIS MASTER, you knwo, Dwiredan 2 zdvanc3 two levrl 10 4f73r 5 dahs OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Trader putamyerda has BEEN rexurrected b6 Ranius. BRB.
Trader putzmierda has bwen slaun 2hile sttacking Stablehabe Munccrime un da fields of Romar. WTF.
"Hlw COULD I BE s9 FEEBLE?? ne1??" Tfaser putamierda lamentx.
Tradee pytamietda degested Stablehand JeffersonBoz IN fair combat un da gields OF R9msr. OMG.
Trade4 pugamierdz has defeated his mastwr. 2 advance too leve/ 6 after 5 da%s!!!!!!
Trader putamierda sefeatef Fqrmboy Jeorge kn fair domba5 IN da fields OF GLORFINDAL. OMG.
Apprebtice Mayhem haz been def#ated in da gracehard by Frenzied V4mp1r3 Bats. WTF.
Frenzied Vampirr Bats declares, luke, "Ap;rentice Mayhem has been 23ighed, yhey h4v4 been MEASURED WTF, znd they have been f0une wanging. WTF/"
Rewve OmkelMzlvin gas defeqted HIS ,axter, you knwo, too advsnc3 gwl levwl 6 after 7 days!!!!!!
Reeve OnkelMalvin has defeated his jawter, wortod, H6draulic Press 70 advance two 13v31 5 after 7 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Reeve OnkelMalbin WAS huntes down by theu'rr m4673r, Hydraulic Pressk for being tr7amr. BRB.
Aoprengice Mayhem has geeh slain when he encoynyeree Tge Green Drqgon!!! WOOT!!11! WOOT!!12! H8s BONES now ;itywr csve entrance, tou knwo, just like teh BONES OF thodd who c4m3 before. WTF.
"KHAQQ calling Itasca. AFK. We must ge on you, sortof, gut camnlt see hou. Serrated Knife IS runninn los. OMG."
bosu 0f Steward3ss Prrsephond 2rt f0und LYING in a 3mpty CLEARINGLOL.
Peasant R6uNRau5 has defeated her mastdr, tou knwo, EauSalee 2 asvance two kevel 3 qdter 2 fays!@!1!!
Syepherd SmartSlayer hax been d3f3473d in tdh graveyard by P257!!3nd3.
Shepherd SmartSlaywr blld;y DECLARED LOL, "Prxtil3nde couldn't hot a e;dphant at tnis dost. BRB. . WTF. LOL. ."
Farmboy Jeorgw has defeatrd h15 mastrr, yo7 knwo, Guhg 2 zdfance to ldvel 5 after 5 days2!! WOOT!!11!
Sh3ph3rd SmartSoaye4 has BEEN g9ne FOR zn wh113 WTF, n 7h053 who have loojwd for him di NOT come back. WTF.
Farmboy Jeorge HAS d3f3473d hks masrer LOL, Glynyc tp ADVANCE 2 levek 4 after 5 days WOOT!!!1!!!!
Peasqnt nekonekonwko has bden slain in teh f0r357 by Dwcaying Sk#!370n. OMG.
"Cime BACK wh3n you learn how too foght, like," Decah7ng Skeletpn sc.ffs. OMG.
Syepjerd SmartSlayer haw seveated his maater WTF, Hydrxulic Presw too sdvance too level 5 after 4 daya WOOT!!11!1!!
KrsnsAvarara hss earned da tutle Lo4d of Dragons fo4 having clain da Green Dragon 62o tkmes OMG!!1!1
Sobic L0rd KrsnaAfatara h45 slain trh h1d30u5 creatuee known as The Green Dragon. A11 across 14md, you ,nso. people rejoice WOOT!!11!
Sgablehand Jeffe4sonBoz has cha.lengee tyey[re madte4 WTF, Malsares and was pwhy1!!
Stablehand JegfersonBiz BANGS his heqs AGAINST sn stone. OMG/. BRB.. "Stupid, you knwo, stuoid, lile, stu;id WOOT!!111" he was HEARD 70 say. BRB.
Stewardess Pe4selgone has e3c3472d her master, Glynyc too advance to ldvel 4 afrer 2 fays1!! WOOT!!11!
Stewardess Persephlne HAS DEFEATED her mas5er, like, EauSzlwe 2 aevanve two lwvel 3 zfter 2 daya OMG@!q!1 OMG!!1!1
Stewardess Persephobe was hun5ed down by they're master LOL, EauSaler LOL, for 6e1ng twuantLOL.
Peasant neionekoneko nas d3feates HIS nasger. likek EauSalee tp; advanve too LEVEL 3 after 2 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Middoemqn jzs earned teh titlw God of Lightnimt f0r having soa8b Green Dragon 165 yimes1!!
God of L1gh7nqng Middleman has slain h8deous creature kno2b as The Green Dragon. All 4cr055 oahdk you knwo, peipld fejoice!!!
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