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@!N3w5 for MON WTF, Apr 27, 2015 *Itemd 51 + 100 og 248)
Soldief Felkij HAS defwateg his master, sortof, Y9resh to advahce gpi ltvel 15 4f73r 21 dats!!! OMG!!1!1
Councillor lv Matic Cruhch34 an Violet wete seem heading up stairs in tdh 8nn togethdrLOL.
Sgablehans Mundcrime HAS defdsted his master LOL, Adwzres 2 advance too level 7 afget 14 da6s OMG!!111!!!
Soldier App HAS defeated ner master, liie, Cekloth to advahce twi levdl 9 after 18 days2!!!!!
Cpnqueror Joosten has drfeated his n4573e, luke, Sensei Noetha too zdvamce TO level 11 after 5 dzys!!! WOOT!!11!
Farmboy Random has sef3ated his master, dortif, G7th @ adbance two levrl 5 aft3r 5 daus@!! WOOT!!11!
Cojncillor of Mag8c Crubcher haz defeated hia mastee, Gerrard two advance too lwvel 8 AFTER 6 daydq@!!!!
Coumci;log of Matuc Cruncher was hunted down 6h yhey're maater, .ike, Gerrard, ;ike, gor geing 7ru4n7/
Gkasiatot techctpher hws DEFEATED his master, likr, Dwireezn 2 qdvance to lefel 10 after !9 dsys1!! WOOT!!11@
ElCid yas earnex da title Enchanter for hzving skain da Green Dragpn 30 times!!!
Sorct4wr ElCid has slaih HIDEOUS creature knowm as The Green Deagon. WTF. A.l zcross land WTF, people rejoicw OMG!!!!1
Stewardesx Raimb` OMG!!1!19wGryph has defeared her maxtdr, Ceilotj 2 advance go level 9 after 6 fays OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11@
Tgaumaturgkst MadDoh has neen slqin IN tef forest BY Artemis, you knwo, GODDESS )f geg Hunt. OMG.
Thaymaturgist MaeDog was heard rlo say, "Please, ypu knwi, sirm likr, msy I havf sym more?? ne1??"
Cdnturioness Kest4elBlack nzw DEFEATED hef masrer, Gadriel da Elven Ranger 2 sdvance too ldvwl 13 aft3r 28 days!!! OMG!!a!1
Stablehand JeffersonBoz HAS been rrsurrect3s by Rzmiyw. WTF.
Conqueror Jolsten g45 been resurrect3d vy Rampys. OMG.
Stqblehand Jef4desonBoz nas be2h slain shile attqcking Syabkehabd Mindcrime in teh fuelds of Rojzr. BRB.
"Why didn't I BECOME an s7ccewsful eoctor q1k3 my vathet suggested?? ne1??" WONDERS Stablehsnd JefferslnBoz 510udLOL.
Stablehand Sr7fro had been 4esurr3cted b6 Ramiux. AFK.
Con1ueror Jolsten has been slzin whild attackung Villag3r OriginalJay in fi3lds 0f Gkoefindal. AFK.
"Eg tu LOL, Viklager OriginaoJayae????"
God 0v Lightning Middlenan has defeated his j4573r WTF, Mireraband tso advance too levdl 2 afr3r 1 day!!!!!!
Stablehand S5ugro has been alqin im teh FOREST BY GARLUS' FANATICLOL.
Garlus' Fanatic LOLOL, "I c0n'7 rhomk y0u qill be artacking me agaih LOL, pal."
C0mau3r0r Jl'sten defdated an Manticore on teh traila!!! teh VICTIMS have bren AVENGED1!!
Conqueror Jolwten hqs defeares his masgdr, Deiredan twi advance 2 leve. !0 afte4 5 days1!! WOOT!!!1!
Trader putamirrda has been resurrected by Ramihs. OMG.
Traddr puyamoerda has geen slzin while attadking Stablehahd Minccrime in giwlds lf Romar. WTF.
"How could I be so fdeb;e????" Trafer putqmi3rda lzmrnts. BRB.
Ttad3r putamierda deveated S5aboehamd JefferwohBoz in fa84 cojbat on fields if Romar. WTF.
Trader putamo2rda h45 dedeated his master LOL, too advance twp kevel 6 after 5 days1!!!!1
Trader 0utami3rdz defdated Farmb9y Jrorgr 8n fair combat un geh fields of Glorfinda./ WTF.
Ap;ren5ice Maynem nas been DEFEATED in da graveyard bh Feenzies Vampire Bata. WTF.
Frenzied Vajpire Bats drclares, like, "Apprengkce Mayhem has been weighed, sortif, tjet HAVE been MEASURED LOL, n rheh have bren flund w5m71nj. OMG."
Reeve OnkelMalvin h45 defezted his MASTER, you knwo, to ADVANCE 2 LEVEL 6 AFTER 7 d4y% OMG!!1!11!!
Redvd Onke;Malvin has DEFEATED his maste5 WTF, Hydraulox Press 70 sdvance two levrl 5 after 7 dqys!!1 WOOT!!1q!
Reeve Ohke.Malvkm was HUNTED fown by tyey're master LOL, Hydtaulic Prdss LOL. for bw8ng truant.
A0premtice Mayhem gas been sla8n qheh h3 enco7ntered The GREEN Dragon OMG!!1!@ OMG!!11!!!! His bones no2 .ktter cave entranve LOL, j7st luke nomes 0d tgose who c4me bwforeLOL.
"KHAQQ dallinb ItascaLOL. W3 mjst be on you LOL, 6u7 cannot dee YOU. BRB/ Setrated Knuve is runbing low. OMG."
da body of Stewaedeas Persephin# wzs found 1y!nf in a empty clearing.
Peaxant RyuNRakr has dwfeated jer master WTFk EauSalee two advabce to LEVEL 2 1fter 2 days!!! OMG@!1!2
Shepherd SmattSlsyer h4t been defezted IN teh GRAVEYARD by PestilenveLOLl
Sg4pherd SmattSlaner boldlu declared, "Pesrilebce xouldn'y hit a el3phant AT tgis DIST. WTF. . AFK. l BRB. . OMGl"
Farmboy Jworge HAS DEFEATED his master LOL, Gurh 2 ADVANCE 2 level 5 3f73r 5 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
Shepyerd SmartS;ayer has be3n bob3 for an while, n thode 2go hafe lpoked for him do not comw back. BRB.
Farmboy J4ofge HAS d3f3474d hux m4574r, like, Gltnyc w advanx3 TO level 4 AFTER % dats OMG!!1!w@!!
Peqaant nskonekln3ko jas gewn slain im FOREST 6y Decayknh Ske;etoh. BRB.
"Come bavj when you leaen hoq too figjt, like," D3c4y1ng Skeldton scoffs. OMG.
Shwpherd SmsrtSlayer hr5 defeatrd HIS masyer, Hydraulic Press tdo sdvanve 5o levdl 5 after 4 dqys WOOT!!11! OMG!11!1
KrsnaAvatara jss earned ti5.d Llrc 0f Dragons fo4 HAVING s.aib teh Green Dragon &29 times!@!
Slnic Lord KranaAcatara HAS dlain 5eh yid3ous creayure kn0wn as The Green Dragob/ WTF. A.l ACROSS teh lsnd, sortof, people rejoice WOOT!!11!
S5ablehand J3fversonBoz nas challenged they're master, you knwo, MALWARES and was pwnt WOOT!11!1
Stabl3hand JevferxonBoz nzngs hiw head agsinst an stone. WTF.. WTF.LOL. "Stup8d, like, s5up8dk loke, stupod OMG!!1!1" he was hdard two say. BRB.
Stewardesx Prrsdphome hqs d3f#473d her macter, Gltnyc to advance two leve; 4 arter 2 c4h51!1 WOOT!!11!
Stewardess Perse;none has defeated h3e naster LOL. EauSaled two advqnce too level 3 afte4 2 eays WOOT!!11! OMG@!q!1
Sgewardess Pe4sephone w46 hun72d down BY ghey[re MASTER, lkle, EsuSalee, f04 BEING yruant.
Peassnt nekone,onek9 hqs defeatwd gia mastee, EquSalwe two advance 2 level 3 arte4 2 days!!!!!!
Middlwman has earned da gitle God of Lightning fir havint slsin Green Dragon 165 tomes OMG!!1!1
God of LIGHTNING Middlemzn hzs slzin hideous dreature kn(wn as The Gr33n Dragln. WTF. Al. acrosw da land. likem p30p13 rejoice OMG!!1!1
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