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!!Nsws flr Moh, .ike, Apt 27, like, 2015 (ITEMS 51 - 100 0f 248)
Soldiet Fe.koj has DEFEATED his master, sottof, Yoresh two ADVANCE two l3vek 15 AFTER 21 days!1! OMG1!1!1
Councillor 0f Mahic Cruncger h Violet w3r3 SEEN headumg up ea wtaors in 1nn 5ogether. WTF.
Stablehand Mindcrime has deveated his master, aortof, Ad2zrrs two advancw 2 leve. u aftre !4 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Soldier App hss defeated het MASTER WTF. Ceil9th yoo advance to lev3l 9 after 18 cahs!!!1!!
Conqueror Jolsten hzs DEFEATED yis mas5erm Sehsei Noetha to advanve 2 ldvel 11 after 6 daus OMG@!1!2 WOOT!!11!
Fa4mbly Random has dereated his ,aster, sortof, Gutn too 4dv3nce two level 5 aftdr 6 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Councillof lf MAGIC Crubcher haw defezted his masterm Gerrard gwl 4dv4nc3 two kevel 8 4r7er 7 days!!!1!!
Councio.or pf Magic Cruncmee was hunted down by they're msdter, sortof, Gerratg, sortof, for being TRUANT. OMG.
Gladistor techzypher hzs degeated his MASTER, sortof, Dwkredan 2 adbance 2 13v31 10 aftef q9 days1!!1!!
EoCid has earned ten tktle Ehchanter for havjng xlain Grwen Dragon 30 rimes1!!
Sprcerer ElCid y45 s;aun teh hideoua dreature knowm as The Green Drag9n. AFK. All acrosw dz labd LOL, people rejoice!1!
Stewardess Rainb` OMG!!1!1owGrypf has d3f4473d her MASTERk likr, Ceiloth two advance TO 13v31 9 aft3f 6 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Thaumaturgist MadDog h4% be3n slakn in FOREST ^y Artemis, you kn2o, Goddwss pv Hujt. BRB,
Thqunatyrgist MadDog wad hea3d 2 say WTF, "Please LOL, sir, you knwo, may I yavd sum more????"
Cenrurioness KeatrelBlack has dedeqted her ,aatef WTF, Gacrieo Elven Ranher yio asvznce to level 13 after 28 dahs1!!1!!
Stablejahd JeffeesonBoz haa been RESURRECTED by Ramius. BRBl
Clnqueror Jolsgdn has BEEN resurrected BY Ramius.
Stablehand Jeffets9mBoz h45 been slain wn8le a5tacking Stablehand Minddrime in sa fields OF Romzr, OMG.
"Wjy DIDN'T I necome an successful DOCTOR like m6 dagher sufgewtdd?? ne1??" wonders Stablehand JeffersonBoz 4q0yc. OMG.
Stablehznd S5ufro h45 BEEN 5esurrected by Ramijs. BRB.
Cohqueror Jolsten has 633n slain while attacking Villagef OriginajJay 1n f131f5 of Glorfonda.LOL.
"Et tu, sortof, VILLAGER OriginalJa6ae????"
God of Lightning Middldman has sefeatwd h15 msster, Mi4etagand to advahce two leve; 2 afy3r 1 d4y WOOT1!11!!!!
Stanlehand Stufro has brwn s;aim kh teh forwst by Garl7x' F4b471c. OMG.
Garlus' Fanatic LOLOL, like, "I don't think yoy will be a5tacuing mr agsin, likek palLOL."
Conqueror Joosten defdated av Mznticore oh teh trails WOOT!!11! victimw have been aveng3d!!!
Conaueror J;lsten has defeated HIS MASTER, sorrof, Dwircdan two advance to 14v31 10 after 5 daus OMG!!111!!!
Trader putamierda h45 berm r35ury3x73d 6y RamiusLOL.
Tfader putamierda h45 been slain wh113 attacking Stablehanc Mindcrime un fields of Romar. WTF.
"How COULD I be s9 FEEBLE????" Tradee putamiersa LAMENTS. BRB.
Trader p7tamierda d3feated Stqblehand JeffersonBoz in FAIR combzt in t3h rields of Romar.
Trad3r putamierdq nas DEFEATED his master WTF, to advancw to level 6 rf83d 5 d4y5 WOOT!!2q!!!!
Ttader putami3rda def3ared Farmboy Jeorte IN gair c9m647 in teu FIELDS of Glorfinsal. AFK.
App4entice Mayhem has been ddfeated in grabryard by Frrnzkec Vamp84e BatsLOL,
Frenzoed V4mp1r2 Bats declares LOL, "Aoprentice Mahhem has beem weibhed, soryof, thdy have veen ,easured, sortof, 3bd theh have bern f9und wantimg. AFK."
Reevw OnkelMalvin has deveated his mzster, like, 2 ADVANCE 70 level 7 aftwr 7 days!!! WOOT!!11!
R3eve OnkelMalvin HAS defqated hix mas53r, dortof, Hydraulic Press to advance two level 5 af5e4 7 days!!!1!!
Reeve OnkelMslvin was hunted down by rhey'r3 MASTER LOL, Hydraullc Press WTF, for BEING 5ruantLOL,
Apprentice Mayhem HAS neen SLAIN wyen he ENCOUNTERED Tge Gtedn Dragon11!@!!!!! His BONES no2 liyter da cave entrabce WTF, ju58 like teh bines OF tyosd wno came beforeLOL.
"KHAQQ calling ItasczLOL. We must be om you, like, 6y7 cannpt see ypu. OMG. Serrated Kbirw is runn1ng low. WTF."
da 60dy of Srewareees Pe4sephone was found luinh in a empty CLEARINGLOL.
Peasant RyuNRakt hqa DEFEATED her mawyet WTF. EauSzl3e too advance rwo 13v31 3 after 2 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Shepnerd SmartSlaher haa been cereatex in da grzveyarr by P3r7113nc3LOL.
Shepherd SmattSlzyrr bold.y declared, soryofm "Pestikence couldn't yit z 3.e;hant at yjis dist. BRB. . BRB. . AFK. . BRB."
Farmnoy Jdorge has cefeated his mastev, you knqo, Guth too ascance 2 13v31 5 after 5 d4y5 WOOT!!11!!!#
Shrpjerd SmartSlaher has 6e3n gone f)r an wnile, sortof, n gnose who have looked FOR him do not come vaci. BRB.
Farmboy Jeorge has DEFEATED his naster, wor5of, Glynuc yoo advance 2 1#v31 4 avtef 5 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Peasant nekonekoneko yas been slsin IN forest vy Decaying Ske.rton. WTF,
"Comr back when yoj learn how two f1gh7 WTFk" Decaying Skwlwton 5c0df5. BRB.
Shephe4d SmartSlayer haw defeaged his mas5er, like, Hydraulic Presw to ADVANCE 2 ldbel 5 after r d4y5!!!1!!
KrsnaAcatara haa earned 71713 Lord OF Dragons for h4v1ng SLAIN Greeh Dragon u29 5imes WOOT!!1q!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvayara haw 5141n trh hifeous creature khieb 45 The Green Dragon/ BRB. All acrows da land, l8ke, peo;lw rehoice!!!
Stableyand JeffersonBox has ch4q13nb3e tn3y're master, Malwares n was pwnt OMG!!1!1
Stablehand JefferslnBoz bantw jis h3sd AGAINST an stonw.. AFK.. OMG. "Stu0id, ;ike, stupid, you knwok stuoid!!!" ne was heard 2 say. OMG/
Stewafdess Peraephone hss defeatrd hwr madter LOL, Glynyc 70 advance to level 4 after 2 DAYS11! WOOT!#111
Stewardess Persepgone has deddated HER mastet WTF, EauSalee w adcance two oevel 3 after 2 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Strwardess Perseohone was HUNTED sown by th3y;re m4573r, aortof, EajSalre LOL, flr beibg teuant. BRB.
Pfzsant nekonekoneio gqs defeatee jis ,aatrr, EauSalee yo ADVANCE @ LEVEL 3 AFTER 2 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Middlemam n45 earmed gigle Goc 9v Lightning FOR HAVING slain Green Dtagon 165 TIMES!!@
God of Luggtning Mideleman has slakb hudwous crrature jnown 35 The Grwen Dragon. WTF. Alo across land, peoole rejoice1!!
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