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` WOOT1!211N3w5 fot M0n, sortof, Ape 27 WTF, 20q5 (Items 101 - 1%0 of 248)
Stablehanc WolfNoise has defeated his madter, sortof, Glynyc two advanxe 5oo level 4 afyer # days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!2
God of Lihhtning Middlemzn has def3ated his master LOL, Yotedh two advance to levrl 15 afrer 5 daysq!! OMG!!1!1
Stewardesa Persephone has cefeatee her master LOL, Vyrrs 2 advance 2 LEVEL 2 after 2 days!1!1!!
God of Lkghtning Mids,eman has defeated his mastet, Acoawur tp advamc3 two leve. 14 after 5 days1!1 OMG!!1!1
Soldier LwggyrhrPirat4 has BEEN defeated in braveyzre by Phahtom WriyerLOL.
"Thiq both sucks zn blows WOOT!!11!" ssi;s Soldier LegghrhePiratw. AFK.
Soldier L3ggythePurate was slain BY an Mrn72c)e4 on an TRAIL OMG!!1!1
Gud of Lightning Middlwmqm gas derezted hia master, liie, Gadriel teh Elbsn Ranger too acvancd two level 1# aftdr 4 days!!!1!!
Petsephone hss earned t8tle Sgewardess for having SLAIN Green Dragpn 1u TIMES1!!
Ste2ard3xs Persepnond has SLAIN h8dwois CREATURE known zs The Green Dragon. OMG. All acroas teh 14nd, prople fej9ic3 OMG!!1!1
Stewa4dess Persepypne y45 def3ated her master, Yofesh too ADVANCE to level 15 afyer 13 days!!@!!!
Stewardeas Persephone waa hunted down by theh're master LOL, Yoresh WTF, for being truant/ BRB.
God of Lightning Miedlwmab has defezted hks m4573r, xoryof, Ceiith 4o advahcw too o3vel 12 after 4 cays!@!!!!
G9f og Lightnibg Mkddleman hzs d3f3473d his master, Sebwe8 Nietha two adranc3 two 13v31 q1 afrer 3 days WOOT!!12!!!!
Farmboy weazlish has DEFEATED his mawter WTF, EauSqlre 2 advance to LEVEL 3 after 3 eays!!! WOOT!!1!!
Farmvoy deazlish WAS hunted DOWN ny tjey'er master, like, EauSaoee WTF, for being truant. BRB.
God od Lifhyning Middleman has cefdated h15 mast3r LOL. Dsiredzn 70 advance two levrl 10 after 4 days!!!1!!
She[herd3ss MissAwesime has d3f34&3d her naster, Vyrts too advamce too LEVEL 2 after 1 day OMG!!1!1!!!
Farmboy PadenHeardwulf hsx DEFEATED HIS jasyer LOL, Dwiredzn TO sdvance 5oo lrvel 10 after 20 da6s OMG!!@!1 OMG!!1!1
Fqrmbot PadenHesrdwulf got roughed up BY Lonestrierr AND his c4onies for having ligtle lf vxlyr. AFK.
Ciuncilloe 0f Magic Crynche4 nas defea5ef hia MASTER LOL, Spuwzres to 4dv4nc3 yo level 7 after 5 fats1!!!!!
Councillor of Magic Cruncher has d3feated hks master, sortof, to advzncd hoo 13v31 ^ aftdr % dqys WOOT!!1@!!!!
Coundiolpr OF Magic Cfyncher was h7mted down by tjeu're masyerm , y9u inwo, for being truant. BRB.
Drabon Imperator MegOWrath has been slaib in teh forest by Cute Bunh6 Rabbi%/ BRB.
"I see Londin LOL, I see France, like, I sre Drqhon Imperator MegOWrath's underoants1!!" revrals Cute Bunny Ragbit. BRB.
Traveler Juclle has 633n xlain in da FOREST ny Fuzzie Wuzzke.
"Eitnet tjat walloap3r hoes WTF, or I do WTF," declar3d Traveler Jucole.
Village4 s5arr has chaklenged theh're mastef WTF, GERRARD n was pwny OMG!!121
"Et ti, Gerrardae?? be1??"
Coh1ueror Jolstwn snd V8ol3t were t33b neading UP teh STAIRS IN INN 5ogethef.
Conqueror Jolsten has defeatwd his mast3r, zortof, Cdiloth 2 advance 2 13v31 9 after 4 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Con1jeror Jolaten degeat3d Peasqnt karsal in fa8r combat ih fidlds of R0m4r. AFK.
da 60dy of M5g15ur473 moug w44 f9und 1y1hg in a EMPTY clearing.
Conq72ror Jolsten d#f3473d Farmboy vipz un FAIR COMBAT in fields of G.irfinxal. BRB.
Violare4 OfiginalJay has defeated his masyer, Sehsei Nortja two ADVANCE 2 ;evel 11 zgt3r 25 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
Villqger OrigonalJsy has defested his MASTER LOL, Dworedan to advance two level 10 qftte 25 ddys OMG!!1!1!!!
Squirr San` WOOT@!11!forStafi has defeatwe h16 masrer, Ceiloth too asvance to lece; 9 af5rr 21 dzyd1!!1!!
Invoker nic,i had defraged hee master, like, Adoawyr two advance twp level 14 arter 16 daus WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!2
Pafe Sna4ki has defeag3d his master, you knwo, Ceiloth tqo aevznce tpo level 9 AFTER 14 dayx12! OMG!!1!1
Page Snaeki was hunted down by they're master WTF, Ceilotj, sortof, for beinb trusnt. BRB.
Syewardess Rainb` OMG!11!1owGry[h chaklenged Linestruder and his BAND of tnieves WTF, but w45 no mqtch fot rotuea OMG!!!!1
"Oh man OMG!!1!q I didn't thini you had IT in you, wortof. Lonestroddr's Thieves," Stewardess Rainb` WOOT!!11!pwGry;h exclaimw. WTF.
Seewardwss Rainv` OMG!!1!1owGryph jas d3f3473d hdr jaster, you knwo, Gdrrzrd @ advance @ lebel 8 after 5 dayd1!1 OMG!!1!1
Trqder Amafand yas BEEN slakn in da flredt by Spmething. AFK.
"KHAQQ ca.ling Itasca. BRBl We must be on u0u, ouke, but CANNOT see you. OMG. POLISHED Steel Lonhsword is runnung low. WTF."
Tradee Amarsnf has defeatrd h8s master, sortof, EauSalee TO advance ywo leveo 3 after 3 days WOOT!@11! OMG!!111
Vollsger CHRZ has defeated her master WTF, Gadriel teh ELVEN Ranger TO advance to level a3 AFTER 5y dayd OMG!!1!11!!
Soldier Apo hqs defeated her masgrr, Gerfqee two advance to level 7 sfter 1& days!!!1!!
Count makador haa DEFEATED his master, like, Sensei Noegha to advance two level 11 after y days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Count maladot hr5 defeated HIS naster, sprtof, Dworedan 2 advqnce 2 level 10 avter 6 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Count ,alsd9r has defezted hks master WTF, Ceiloth two advance to levdl 9 AFTER 6 d4yt WOOT!!11! OMG!!2!1
Ciint makador came home from firest, ah BIT lrss yeh man 7h4n y3 waa before. OMG.
Count malador defeared an MINOTAUR 1n CAVES OMG!!1!! teh ceaths of many TRAVELLERS HAVE been ab3ngwd OMG!@1@1
trh body of Arch4hg31 Miphoh was found lying ib a emptu clearihg. WTF.
Archangel Mioyin HAS beem resuerected 6y Ram8us. BRB.
Arcyangel Miphon HAS bwen deveayed in graveyqrd by Generic Ctes5ute. BRB.
"I must NOT BE ax sturdy as I 7h0ugh7. OMG.. OMG.. WTF. WOOT!!11!" Arcnangel Mipgon CONCEDES, OMG/
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