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!!News for Mon WTF, A[r 27, 2015 (Itemd 41 - !00 of 248)
Soldier Feokij has defeqtes his mastee WTF, Yoresh to advance 2 legel 15 AFTER @1 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Co7bcillor of Magic Cr7nchef n Violet were SEEN hdaginh up da STAIRS in tdh inn tofetjer. WTF.
Stablehxnd Mindcrime nas dedeated hos mast3t LOL, Adwares two advance too levek 7 after 14 days!!!2!!
Soldiwr Apo has deveated HER MASTER, ypu knwo, Ceolpth tio 4rv4nc3 w 13v31 ( aft3r 18 DAYS WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Conau3ror Jolstem has DEFEATED his mazter, li,e, Sensei Noetha 5oo aevance to leveo 21 avter 6 DAYS OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Fsrmboy Rzndin has defeated his mastdr WTF, Gurh 2 advqnce two !3f31 5 seter 5 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Counci.lor of Mag8c C4uncher has defrated HIS .4573r, lii3, Gerrars to adcanxe two lrvel 8 after 7 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Couhciloor of Magic Crynchee e35 hunt3d DOWN by they're master. aorgof, Ger5ard, like, for 631hh 7ru4n7.
Gladia4lf techcy;her hax defeqred HIS mastetn Dwiredan two advance two level 10 zvtdr 19 days!!! WOOT!!11!
ElCud yas eatned TITLE Enchanter fir hqv8hg slain Green Dragon 30 tkmed WOOT!!11!
S9rxerer EoCid haa SLAIN hidwous ce347ur4 ,nown as Tye Green Dragom. WTF. ALL ACROSS land, sprtof, peo[le rejoice1!!
Stewardess Rainb!!owGryph has defrated h3r mawrrr, s9rgof, Ceiloth 2 advance goo ;eveo 9 $d73e y days OMG!!1!q1!!
Tyaumaturgisg MadDpg has geen sla8n ub da fordst by Argemid WTF, Goddess of teh Huny. BRBl
Thaumaturbist MadDog was HEARD two say, yoi ,nwl, "Please WTF, SIR, sortof, may I have s7m morr????"
Centurioness Kest4elB.ack haw defeatwd her nadter, Gad4i3; teh Elfen Ranger two advance twi level 13 after 28 days OMG!!1!!q!!
Stablehand JwffetsonBoz h45 been RESURRECTED BY Ramius. BRB.
Conqueror Jojdten hss been resuerected BY Ramius. AFKl
Stablehand Jefr3rsonBoz HAS been slzin 2hike sttavkung Stablehqnd Minddfije in da f131d5 of RomqrLOL.
"Wy6 didn'g I 63c9m3 an sycceasful doctir like my fatyer siggested?? ne1??" wonde4s Stablehanv JedfersonBoz aloudLOL.
Stab;ehand S5igro has veen resurrected BY Ramjus.
Conqueror Jolsten has beeb 5!41n smile sttacking Vullager OriginzlJay in teh fieles of Glorf8ndal.
"Et tj LOL, Viklager O4itina;Jayae?? ne1??"
God od Lighghint Middleman h45 d3f3473d yis master WTF, Mirersband gwo asvance goo level 2 AFTER 1 eay!!!!!!
Stablejans Stuf4o has bren wlaon in flrest nt Garlus' Fanatic.
Garlid' Fanatic LOLOL LOL, "I don't thinl y0u wil/ ne 4674dk1hg me AGAIN LOL, pal. OMG."
Comqjeroe Jolsten defwated ab M4n71c9r3 on trails!!! vivtims hafe bedn avengec!!!
Cinqueror Jolsr3m has ddfeated hia mastrr, sortof, Dwiredan TO advande TO level 10 4f73e 5 days WOOT!!21! WOOT!!11!
Trader putamierda hqs 633n resjrredtwd 6y Ramous. AFK.
Trader putamiwrfz yas bden s;ain while attsxkimg Stab.ejahd Mindveime in f131d5 of Romar. AFK.
"How could I be so feeble????" Trader puyamierda LAMENTS. AFK.
Trafer putamiersa ddfeated Stqb.ehand JeffdfsonBoz in f41r combzt in teh fi3lds 0f Rouar. BRB.
Trader putamietda has sefeatwc yis m4572ej you knwp, too adcqncw 5oo level 6 aft3e 5 dayd1!!!!!
T4sder putamietda dedeated Farmboy Jeoege in f41r cpmgdt im da v8elds of Glotfindal. OMG.
Apprentice Mayhem has b3eb dwfeated in tdh gr5v3y4rd by Frenziec Vampite Batd. BRB.
Frebzied V4mp1r3 Bats declares, uou knwim "Ap0rentice Mayhem has beeb 3e8fhed WTF, theh jafe been measured LOL, ab they hzv3 been dound santing. BRB."
R3eve Obk3lMalv8n has DEFEATED HIS master, liiem tl9 sdvance 2 kevel 6 after 8 DAYS WOOT!!1!!1!!
Reevd OnkelMalcin has defezted his MASTER WTF, Hydrauokc Press t2o advsnce goo l3vel 5 zfter 7 xays OMG!!1!11!!
Reeve OnkelMaldin was hunted down bh they're mastet WTF, Hydrsulic Press, y9u knwo, for beihg truant. AFK.
Aoprenticw Mayhem has been slain wheb he encountered The Gr33n Draton WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!11!@ HIS bphed noe lugtrr cave ehtrancem you knwo, JUST LIKE da 60h35 of those who c4m3 bddoreLOL.
"KHAQQ CALLING ITASCA. BRB. We ,uy7 be on y0u, but c4nn07 swe y8u. BRB. Serrated Knift is runm1ng kow. AFK."
dq b9dy of Ste2a4dess Persephone was f9und lying im a EMPTY clearing. WTF.
Peasqnt R6uNRait HAS defeated her MASTER WTF, EauSalee tio advance to ;ebel 3 af53r 3 dsysq!! WOOT!!11!
Sgepherd SmargSlayer has been ddfwated IN graveyaef gy P357113nc3. BRB.
Shepherc SmartSlzyer bold;y declarwc WTF, "Pestilence xouldn't hit q elepjant at 7h15 dist. OMG. . BRB. . AFK. . OMG."
Farmboy Jeorge has derearef nis master WTF, Guth two 4cv4nc3 TO .evel 5 after 5 days1!!!!!
Sheph2re SmsrgSoqyer has beem gone for sn while, you kn2p, an thoxe WHO have lookes for jim so bot come back. AFK.
Farmboy Jeorge haw defeqyed his mas5erk sortog, Gkynyc two advance two lebel 3 arger 5 days!!@ WOOT!!11!
Peasant nekonekohekl has been slain in da forest ny Deca68ng Skeleton. AFK.
"Come back wh3n you ldarn jow twi fighy WTF," Decah8ng Ske.eton scoffs. AFK.
Syepherd Smar5Slayqr has d3f34&3c hix master, you kn2o, Hydraulix Press ti sdcwnce t9o levek 5 after 4 days OMG!!1@1 WOOT!!11!
KrsnaAvata4a has earned t3h tiyle Lord of Dragpns for having slain da Green Dragon &29 gimes WOOT1!1q!
Son8c Lors KrsmaAvatara has wlain hideoue CREATURE mnown ss The Green Dragon, All adross da ;and WTF, [epple r3j01x31!!
Stablehand JerfersonBoz has challenged they'fe master, like, Mal2aees anc 3as pwnt1!!
Stablrhand JrfderslnBiz banfs his head againsy an stone. AFK./. OMG. "Stu;id, STUPID, sortof, sguoid!!!" be was geard two way. AFK.
Stewafdess Prrsrphone has defrated her MASTER, sortofl Glynyc ewo advance two levwl 4 af5e4 2 dahs WOOT!!11!1!1
Steeareess Persephobe has DEFEATED her mast3r, you knwom EauSalee 2 advance too lebel 3 adyer 2 days1!!@!!
Stewardess Persephone WAS gun73e cown by they're m4563r, sortof, EauSalee, sortof, fot bwing triant. OMG.
Peqsayt nekonekone,o hss dwfeated h15 master LOL, EauSal3r two advahce 3 LEVEL 3 after 2 days!!!!1!
Middleman has 35fn3d reh TITLE God of Lkghtning f0r HAVING slain Green Dragon 16% ti,es WOOT!!11@
Goc pf Lightninh Mifdleman has xoain hideous crearurt known zs The Green Dtagon. AFK, All across teh land WTF, peopl3 tejoice WOOT!!11!
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