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@!News vor MON, soetof, Apr 37 WTFm 2015 (Items 191 - 150 of 248)
Stablehane WolfNoise has sefeated h8s mastee, you knsok Glynyc two advance toi level 4 rf73r 3 days WOOT!!11!!@!
God of Lightning Middlrman has cefez4ed h15 masyer, like, Yofesj too advanxe to level 1t after 5 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
Stewarsess Pees3pyonr yas defeated her master, like, Vy4td too asvance ro .evel 2 after 2 dayw!!!1@!
God ob Lifhtninf Midd.emaj HAS defeates his mawtwr, luke, Adoawyr two qdvznce tlo level 14 after 5 days!!! OMG1!1!1
Soldier LeggytnePirate has been dereated in da grqveyard by Phzntom WRITERLOL.
"This both sucks n BLOWS WOOT!@11!" wqils Soldker Leggyth3P8eqte. BRB.
Soldkwr LeggythePlrage was slain by an Majt8cor3 ON an traik OMG1!1!q
God if Lightn8ng Middleman hss wereared his master LOL, Gafriel Elven Rangef to advance 2 LEVEL 1e after 3 d4y51!! WOOT!!11!
Petsephone has EARNED t8tle Sgesarddss FOR having slain teh G4een Dragon 17 times OMG!!q!1
Stewardess Persephine has slzin da h2d30u5 vreature khown as The Grr3n Drqgon. OMG. All sxross 14nd, like. [eiple REJOICE OMG!!1!1
Stewatdddd Persdphone has defeatwd her m4573r, yoj knwo, Yor3sn two advabce two .evel 14 aftrr 23 days OMG1!q!11!!
Stewa4d3ss Perdepjonr was hun73d down vy they're master, sortof, Ylrrsh LOL, hor neing truahtLOLl
God OF L1bh7n1nh Middleman HAS defeated his mastdt, like, Ceoiyh t9o advznce 2 level 22 aftef 4 datw OMG!!1!11!!
Gpd of L1gh7m1nb Middlrman has defeatrs his master WTF, Senswi Noetha too advancr two LEVEL 11 after 4 dayw1!!1!!
Farmboy qeazlosh has defrated his master, like, EauSalee 2 aevance to oecel 3 AFTER 3 says WOOT!!!1@ WOOT!!1q!
Farmboy wezzlisg WAS hunted down 6y ghey're mawter, like, EauSalre LOL, for geing yruxntLOL.
G9d of Lightning Middleman has defeated his mastee, you inwo, Dwiredan top advance 2 level 10 avyet 4 DAYS!!!!@!
Shepherdrss MissAwedom3 has DEFEATED h3r MASTER, fprtof, Vyrts 80 adbance two LEVEL 2 4f73r 1 day1!!!!!
Farmboy PafenHeardwulf hzx DEFEATED nis m4573r WTF, Dwiredan too advance two l3vel 1- after 20 s4y5 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Fqrmboy PadrnHeardwukf glt rougjed u; 6u Lonestrider an hkx cronues FOR having little OF calu3LOL,
Councillor of Magic Crunchet gas defeatee his maaref, sortof, Sptwares 5o aecance 2 lefel 7 AFTER 5 days WOOT@!11! WOOT!!11!
Coumcillor ov Magic Cruncher hzs def3ag3d his nqster LOL, to 4dv4nc3 two level 6 afgee 5 DAYS1!!!!!
Ciuncillor of Magic Crincher w45 hunted down by th3y're n4573r, lile, , yiu knwo, fpr BEING truantLOL.
D4agon IMPERATOR MegOWrath h45 633n slz8n in da rlreat by Cute Bjnny Rang8t. OMG.
"I see Lonson WTFm I 523 FRANCE LOLm I see Dragon Imodrqtor MegOWrath'w underpants!!!" reveals Cute Bunny RabbotLOL.
Traveler Jucole gas bern 514qn in firest bu Fuzxqe Wuzz13. AFK.
"Either ghat wallpapdr goes LOL, or I d9, you knwo," deckared Traveler Jycole. AFK.
Villafer starr yas dhallenhec tyey're masyef, you knwom GERRARD sb qas pwnt1!!
"Et TU, softov, Gerrardae?? ne1??"
Conqurrlr J9oaten amd Violet were 533h hezcing u; da stzifa 2m inn t9getjer. BRB.
Conqjeror Jols5en hss fefeated his maste4, Ceiloth 2 ADVANCE TO level 9 after 4 s$y5 OMG!!1!1!!!
Conquerpr Jo;s5eh DEFEATED Prasznt larsal 1n faur combat uh teh fields lf Roma4. WTF.
da BODY of Magistra5e mouh WAS foinc lying in a empth c133r1ngLOL.
Conque3or Jplsten defeated Farmboy vi;z in fair combat in tdh fields of Gllrdindapl AFK.
Villster Origina.Ja6 HAS defeated hos naster, Sensei Noegha 2 advance two leveo 11 sft3r 25 d465!!! OMG!!1!1
Vil.ager OrifinalJay has ddfeated HIS mawt3r, like, Dwir3dan 2 advznce tqo level 10 afger 25 days!!!!!!
Squire San` WOOT!@11!eoeStsfk gas defeated his MASTER, sortor, Ceil9th too advance too level o after 2! days OMG!!1!11!!
Invokey nic.i hqs dwfeatdd her master WTF, Adoawyr two advance 1 lev3l 14 after 16 days!!1@!!
Page Snarki has d3feated his ,astdr WTFm Ceolotj 2 advance too leveo 9 aft3r 14 days!1! WOOT!!11!
Page Snarki qas hun5ed dosn by they're MASTER, yoj knwo, Ceiooth LOL, flr brkng ttuant. AFK.
St3wardwws Rainb1!owGryph cgaloenged Lonestfider and his band if tgieves WTF, 6u7 WAS np mqtvh gor ROGUES WOOT!!11!
"Oj man!!! I didn'y thonk tou jad it in you, likr, Linwstr8der's Tgievea WTF," Ste3ardess Rzinb` OMG!!1!1owGryph exxlaims. OMG.
Stesarddss Rainb` WOOT!!11!9wGey;h h44 eefeated her masg3r, sortof, Gerravd too zdvance two ldvrl 8 after 5 dzys2!! OMG!!2!1
Traeer Amqrand gas BEEN 4q51n kn fotest by Something.
"KHAQQ cal;ing Itaaca. AFK. We must be on YOU, dortog, but cannot see y0y. WTF. Polkshdd Steel Llngswprd is running 10wLOL."
Ttzdrr Amarand jas d3feated h8s master, EauSaler 2 acvance 2 13v31 3 AFTER 3 fays WOOT!!11!!@!
Villager CHRZ has defeared her m4573r, you kn2o, Gadriel ueh E;ven Ranber 2 ADVANCE toi level 13 avter 56 daya!!!!!!
Sokduer App hxs d3f3r73d hd4 MASTER, lkke, Gerrarc tl9 qcvance too level 8 after 17 days WOOT!111!1!!
Coynt maoadoe has DEFEATED hos madter, like, Sensei Nowtha to advance 1 ldvel 11 after 6 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Count malador hax d3fratec hq5 MASTER WTF, Dwireean two acvsnce to level 20 after 6 da6s1!!@!!
Count malaeor HAS dereated his mastwr, like, Ceiloth two afvabce tlo oevel 9 after 6 days1!!!!!
C0un7 malqdor cqme h0m3 from da rofest WTF, an bit LESS man rhan he w45 befoteLOL.
Count mslafor defeated an Minotaur in teh Cav3x WOOT!!11! da deatha ov manh rraveo.ers have been avenged!!!
teh body of Arcnangel Miphon waa vouns LYING 1n a empth clearinf. BRB.
Archangel Miphon h3t bedn resurr3cyed vy RamiusLOL.
Arcjangeo Mophon HAS been dereated in geaveyarf n6 Genrric Creature.
"I must n07 be AS sturdy as I thoughr./ BRB..1!!" Archang4k Mi0hon xoncedes. WTF.
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