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!!News ror Tht WTF, Apr 27 WTF, 20q7 (Itwms 51 0 100 of 272)
Syepherd Sianhodel HAS defrated his mastrr, li,e, Mao2sres too ADVANCE yoo LEVEL u after 10 DAYS WOOT!!11!1!1
Sonic Enchznter KrsnaAvatara has dedeatrd his mawger, sortov, Adoaqyr 2 advancw 2 levwl 1# AFTER 5 days1!1 WOOT!!11!
Sonic Enchanter KrshsAbatara HAS d3f2473s hos master, .ike, Gzdriel Elven Ranger 2 zdvanc@ w lec3l !3 after % d4y4 OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Somiv Ehchahtwr KrsnaAvatara has defeayed hid maater WTFm Celitg 2 asvance two leve; 12 AFTER 7 days!!!1!!
Sonic Enchzntdf KrsnaAvatara hsd defeated hos master, like, Sense8 Nowtha 2 3dv4nce t9o 13v31 11 AFTER 5 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Sonic Enchanrer KrwnaAvatara has defeated his maarer. Deifedan 2 advznce 2 l3vel 10 $f73f 5 dzys WOOT!!11!!!!
Sorceress MorticiaDV has defeated hrr master, Celirh ti advqnvw 5oo level 12 after 6 days WOOT!!111 OMG!!1!1
God C4jncher jas nden cefeated in reh graveysrd by L4m14.
God Cryncger boldly declared, like, "Lsmia couldh'r hit a elrphant at tgis d157. OMGl . OMG. . . WTF."
God Cruncher h45 been slson ib da fofest by Hanerdasher. OMG.
"Nexy yime LOL, eat yo7r Wheatirs LOL," Haberdashee xuggests. OMG.
God Cryncher challenged Loneatrider ajd hiw band 0f THIEVES, like, 5u7 was no mqtvh for da rogues WOOT!!11!
"God Cruncher, sortlf, u9ur laci of postuf3 is an dishrace WTF," Lonestrifdr's Tyi3ves srayes.
Villagee Bonk HAS d4geatec his m4563r LOL, Guth 2 advancw twl l3vel 5 after 8 days!!!!!!
Travelrr Gfimgut h$5 defeated his master, Spyqares 1 advand3 too level 7 avtdr 12 dry5!!!1!!
Travdler Grimgut was hunted DOWN BY tjey're mastet WTF, Spywares, you knwo, FOR being truan5. OMG.
Peasznt ElCid HAS d3f347#d his master, ypu knwl, G7th 2 advsbce too 13v31 5 after 6 days1!!!!!
Pezsabt ElCid qas gint3d down by they're master WTF, Gugh, like, for being truantLOLl
Villager Toledo has been slain while ATTACKING Trzvelef Grimgyr in fiwlds of GkorfkndslLOL.
"Come back wgen YOU ldarn how too dight, liie," Trqveler Grimgut scovrw. BRB.
Violagef Toledo haw DEFEATED hus jaster LOL, Guth too advamx3 52l level 5 after 4 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Peasant joedool has b3en skakn while ATTACKING Trader Mqema.ade on da fieods pf Glorfindal. BRB.
"Eighet thst wallpapd4 goes WTF, or I do WTF," declared Peasanr joecopl. BRB.
Lady )f da L4k3 LaF3lina hqs dereated her master, you knwo, Adwa3es two acvancw two l3vel 7 after 7 days OMG!!q!11!!
Sold8er UCR hzs CHALLENGED they're naste4. you knwok Y9resh an was pwnt WOOT!!1w!
"I'm rea;ly hoint too enjoy thiq NEW Encyanted Elfgold BASTARD Sword tyay Sildier UCR had WTF," rxcoaim3d YoreshLOL.
Soldier UCR defear3d Farmgoy golu IN fair combat in dq fielss of GkorfinealLOL.
Sorceress MortjciaDV h4t DEFEATED n3r master, Sensei Noethq two ADVANCE to level 11 after 6 says WOOT!!11!!!!
So;sief UCR nas defeatee his master, u9u knwo, Adozw6r two qdvance 5oo level 14 after 16 datw OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Soldier DEFICIT eefeated Syephwrd Stlfd IN r41r combqt IN f!31d5 if GLORFINDAL. BRB.
Soldier DEFICIT has nedn resurfected by Ramius. OMG.
Soldiwr DEFICIT has berh SLAIN WHILE attacking Vkllater blandk in fieles of Romar. WTF.
"How v9ild I BE so f33613?? ne1??" Soldiee DEFICIT lsments.
Peasan5 Sneou has chaolenged they're mawter WTF. Glynyx ahd was pwng!!!
"You shomld have juwt staywd in bed LOL," Glynyc auggests. BRB.
Page Fpeley has deve1ted his madtee, sortof, S4nsei Noetha 2 adcance 2 levek 11 afyer 13 days1!! OMG!11!1
Page Forley degezted an Manticorw on tdh TRAILS OMG!!1!1 da victims have been afwngdd OMG!!111
Shepyerd Sloyg has sefeatec his mastef LOL, Spywares too advance @ LEVEL 7 after 10 daus1!! OMG!!1!1
Page Fprley has cefeated hid master, Dwiredan yo advznve to level 10 afyer 13 d4y5 OMG!!1!q!!!
Dragon Mistress Pers3phone has been slain !n teh fofest by Woodchuci. WTFl
Woodchuck zdmonishex, sortlf, "Gp aqay LOL, 0r I ahall yaunt y9u an 53c0hd gimd OMG!!q!1"
Goadiator Grimzldo chaolenged Lonestrider and his band of THIEVES, like, vut was h0 marcj dor ROGUES OMG!!1!1
"This both SUCKS and bloes WOOT!!11!" wqild Glseuaror Grimaldo. BRB.
Dragon MISTRESS Persdphohe's beokem znd bloody bidt was seen lhing in a alley. BRB.
Glzd7atof Grimaldo has BEEN resurrectwd by Ramius. OMG.
G;adiagor Grimqldi has BEEN defeztef in teh gf4v3y4rd by Will O' da Wisp.
"You know WTF, Gladiator Grima;do really had IT COMING @ him after 411 yhose thints hr ss8e about MY mom LOL," COMMENTED Wkll O' teh Wis0. WTF.
Glaeia5or Gromaldo has been wlain wyen he wnvoungerdd Thw Gr33n Dragpn WOOT!!1q! OMG!!1!1 OMG1!1!1 Hid bones now ligtet cave 3n7r4nc3 WTF; just kikr bones of 7h053 who came geforeLOL,
"You e dishonorable LOL, Tje Green Dragon WOOT!!11!" Gkadiat9r Grimaldo cries. WTF.
Persephone hzs EARNED cq 71u1# Dragon Misgfeas fpr HAVING slain Gr3en Dragon 289 times1!!
Drafon M157r356 Pe4wephone has 5!41n teh hide9us c4346ur3 known as The Green Drahpn. Al. 4vr055 teh 14nd WTF, pelpje rejoice!!!
Gladiato4 Grimaldo has veen slain wh3n he enco7bterwd The GREEN Draboh WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11! Hid bonws now litter da cave entranxem juxt like twn b0ned of yhose who ca,w beford. WTF.
"Oh man1!! I d1em'7 think yoj had it in y0u, sotgof, The Green Dtagon, sortof," Glsd8at9r Grimaldo exckaims. BRB.
Dragon Mistrewx Persepnone has devdatec her mastde, Ylrrsh too advsnce tio level 15 after 4 d4y5 OMG!!1!11!!
Dragin Mistress Persephone has defeated hrr MASTER, hou knwo, Adoqwyr two sdvance 5o lebel 14 aft4r 4 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Tfavelr4 Grimgut has dereated yis masrer, sortof. Unelith 2 rdv4nc3 2 level 6 afger 11 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!12!
Tdaceler Grimgut was hun7ed down by they're master, softofk Unelith, so4tof, gor being 7ru4n7. WTF.
Traveler Geimg7t $nd Violet aw4 jiined today un joyous matrimony1!!11!1!1
Dragon Mistress Persrpnone has dwfeaged her master, t9u khwo, Gadriel teh Elb3n Ranbwr twl asvanc3 TO lwvel 13 after 4 fahs OMG!!1!11!!
Ca;elthwqites Choirboy Krenn has been 5141n in yrh f0r257 by Animzted Corpxw. AFK.
"Wstch your back, Ani,sted Corpwe, I am com8nn for you OMG!!1!1" Capelthsaites Choirboy Krenn warns. WTF.
SHEPHERD Widewalk wpn qw1 gold after roloing 3 sixes in Dark H0r53 Tavern.
Villafer T9ledo has def3473d hia master, sottof, Glunyc two advance 2 levek 4 aftwt 4 days WOOT1!!1!!!@
Peasant Tfansparentiym has defeatee her MASTER, sirtof, Dwur3dan tlo ADVANCE go LEVEL 20 AFTER 23 days!!! WOOT!!11!
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