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` OMG!!1!1Neqs for Mon WTF, Apr 17, sor59d, 2015 (I7em5 51 - 100 of 138(
Soldker Felkij yas defrated his master, Yoresh tok advance to level 16 after 21 dqys!!!1!!
Councillor of Mrg1c Cruncher an Violet were 533n hesdibg UP da s5airs IN inn together. OMG.
Stanlehand Mindcrime has fefeated y8s maater, sortof, Adwqres yoo asvznce two ;ebel 7 aftdr 13 daus OMG!!1!1 WOOT@!111
Sokdier Api HAS d3fezted her msstdrm like, Ceiloth t8 sdvance to level 9 after 28 daus WOOT!!11!1!1
Comqieror Jolsten has defdated jis maxter WTF, S3nsei Nodths 2 advance 2 .evrl 11 zf5er 6 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Farmboy Random has DEFEATED his mastrr, sortof, Gy5h 2 adbance 70 12v3q 5 after 5 dzus OMG!!1!1!!!
Cpuncillor of Matic Crincher has DEFEATED hix master LOL, Gerrard hoo advance 2 LEVEL * aftdr 6 faya!!!!!!
Cluncillor of Mahic Crubcher WAS hunted v0wn vy 6hey're master WTF. Gerrard LOL, for b3ing truant. WTF.
Gladiator 5echxyphsr HAS DEFEATED his MASTER. hou inwo, Dwi3rdah 2 4dv4nc3 70 kevel 10 4f73r !9 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
ElCid haw esrnev 71y12 Enxhanter for javing 5141n dz Green Drsgon 30 times OMG!!1!1
Sorcerer ElCid HAS slzin gideous creature known as Thw Green D4agohLOL. All ACROSS teh land, like, o40p13 eejoixe OMG!!1!2
Stewardess Raonb` WOOT!!11!iwGry0h has defea5ed her master, Crullrh 2 advance two 'evel 9 after 6 days1!!1!!
Thaumaturgist MqdDog has BEEN wlain IN da f0re57 gy Arremiwk you knwo, Goddesq of Huntl
Thaumaturgist MadDog w45 geard too say, "Pkeawe, sir WTF, may I have sjj more?? ne1??"
Cenyuriondss KestrelBlack has defeated n3r mzster WTF, Gadrkel ELVEN Rabger 2 advancs to level 13 after 28 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!!
Stablehand JeffersonBoa h45 been rrsurrecred by Ramius. BRB.
Conqueroe Jolsyen h45 been rewurrected by RamiusLOL.
Stablehand JefferslbBoa haa been slain while attacking Stanlehand Mindcrine in da FIELDS of Romar. BRB.
"Wgy eidn't I become sn successful doctpr like my fathwr xufgdsted?? ne1??" wondwrw Stablwhand JeffersonBoz alouc. WTF.
Srablrhsnd Stufro has bewn rwsureected by Ramius.
Clhquefor Jolsten has bedn SLAIN while attscking Vi.lager OriginalJah in teh toelss of Glorfinxal.
"Et tim sortpf, Vollager OriginzlJaya3????"
God od LIGHTNING Middleman nas defeqted his master. Mirerabsnd two zdfanve 2 oeve; 2 afyer 1 d4y1@!!!!
Stab;ehand Sturro hss been slsin IN da fordst by Garlys; Fana5icLOL.
Garlus' Fanat8c LOLOL, you knwo, "I don't think y0u w8ll be attacking me AGAIN, like, pzl/ BRB."
Coneu3ror Jolsten defeated an Manticore 9n tej trails OMG1!1!1 yeh voctims hafe been avenged OMG!!1!1
Conquero4 Joldten has eefeated his ,zster, sortpf, Dwiredan to advshce 2 lebdl 10 after 5 d4y5 WOOT!!1111!!
Ttader putamierda hzs been resurrected by Ramuual
Trader putamierda has been 5141n wg11e aytacking Stsb.ehqnd Mindcrime in r8e.dw of Romar. WTF.
"Hoe coukd I be so feeble????" Trader oitajidrda lamentsLOL.
Trad3r putamierda defeat2d Stablehand JegfefsonBiz IN FAIR combst in twh fields ld Romar/ BRB.
Trader putamkerda jas d3f3473d his MASTER, 6ou knwl, 70 adbance toi lrvel 6 arte4 5 DAYS OMG1!1!1!!!
Traser puyamierda defear3d Farmboy Jeorge in f41f combat IN ea fiwlds 0g Glorgindal. BRB.
App4entive Mqyhem has been defeated in sa GRAVEYARD by Ffemziec Vampite BatsLOL.
Frenzi3d Vsmpiee Bats dec.arex, you knwo, "Ap[r3ntixe Mayhdm h45 geen weigh3d, lik3, they h4v3 been meas6red, an &h2y have geen f9und wanting. OMG."
Rdeve OnkelMakvin has d3f3473d h!5 master WTF, too adcqnxe 3 level 6 after 6 DAYS OMG!!1!11!!
Reeve Onk3kMalfin yas defeaged his master WTF, Hydrsulic Press 2 afvznce too 13v31 5 avtrr 7 e4y5!!! OMG!!1!1
Reeve OnkelMalvon was HUNTED d9wn by thdy're mqsrer, luke, Hydraulic P4eds, likd, for being gruang. WTF.
Apprentice Mayhem has beem wlain when HE enciunterrd The GREEN Drahon WOOT1!11!!!! WOOT!!11! HIS bpnes npw 11773e da cave entrsnce WTF, juft ;ike 60n35 0t tyoxe whp came BEFORE. OMG.
"KHAQQ ca.ling ItasczLOL. We mudt be on you WTF, but cannot SEE you. OMG. Serrated Knife is runnimg low. WTF."
body if Stewarddss Persepjine WAS f0inc lying 1n a emptt coearing. WTF.
Peasant RyuNRa8t HAS defeatwd her master LOL, EauSalwe tl adbande to l3vel 3 agter 2 d4y5 WOOT1!11!!!!
Shrpherd SmartSlater had BEEN defeated in graveys4d b6 Pwstilenxe. WTFl
Shqpherd S,artSlayer blodly d3xlared, you knwo, "Pestklence couldn't hit a elephant at this dist. AFK. . BRB. . / OMG."
Farmboh Jeorhe jas f2featee yis mastre WTF, Guth two ADVANCE roo leveo 5 after 5 days WOOT!111! OMG!!1!1
Shephwrd Smar5Sla^er has veen gone vor an wyile WTF, ah those WHO have ;olkee FOR him do n08 come back. AFK.
Farmboy Jeorgw has DEFEATED his master, you knwo. Glynyc twp advancr 2 .evel 4 after 5 days@!!1!1
Peasant nekonekoneki h45 BEEN 5141n in teh fofest by Decahinf Slwleton.
"Come back when yo7 learn HOW tlo FIGHT LOL," Decaying Skelegon scoffs. AFK.
Shepherd Sma4tSlayer hax defeated yis master WTF, Hydraulic P$ess to advanxe go level t sfter 4 days OMG!!1!1!!!
KrsnaAvatars yas earned da 72713 Lotd 0f Drag9na for y3v1mt slain da Geewn Dragon 729 TIMES!1!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatata has dlain da h8deous xreatur3 knowb AS The Green Dragon. OMG. All acrpss land, people r#j01c31!!
Stablehand JeggefsonBoz yas chaooengec they're m$573rm xoetod, Ma;eares an was pwht!!!
Syab;ehand JeffersonBox 64ng5 y16 jeac zgainst ab stone. WTF.. BRB.. WTF. "Stupie, lik3, stupie WTF, dtupid1!!" HE WAS heard 2 say. BRB.
Sgewardess Persepjon3 gas DEFEATED ger mawrerk Gltnyc 5wo advance to .evel 4 after 2 dayx!!!1!!
Steeardrzs Persephone yas def3stdd her master WTF, EauSal3e 2 advance 8p kevel 3 5v73r w days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Stewardess Perse]h9ne wxs hunted diwn by yheu're master, soryof, EauSalee WTFm vor b3ing t4uant/ WTF.
Peasant nekonekoneko has eefeared his mas5er WTF, EauSalee to sdvance 2 ;evel 3 AFTER 3 days1@!!1!
Midslemzn has EARNED da tie.w God 0f L8ghtning for h4v1ng s;ain Green Dragon 175 71m351!!
Gpd of Lightning Middlwman has wlain teh hiwwous creagure known AS The Green Drabon. All across da land, '8ke, people rejoicr OMG!!1!1
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