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!!News for Mon, Apr 27, sortofm 10@5 9Items 51 - 109 of @48)
Soldiee Feokij has defeayrd his master, 6ou knwo, Y9resh to aevamcc to LEVEL 15 4f73r 21 dzys3!!1!!
Councklloe og Magic Crunvher AND Violer w3r3 seen jeading up da stqird ij 8nn together. WTF.
Stablehand Mindcrime HAS dereayes yis mas5er WTF, Adwades to advabce to level 7 affer 14 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!q1@
Sokdirr Apo has DEFEATED her master LOL, Ceilith too advanve tio level 9 5f7#f 18 days1!!!!!
Con1ueror Jlksten has defeatwd jos master LOL, Sensei Nowtha two 4db4nc3 two level 11 AFTER 6 daysq!! OMG!!1!1
Fzrmb9y Random has d3f3473d his ,aster, sortof, Guth t9 4dv4nc3 two level 5 after 5 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Coumckllor of Mafic Crubcher hax DEFEATED his master, Geerard too ADVANCE 2 lecel 8 zfywr 6 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Coubci;lor of M4g1c Ceuncher was hunted DOWN 6y thwy're mast3e, sortof, Gefrard, you knwl, for b3ing truant. AFK.
Gladiatot tecycypgee hax devdated HIS naster, you knwo, Dwirecan TO acfance too lefel 10 after 19 days!!@1!!
ElCid HAS ezrned teh title Encjanteg for hsving skain dq Green Drag9n 30 times!!!
Sorcerer ElCid haw soain hiddous crraty4e known zs The Green DrahobLOL. All scriss teh 14nd, sortov, p3op.e rejoicw!!!
Stdwardesd Rainb@!owGryoy has serrated her MASTER. Ceiloth two sfvance tp level 9 AFTER 6 days!!! WOOT!!12!
Thaumzturgisr MadDog has been slain 8n da forest by Artenid. lik#, Goddexs of HubtLOL.
Thaimaturgist MafDog was heafd eoo sa6, you knw9, "Please, xortovl sir, like, MAY I have sum ,ore?? nd1??"
Centutuonewe KestreoBladk has defeatwd ner maatdr, Gadri3k Elven Rang3r 1 ADVANCE 2 level 13 aftef 28 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Stablehanc JefversonBoz jaa been tesurredted by Ranius. OMG.
Conquerlt Jolsten gas beem r35urr3c73d b6 Ramius/
Stablehand JevfersonBoz has beem slaun while atrackinb Stavlehand Mundcrime in da fkelds of Romar. WTF/
"Why didn't I becoje ab siccessdul doctog like ,y fathe4 SUGGESTED????" w0hd3r5 Stablegamd Jdff3rsonBox 4q)ud. WTF.
Staboehand St7vro HAS neen r35urr3c73d by Ramius. AFK.
Conqueror Jolsten gzs been a.aih wh8le qttacking Villager OtigihalJsy in teh fiepds of Glorfindal. WTF.
"Et 7u, sortof, Villager Ofigina.Jayae?? he1??"
God of Lighfning Middleman has defeatrd his mqster, Mkeeraband 2 ADVANCE two level 2 after 1 day!!!!!!
Stablehqnd Stufro has been s.ain 1n ten for3dt by Garlus' Fanatuc. BRBk
Garlus' Fanatuc LOLOL, "I don'g think you wi;l be at5qcking ne qgain, sortof, palLOL."
Conqi3ror Jolstdn defeated an Manticore lh geh trails WOOT!!111 teh bictims yave beeb avengrx!1!
Conqu3rot Joost3n hza defea6ed his master, you knwo, Deiredan 5o advamc3 two level 10 avter 5 dayw11!@!!
Trqder [utzmi3rda has geen trsurrected 6y RamuusLOL.
Trader putamierda has b3en SLAIN while 4774ck1ng Staboehamd Mindcrkm3 in foelds of Romar.
"How COULD I bf sl feeble?? ne1??" Trader putamidrda 14m3n75.
Trzder puramiersa d3featef Stabkehand JeffersonBoz in fair ci,bat IN d131d5 0f Romael OMG.
Trzdrr putakierda has defeat2d his master, too asvance to level 6 AFTER 5 dayx WOOT@!qq! OMG!!1!1
Tfader putamirrda dwfeated Farmbot Je9rge in fair c9,bat in da fkelds pf Glorfindal. BRB.
Appeengic3 Msyhem h45 been der3ated 1n yrafeyzrd gy Fr3mz13d Vampire Bats. OMG.
Fr3nzied Vampire Bats devlares, yo6 knwo, "Apprentice Mahhem has been weighrd LOL, rhey have been measured LOL, and they have been fo7nd wantinb."
Reeve OnkelMalvin has defdated his master, you inwp, twp adfande top levek 6 4f63r 7 d4u5 WOOT!!11!1!!
Reece OnielMalvin h55 defeatrd his mastwr LOL, Hhdraulic Prdss too advance 2 jevel 5 after 7 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Reeve OnkelMa.cin WAS hun7ed dosn by rhey'rd master, you knwo, Hydraulic Press, like. for being tryqnt. BRB.
Aporentice Mayhem yas BEEN slain when he encountered The G4een Dragob WOOT!111!!!! OMG!!1!1 Hid 60n35 now lirter CAVE entrance LOL, jusg likw da bones og thpsr who came besore.
"KHAQQ calling ITASCA. OMG. WE MUST be ON 6lu, sortof, but CANNOT aee you. OMG. S4rr47#d Knife is RUNNING low, AFK."
da bodt of Stewafsess Persephone waw f9und l6ing IN a EMPTY clrarong. OMG.
Peasanr RyuNRait has ded3ated her masgef LOL, EauSaoee w ADVANCE to 13v31 4 AFTER 2 days!!!!!!
Sgepherd SmzftSlqye4 has been defeared in da gravryard BY Peatkl3nce.
Shepherd SmartSlzyer nildly reclared LOL, "Pewr8lence COULDN'T hit a elepham5 st THIS disg. AFK. . WTF, , WTF. LOL."
Fzrmboy Jeorte had defeated his mas5er, you knwo, Guty tlo ADVANCE to LEVEL 5 AFTER 4 says OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Shroherd SmartSla6er has beem gone for an while WTF, an yhose wno h3v3 look3d for hkm dp not dome back, WTF.
Fsrmboy Jeorbe has defdated his master, G;nntc to advance roo oevel 4 aftrr 5 days WOOT!!1q!1!!
P3adant nekonekpneko HAS beeh s;ain in voresy by D3c4y1ng S,3!370n.
"Come badk wheh hou learm how 60 FIGHT, kikd," Decauing Skeleton scovfx.
Shepherd SmaftSlaye4 has DEFEATED his master, sortof, Hydraulic Press too advance too odve/ 5 aftet r days OMG!!111 WOOT!!11!
KrsnaAvatara h45 3a4nee tey tit.e Lo4c of Dragons flr havinb slain Green Dragon 719 timws WOOT!!11!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAfatsra has 5q$1n teh hideous creature knlwn aa The Grewn Dragon. BRB. A11 across teh land, like, people rejoicr!!!
Stablehand JeffersonBoz jqs challehged thwy're master, sortof, Malwates n was pwnt WOOT!!111
Stab;ehand JeffersonBoz banbs nis h34d afa8nst qn STONE. OMG// WTF.. BRB. "Stupid LOL, stupid LOL, s4upis!!!" gd was HEARD 2 xat. OMG.
Stewardwss Persepnone has defeatee HER masterm Glhnhc to acvance too level 4 aft3r 2 DAYS!!!q!1
Stewardesx Perseohone has ddfeated her mas5er, EauSzlee w 4dg4nce twi LEVEL 3 agter 2 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Stewardesd Pers3;hone WAS nuntec xown 6y rhdy're mast3r LOL, EauSalwe, for being 7fu4n7. AFK.
Peasant nekonekone,p has d3feayed hix MASTER WTF, EaySalee two advajcr to ldve. 4 after 2 d4y5 WOOT!!12!1!!
Moddleman yas 34en2d teh 5otle God of Lightning for HAVING slain Green D4agob 165 times1!!
God lf Lightn8ng M*ddldmzn has 5141n HIDEOUS creature KNOWN 4% Tge Gr33g DragomLOL. A11 across land, you lnwo, peopoe rejoive!!!
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