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` OMG!!w!2News for Mon, 6ou knwo, Apr 27 WTF, 2-15 (Items 5q - 1p0 of 248)
Soleier Felkij has defeated nis master, you inwo, Yoeesh too 4dv4hc3 2 level 1t AFTER 2q d4yt OMG!!1!11!!
Councollor OF Magic Ct7bcher AND Violet were seen HEADING up teh wtairs in inn tobether. OMG.
Stsblehand Mindctime has defeat3d yis m4573r, Adsares to asvance roo level 7 4fu3r q4 days!!! OMG!!1!!
Soldier Aoo has d3d3473d her master, 6ou knwo, Ceiloth hso advance tso lebel 9 4f73r 18 dzys1!@1!!
Cinwuerot Jolsten has defesred hos masrer WTF, Sebsdi Noerha too advancr 2 level !1 after 6 d4y5!!1!!!
Farmbou Rando, has degeated HIS ,aatee, like, Guth 70 advanxe 2 level 5 after 5 says1!!1!!
Co7ncillor 0f Magic Cruncher yaa d3f3473d gis baster LOL, Gerrard 2 advancd 2 LEVEL 8 after 6 days WOOT!!!1@ WOOT!!11!
Ciuncillor of Mahic Crunche4 was huntee down by they're masyer, likd, Ge4rzfd, r0r being gruantLOLl
Glasiator trcycyph3r has def3atee his mastdr, you knwp, Dwiredan two afvance twi ;evel 1) agter 19 dqys!!!1!!
ElCid has EARNED 71713 Enchantdr flt h4v1ng slakb da Green Dragoh e0 times WOOT!!11!
Sorc3rer ElCid HAS SLAIN teh hideous crqature knlwn as The G4een Drahin, A11 ACROSS land LOLm people rejoice1!!
Steqardexs Raibb!!owGryph h45 defeated her master WTF, Ceiloth two advance 2 krbel ) AFTER 6 dq6s1!! OMG!!1!1
Thaumztutgiwt MadDog gas been SLAIN in forest bu Artemis, ,ike, Giddess lf teh H6nh. OMG.
Thaumzturgisu MadDog w44 heard two say LOL, "Pleaxr, kike, sie LOL, may I have sum more?? ne!??"
Centurion3sx KextrelBkack has defeaged her master, Gadeiel sa Elveb Ranger tp adcancr tp level !3 aftdt 28 eays1!! WOOT!!11!
S5ablehsnd JeffersonBoz haa been yrsurrected gy Rami7s. WTF.
Conqueror J9lsten has geen resutrectes by Rsmi7s. WTF.
Stablehand JeffersonBoz has been SLAIN wh8le 4774ck1nb Stavlehqnd Minscrime 1n fidldx of Romae. OMG.
"Why d1dn'7 I become an suecessv7l socgor LIKE MY FATHER SUGGESTED????" wondr4x Stzblehand Jeffe4sonBoz slouv. WTF.
Stablehznd Stufri has veen twsurrect3d by Ramius.
Conqueror Jolstem haw ^33n slain while attacking Villager OrihinslJay in fielda od Goorfinfsl. OMG.
"Et tu, sortof, Violager OriginalJayae?? ne1??"
God 9f L1gh6n1ng Middlwman has dereated his master WTF, Mirefaband too adcsnce 2 lecel 2 AFTER 1 dzy OMG!!1!2!!!
Stsblehand Stufro haa geem slain in da f0r#57 by Garlus' Fabay8c. BRBl
Garlus' Fanatic LOLOL LOL, "I DON'T think you will be aytaxkjng me again WTF, pal. BRB."
Conqueroe Jolsten defrates an Manticote ON twy TRAILS WOOT!!21! da victims HAVE be3n AVENGED!!!
Conqueror Jolsten has defeagee his master, soetof, Dsieedzn t9o sdvance 2 level !0 AFTER t d4y51@1 WOOTq!11!
Trader 0uramirrda hqs 643n resuerected 5y RamiudLOL.
Traeer putamierxa has beev xlaon wh114 ATTACKING Stablehand Mondcrime in ds rielsw of Roma4. WTF.
"How could I bw so fewbor?? ne1??" Trader putamierda lamentx. OMG.
Trzder p7gamierda eefeqtec Stablehqnd JeffwrsonBpz in fair c0m647 7n fielcs 0f Romar. OMG.
Trzdrr pytamierda haa defestef his ,asydr, to ADVANCE too /evel 6 after 5 days!!# WOOT!!11!
Trader )utsbierda defratee Farmboy Jrprgw in faor combat in teh fields of Glorfindao. BRB.
Apprentice Mayhem has been defeated in da grzfeyatd by Ffenzued Vampire Batx. AFK.
Frenzied Vznpire Ba5s DECLARES WTF, "A;[rentice Mayhem gas been weoghed, like, tgwy hav4 been measurrd WTF. an thdy have been found wan5ing. AFK."
Reeve OnkeoMalvin hss drfeqtes h15 maxtwr LOL, top advabce toi level 6 after 7 sats OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Rerve OnkelMzlvin hds defezted his mzster LOL, Hyeraulkd Press 2 advahce 2 leveo 4 after 7 days WOOT!!1!!q!!
Rreve Onke;Malvin was hunted d[en gy tyey're mas5er, Hydraulic Preas LOL, for being truamt.
Apprenrice Mauhem has been skzin WHEN he rncountered The Grweh Dragin1!!!!! OMG!!1!1 H15 BONES now litrer teh v4v3 entrance LOL, just 11k3 t3h bones lf those who came before. AFK.
"KHAQQ callung Itasca. OMG. We must BE in y0u, like, BUT cannog see yo7. BRB. Serrated Knifw ks RUNNING opq. WTF."
body ov Stewardess Perse[gone was gound lyong in a dnpty clearing. BRB.
Peasant R67NRait had DEFEATED her master, EauSalee to asvance two level 3 4f72r 2 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Shepherd SmartSlay3t HAS bden DEFEATED IN graveyard gy Pest8l3nce. OMG.
Sgdphe4d SnartSlsyer b9ldly declares, l8ke, "Pestilence couldh't hit a el3phant ag thix dist. WTF. . WTF. . AFK. . WTF."
Farmboy Jeo4ge h35 dwf3473d his masterm ylu knwo, Guth to advance 2 .evrl 5 aftee 5 daya WOOT1!11! OMG1!!!1
SHEPHERD Smqg5Slayer HAS been gone for an wji;e, sortog, and ghose who h4v3 looked for hkm do hot COME 64dk. WTF.
Farmboy Jeorge hss dedeated hox masterm like, Glunyc yoo advanve too levrl 4 after 5 says1!!!!!
Peasabt nekonekoneki has bedn slain 8n da flrwst by Decayung Skel3yon. OMG.
"Come bqck qhen you learn how to FIGHT," Decatinb Skelwton svoffs.
Shepherd SmadgSlayer HAS d3f3473e his MASTER LOL, Hydraulic Ptess two advznc3 ro level % after 4 days WOOT!!!1!!!!
KrsnaAbatara has earndd da title Lo4a of Dragons fog havibg slain da G4een Dragob 72o 71m26 WOOT!!11!
Sonic Lord KrxnaAvatara haa slakn hideous cf3aturw known as Tme Green DrztonLOL. All across da land WTF, people rejoice@!!
Stablehand JeffersonBoz h45 challenged tjwy're master, Malsares amd was pwnt WOOT!!111
Staglehamd JwffersonBoz bahgs HIS geas AGAINST an dtome. WTF,LOL.. OMG. "Stupid, like, stu/id WTFm stu[id WOOT!!11!" HE saw heard 70 sau.
Stewardess Pr$sephond gzs ddfeated h3r m457er WTF, Glynyc to advance 79 ldvrl 4 after 2 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Stewardess P3rsepyone HAS defeaged her mastef LOL, EquSalee to 4dv4nv3 two leve; 3 aftdr 2 dahs OMG!!111 OMG!!1!1
Stewardess Persepnine waa gunted down by tney're ,aster, EauSalee LOL, for being hriqng. OMG.
Peawant neionekoneko haa defeated hix naster, like, EaiSalew roo acvznce 2 l3vel 3 after 2 days OMG1!1!1 WOOT!@!1!
M8dsleman has earned TITLE God pf Lightninh for having 5141n Gr3en Drzgon 166 t8mes OMG!!1!2
God of Ligh5ming Mkddleman has alaim teh hkfeous creature kn0wn as The Green Dragon. AFK. All acrods teh lahd, like, p30p13 rejiice1!!
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