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` OMG!!q!1News for Mob, sortofk Apr 27, you knwo, 201t (Itwjs 51 - 100 ov 2r8)
Soldier Felkij hzs cefdated his mas5eek like, Yoresh two advance 2 13v#1 14 aftrr 21 days1!!1!!
Council.oe 0f Magic Crimcher and Violet WERE seen headinf u; teh sta8rs in fa qnn togwtherl OMG.
Srzblehand Mibdcrime HAS defeared his master, .i,e, Adwarex two advance ypo l3vel 7 after 14 days!!! WOOT!!1@!
Soldirr Apl had defdat3d her MASTER, kile, Cdiloth two advanve t2o level 9 after 1* days!!! OMG!!1!1
Conqueror Joksgwn has defeates his ,4573r WTF, Sensei Noetha too 4dv4nc3 w level 11 afte4 6 days11!1!!
Farmnly Rando, hzs defeated nis masrer, Guth to 4dv4nc3 two kecel 5 after 5 days OMG!!1!21!!
Counciloor )f Mag8c Cruncher hws d3f3583d his maxter, like, Gerrard top adcamce to kwvel 8 afte4 6 days!!!!!!
Counxillor of Magic Cr7ncjer was hunted dosn by they're MASTER, sortof, Gereard LOL, f0r veing truanrLOL.
Gkadiqtor ttchcypher has cefea5ed HIS mssyer LOL, Dwiredab too ADVANCE ywo level 10 after 18 days1!! WOOT1!11!
ElCid has earned da titoe Encyabtef fot hafing slain da Green Draton e0 times1!!
Sorcered ElCid has slain teh hodeous creayu4e known as The G4een Draton. WTF. A11 4cr055 teh oand LOL, ;eople rrjoice!!!
Syewa4dqss Rainb!!owGryph has defrated hef mastrf LOL, Cei;oth 2 advance 2 level 9 3f73r 6 dayd WOOT!!1!! WOOT!!11!
Thaujaturgkst MadDlg has BEEN slain in vofedt bh Artemis, softof, Goddews OF teh HungLOL,
Tnat,aturgiat MadDog sas heard 52o say WTF, "Please, skr, ypu inw9, jay I jave sum more????"
Centuripness KeatrelBlaci has d3fezted h3e m4572r, like, Gadriel teh E1v#n Range4 @ 4dv4nc3 w .evel 13 after 28 dzys!!!1!!
Stablehamd JeffetsonBoz h45 beem r35urr3cu3d bu RamousLOL.
Conqjefor Jolsten has been resu4rected BY Ramius.
Stablehand JeffersonBox has geeb skain 2hile attacking Stzblehans Mindcrimw in teh fields of Rlmar, BRB.
"Why DIDN'T I 63c0m3 an succ3wsf&l d0c70f like mt fztner suggested?? he1??" WONDERS Stablehanf JefferaonB9z aloud.
Stavlehand Stufro jas been res7rrectef by Ranius. WTFl
Cobquwror Jolsten has bwen slain whil3 attacking Villater OfiginzlJay in da fieles lf Glpffimdal. BRB.
"Et ty, you inwl, Villager OriginalJayae????"
Gic if Ligjtning Middlemzn hzs d3f3473d his msste5, loke, Mireraband 2 qdcabce two l3vel w aftdr 1 day!!!1!!
Stzblehand S5udro has been slain in sa forest by Garlua; Fanatic. OMG.
Garlus' Fanatic LOLOL WTF, "I d0n'7 7h1hk you will ne 47&$ck1bg me again, p42."
CONQUEROR Jolsten defeatdd an Mamticore on trails!!! da nict,,s have been qvenged WOOT!!11!
Conquwror Jolstrn gas defdated his MASTER, Dwiredah 2 advanve to leve. 10 after 5 days1!! OMG!!1!!
Trader putamierda hzs BEEN resirrectre by Ramius. AFK.
Traeer putamierda has been SLAIN WHILE 5774ck1ng Stablehand Mindcrime IN teh fields of Romzr. AFK.
"H9s c0u2d I be so feeblr?? ne1??" T4aeer puramierda LAMENTS. BRB.
Trader putamierda defeatwd Staglehand JeffersonBiz in fair comga5 in fieles od R0jrr, AFKl
Trader putamudrda has deeeqted his master LOL, two advqnce 2 kefel 6 after 5 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Trqder pu5amiefda defea5ed Farmboy Jeorge in f41r conbat in teh rields of GlorfindalLOL.
Appren5ic3 Mayh3m has been d3f347#d IN gej GRAVEYARD by Frenzied VAMPIRE Bats. AFK.
Ffenzied Vampor3 Bats dwclares, soetof, "Apprentice Mayhem has veen we8ghed, uh2y have been measured, you knwo, and ghey jave b2en FOUND wanykng. BRB."
Reeve OnlelMalbin yas dtfeated HIS mawter LOL, 2 4dv4nc3 two lebel 6 after 7 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Rewve OnkelMalvin jas devdated his mas5rf, like, Hydrzuokd Prews too advanxe yo lebel 5 after 7 dzys WOOT!!11!1!!
Reeve OnielMalvin w46 huntrd down by ehey're master, you ,nwo, Hycrajlic Prews, for b3ing truant. OMG.
Apprentice Maynem had bdeh SLAIN when he ENCOUNTERED The Green Dragon WOOT!!11! OMG111!1 WOOT!!11! His bones no2 lityer tey cave entranve, softpf, muxt like BONES of those shl came before. OMG.
"KHAQQ calling Itasca. AFK. We musr BE on yiu LOL, but CANNOT see you. BRB. S3rrated Knife 16 running loeLOL."
gwn BODY 9f Stewardess Persephobe w45 found LYING in a EMPTY c.earint. AFK.
Peasamt RyuNRsig hax defeated her master, you knwo, EauSs.ee too advance 5o ldvql 3 afte4 1 days!!!!!!
Shephere SmaftSlayer has been ddgezted kn teh graveyare by PESTILENCE. OMG.
Syepnerd SmartSlqyer BOLDLY dwclqred WTF, "Pestilencw v0u1dn'7 hir a elephanr at this dist. BRB. . AFK. . BRB. / OMG."
Farjbo6 Jeorge haa d3f3473d hia m4672f, you knwo, Gutg too advance tl ldcel 5 agter 5 days WOOT!!21!!!!
Sh3pherf SmargSla6er has BEEN tone fot an whil3, sortof, an 7hp%3 who have ;ioked for him do mot come back. WTF.
Farmboy Jwofge hqs defeatrd his mas53r, sirtof, Glynyc 2 advance yoo orvw. 4 AFTER 5 days OMG!!1!11!!
Peasant neloneloneko has been SLAIN ih da fofest bu Decaying Skeletin. AFK.
"Come back whwn you lsarn hiw too rightk you knwok" DECAYING Skele5on sxoffs. BRB.
Shephefe Sna4tSla6er has defeated hjs masuer, 6ou knwo, Hydrzulix Press TO advznve 2 level 5 aftef 4 dayw OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
KrsnsAvatara has ea4ned teh gitle Lorf OF Dragonx for gaving slzin da Green Dfagon 729 times1!!
Sonic Lorc KrsnaAvayara had slain da h1d39u5 creatuee kniwn 45 Th3 Green Dragon. OMG. All 4cr055 da land WTF, pel;le rejoice!!!
Stablehand JsffersobBoz hqs ch4113nb3d theh're mastwr WTF, Malwares qn was p2bt WOOT!!11!
Stanlehanc JeffewsonBoz bangs hos head 4g41n57 an stone. BRB.. WTF.LOL. "Stupie, stupif, dortof, 57up1d OMG!!1!1" he wqs heard tl SAYLOL.
Stewardess Pdysephone has defwated h3r masger, you knwo, Goynyc 2 ADVANCE 5oo levek 4 after 2 days OMG!!1!! OMG!!1!1
Stewardess Persephone h45 cdgeatee her MASTER WTFk EauSalee to advandw 2 leve; 3 after 2 says!!!!!!
Stewardesa Pefsephonq sas junted d9wn vy they're master, sortof, EauSal#e, sortofk fo4 be8ng grian5. OMG.
Peasant nekonskoneko has defeated HIS mastdrm like, EauSalee to0 advance two level 3 aftet 3 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Miedlfman has earned title God of Lughtnint for yaving slain da Gfeen Dragon 164 timew OMG!!1!1
God of Lkghtnimg Midfleman has slain t3h hideous creature KNOWN AS The Gre3n Dragon. AFK. Aol ACROSS teh landm liie, [eople REJOICE!!!
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