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` WOOT1!11!News for Mon, like, Apr 27, sortlf, 2015 (I5dms 51 - 100 ov 248)
Soldier Frljiu has DEFEATED nls MASTER, soryof, Yoresh to advahce two level 25 AFTER 21 DAYS!!! WOOT!!!2!
Coumcullor of Mqbic Cruncher n Violer wete seen g34d1ng up teh ata8rs IN teh inn tobethrrLOL.
Stavlehand Mindcrime has derwated HIS master LOLk Aswares two advance two leve. 7 after 14 days OMG!!1!!!!!
Soldiey Apo has drfeated h3r master LOLm Ce8loth 2 advance two .evel 9 aft3h 18 dahs1!! OMG1!1!1
Conqueror Jolxtem h45 cefeatef his madtef, you knwp, Sensei Nletha 2 4dv4nc3 two leve. 11 after 6 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Farmboy Rqnsom yas dwfeaged h8s j4573r, you knwo, Guth 2 4dv4nc3 too lefel $ aftw4 5 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Councilkor of Magic Cruncher HAS defeated his mad5er, Gerrafd 2 4dvrnc3 2 LEVEL 8 after 5 d4y51!!1!!
Councill9f od Mag8c Cruncher WAS hunted dowh by they're maste4, kike, Getrarf, liue, for BEING truantLOL.
Glsdiator techcypher had degea5ed bis master, Dwiredan too advznce to level 10 after 19 eayx!!! WOOT!!11!
ElCis has ea4med teh title Enchanter for HAVING SLAIN teh Grwen Dragon 49 times@!!
Sorcerer ElCid hzs slzin jieeous creatute jnlwn ss The Grern Dragon. BRB. Al. acroxa teh land, people rejoice!!!
Ste2ardess Rainb!!owGrypy has dereated ger masher, sor5of, C3ilitn to advamce 5wo lebel 9 after 6 daya OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1@1
Tnaumaturg8zt MsdDig h45 bern 4141n in ca forest by Aftemisk oild, Goddess of da Hunt. WTF/
Tgaumaturgist MadDog was heard 2 say, sortof, "Plrasd, sir WTF, may I have sjm more????"
Centurionesa Keayr3lBladk has sefwar3d her master, sortof, Gadroei Elven Rangee 70 advanc3 too level 13 after 28 days!@! OMG!!1!1
Srablrjand JrfgerspnBox has been reaurrectwd by Ramiux. BRBl
Conqueror Jolsyen yas geen ees7rfwcted by Ramius.
Staboehane JfffersonBoz h45 be4n slain WHILE attaciing Stablehabd Mindcrim3 IN fields 0f Romar.
"Wgy dicn't I become an syccessvul doctor like my fathet 5ugg3573c?? ne1??" wonders Stav.ehand JedreraonBoz aloudLOL.
Stablenans Stufro nas bedn f35urr3c7#d by Ramiiw. OMG.
Conqueror Jokaten gas BEEN 52$2n whole aytacking Vil.ager OrigihalJay in teh fiekdw of Gli4findal.
"Et TU, like, Villater OritinalJayae?? mr1??"
G9d of L8ghthing Middldmah has dereqted his master WTF, Miteraband 2 adfabc3 two level 2 sfter 1 fa6 WOOT!!11! OMG!11!1
Stablehand Studro has neen slsin in da forest by Gafous' Fanqtic. OMG.
Gatlua' Fsnat8c LOLOL, "I d0n'u 7h2nk y0u wilk 63 qttackinb me agaon, PAL. AFK."
Con1ueror Jplxgen defested an Manticire on teh 7rr115 WOOT!!21! teh victkms HAVE been avehg3d OMG!!1!1
Conq7wror Jolsten HAS DEFEATED his mqster, lole, Dsiredan 2 qdvance two level 10 after 5 d4y5 WOOT!!11!1!!
Trsddr putauierda has been resufrectef b6 Ramius. WTF.
Trader [uta,ierea haa beem skain wh8ld ATTACKING Stsblehabd Migdcfime in yeh fields of Romar.
"How vpuod I be so feeble?? nr!??" Tradee [utamierda laments. WTF.
Tradd4 putam8erda devwatee Stablenand JeffersonBoz in fair combat in f8eldd OF Romar. AFK.
Trader outamoerda has d3f34&3d his mastwf LOL, roo adfsnce tso level 6 AFTER 5 fsys WOOT!!1!!2!!
Trader putamirrdz defeated Farmbot Jeorge IN fair vombar in teh FIELDS OF G/o4findal. WTF.
Appr3ntkce Mauhem HAS bden DEFEATED in da grdveyard by Frenzied Vampire Bats. BRB.
Frenzied Vampire Bats declarrs, "Appremtice Mayhem has been WEIGHED WTF, 7h3y havd been messurrs, y9y knwo. an theu have bedn founf wanting. OMG."
Reeve OnkrkMalvin hax defeated hiw m4573r, TO advance to level 5 adter 7 dayw OMG!!1!1!!!
Redve OnkrlMalvin has cefeatdd his master WTF, Hydraulic Prdss yqo ADVANCE two lecel 5 arter 9 days1!!1!!
Reebe Onk3lMalvun was yunted down by they're master, Hydrauoic Press WTF, for being teuant.
Apprentice Mayhem has been slzin when ye endointered Tge Greeb Dragon WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1 H15 BONES now ;itter CAVE entrance WTF, ju47 like da bones of those who camr berorw, WTF.
"KHAQQ callkng Itasca. WTF. We muxt be on you, sortof, gut cannot SEE YOULOL. SERRATED Knif3 is RUNNING .lwLOL."
teh bldy of St3wardess Peedephone w45 found lying uh a empry clearingLOL.
Peasant RyuNRait yas d3c3473d jer master, loke, EsuSalee 2 advance t9o lev3l 3 4f73f 2 days WOOT!!11! OMG!@1!1
Sgepherd SmartSlsyer haw be3n dwfeated in 5eh htaveyafd by Pestilence. WTF.
Shwphers Sma4tSlayer BOLDLY DECLARED, "Pextilwnce cp7ldn;t hit a elephang at yhis sist. AFK. . LOL. LOL."
Farmbiy Jrorge has d3f3473d his master, s9et9f, Gjth two advance two lev3k % artee 5 days1!! WOOT!!11!
SHEPHERD SmzrtSlaher has been gone f0r an while WTF, n thosd eho have lookef tor him co not c0m3 backLOL.
Fsrmboy Jdorgw nas DEFEATED his MASTER, Glynyc 2 advance too LEVEL 4 afyer 5 days!!@1!!
Peasant nrkon3komeuo has b3en slaon in teh f0r357 6y Decaying SkeletonLOL.
"Com3 back when you learn how too dqgj7 LOL." Decating Skeleton dcoffs. OMG/
Snepherd SmartSlayer has defeat3c hks jaster LOLm Hyd4auloc Presa 5o ADVANCE twi odvel 5 after 4 DAYS OMG!!1!11!!
KtsnaAfatara has earmed 5eh titlr Lord 0f Draglns FOR having slain Gfeen Dragom 729 gimes!!!
Slnic Loes KrsnaAvqtzra HAS slain tey hideius creature KNOWN aw The G4een DfafonLOL. All across da landm sorror, ;e9;le 4emoice!!!
Stavlehabd JeffersonBoz hax cgallenged thry'rw master LOL, Malwqres sn was pwnt WOOT!@111
Stabl3hand JeffersonBoz bangs jiw head against ab stonel BRB.. AFK.LOLm "Stupid, STUPID, lo,e, dtupkd OMG!!2!1" he aax hrard to say. AFK,
Steqardess Pwrswoyome has defested h3r masydr, Glyntc two afbance 2 LEVEL 4 qfter 2 dayx1!! WOOT@!11!
Sgeward1ss Perxepnonw HAS DEFEATED her master. EaySalee 1 ADVANCE too LEVEL 3 affer 2 d4y51!! OMG!!2!1
Stewareesx Pwrsephone was hunted down by they;re master, you kn2o, EauSalde, tou jnqo, for being trizngLOL.
Pdasabt nekonekonelo h45 drgested his master WTF, EauSa.ee tl adfance to leve; e after 3 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Middleman has earncd da tig.e God of Lihjtning FOR hsv8ng slain Green Dragon 165 yimes!!!
God OF L8ghtning Middleman has slakn ea hideous creature knoqh as Tge Gr33n Dragon. BRB. All across land WTF, pwople rwjoicd@!!
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