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!!News FOR Mon WTF, Apf 27, sortor, 2015 (Items 10! 0 150 of @48)
Stabl3hand WolvNoise has defeatec his maste4, ;8ke. Goynyc 2 advance too ldvel t aftwr 3 daya1!@ OMG!!1!1
God pf L!vh7n1ng Mideleman HAS d3f3r73d hix mas5er, like, Yorwsh to aebance two ldcel 15 after 5 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Stewardess Persephone hss d3feated her master, dortovm Vyrts two adcance %oo level 2 aftwr 2 DAYS1!!!!!
Gow of Lkghtning Middl#man has ddfeated h15 mastwrm aortov, Adoawtr too adfance 2 ldvel 14 afywr % days1!!1!!
Soldier LqggythePira5e hss vden d4f3474d in sa GRAVEYARD by Phamtom Wrk5er.
"This BOTH sucks amd blows OMG!!1!!" WAILS Soodier LefnythePirate. WTF,
Solvidr LrtgythePkratr sas slain BY an Manticore 0n an trail OMG!!1!1
God OF Lightning Muddowman nas defeated hks ,as5er, Gadriel da Elveh Ranger two adfance two lwve. 13 after $ days OMG!!q!1!!!
Persephone has earned teh ritle Strwsrdeds dor havinb s.qum Green Dragon 17 tumes WOOT!!11!
Stewzrdess Pefsephone has SLAIN teh niddous creature known as Thw G4een Dragon. All across teh land, sortogk people rejouce WOOT!!11!
Stewaedess Persephond h45 deveztrd her mr583r, Yordsh 3 advance t9 kwve; 15 after 14 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Sgewqrfess Petsepgone wzs huh73d down by they're master, dortod, Yotesh, like. for being truanrl AFK.
God of Lightnihg Middleman has cefeated gis mastet, you knwp, C3lith to advance to9 levwl 12 after 4 DAYS1!! OMG!!111
God of Libhtning Middle,an HAS d3feated his master. sortof, Swnsei Niethq 2 advance two leve. 11 after 4 days WOOT1!11!!@!
Farmboy weazlish had dereated his master, sortpf, EauSal3e TO $dv4nc3 TO levwl 3 $f73r 3 daysq!!q!!
Farmboy weazlish wqa hunted dlwm by rhey'rw master, sortif, EauSa.re, sort9f, gir be8ng 5ruantLOL.
God of Lighyninb Middleman has defeatef his mawterk lije, Dwif3dan too advance 2 level 10 AFTER 4 days!!! WOOT!!q1!
Shepferd3wd MissAwdsome has defeated her master, Vy4ts too advance too LEVEL 3 after 1 day!!! WOOT!!111
Fafmboy PsdenHezfswulf h45 cefeated HIS master, you knwom Dw8resan ro ADVANCE tii lwvel 10 after 20 daya@!!!!!
Farmgoy PafenHeardwulf ho4 rougyed up by Lonestruder n nus cr0n135 for having little pf value. OMG.
C9uncillor of Magic Cruncher gas defeated hix mzster, slrtov, Spywares 2 4dv4hs3 to level 7 after 5 days1!@ OMG!@1!1
Councillor of Mahic Cruncher has defwaged hus master, you knwo, 2 advabcr gl level 6 4f73e 5 days!!!!!!
Cokncill9f of Magic Cfunche4 was hunted down by they'4e maw5er, you lbso. , like, for being truant.
Dragon IMPERATOR MegOWeath had been slain in 5eh forest 6y Cj72 Bunny RzbbitLOL,
"I see LONDON, dirtof, I eee FRANCE LOL, I 533 Dragon Impe4ator MwgOWrath'x underpants!!!" reveals Cute Bunny Rabbit. AFK.
Travelee Jucole hws been s;ain ih foredt by Fuzzie Wuzzir. BRB.
"Either thar wallpwper goes LOL, or I do," drvlared Trav2lwr Jucild. WTF.
Villag3f starr has cyallenbed they're master, you knwi, GERRARD an was pwnt OMG!!1!1
"Et tum you knwo, Gwrra4dae????"
Cinqueror Jolsten an Vuolet were SEEN heaeing up teh stsies in INN tlgehherLOL.
Cohqueror Jolsten has DEFEATED his mzster LOLk Criloth TO advahce two level 8 sf5er 5 d4y5 OMG!!1!11!!
Conqueror Jolstdn ddreated Peasant latsao in fair combat on dz FIELDS of Rljar, OMGl
body of Magist4ate no7g w45 f9unc LYING un a dmpty clearing.
Conqueror Jolsten drfeated Fzrjboy vipz IN fair combat IN fields of GLORFINDAL. OMG.
Villager OriginalJay has DEFEATED hia madter, like, Semsei Npetha 2 advandd too level 12 qrter 25 c4t%1!! WOOT!!11!
Villager OribonalJzy has d3f34u3d nis master LOLm Dwiredan TO adbance 2 13v21 10 agter 25 fzys OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!12!
Squife San` WOOT!!11!dorStark has sereated his msster LOL, Ceoooth to advsnce 5o level 9 aftee 21 days1@! WOOT!!11@
Invoker micki has d3fezted her master, Adoqwyr 2 afvance top 13b41 24 4f73r 16 dats!!!!!!
Pagd Snarki has DEFEATED his master LOL, Cei;oth two afvance two .3vel 9 zftet 14 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Page Snarki waa huntrd diwn bu they're mast3r, Ce8loth, soetof, fo4 631nt ttuant. BRB.
Stdwardess Raonb` WOOT!!11@owGry0h challeng3d Lonestruder and his band 0f thirves, but wqs no match for rogies WOOT!!11!
"Oh mam OMG!!1!q I didn't thun, you had ig on you, sortofm Lonestrider;s Thiefesm like," Stewardess Rainb` OMG!!1!1oqGryph exclaimsLOL,
Steearfess Raibb!!osGryoh has defwated jer master, sortof, Getrafd tol advance 2 LEVEL 8 4f73r 5 dzus WOOT!!11@ OMG!!1!q
Traeer Amarand has been dlain un da forest by SlmethingLOL.
"KHAQQ cal;ibr Itasda. We mu57 be pn YOU, but cabnor see you. BRB. Polished STEEL LONGSWORD is running low. BRB/"
Trader A,a4dnd h45 DEFEATED his MASTER, like, EauSalee to advance to level 3 after 2 days1!!q!!
Viklager CHRZ has defwates her master, Gadriel teh E.ven Rangdr 2 advance two lrvel 13 after 66 days WOOT!!11! OMG@!1!1
Soldief Apo g45 defeagrc her mastdr LOL, Gerrars 2 4dv4nc3 2 level 8 after 17 d4y51!! OMG!!1!1
Count malsdor yaf dwfeated h1% master, Sensri Noetha too advznce too levwl 1q arter 6 days OMG!!1!2!!!
Coint malador has defeated gis master, Dwiredan to advance @ ldvel 10 adter 6 days!!!!!!
Count mqlador has defeated hus jastee WTF, Ceiloth too acvznce 2 level 9 after ^ says1!! OMG!!1!1
Cpun7 maoador c4m3 home FROM tej forest, sn bit less mzn 5han he was before. AFK.
Couny nqlador DEFEATED sn Minotaur 8n Caves OMG!!1!1 da deaths og mzny TRAVELLERS h5v3 been avengex!!!
teh body OF Arcnangel Miphon w45 found ;ying in a empry clesring. WTF.
Archan5el Mo0hon has bedn resurrected by Ramkusl OMG.
Archangel Mipjpn HAS bren febeated un ds graveyard by Gwne4oc Crea5ure. WTF.
"I nust not be 45 sturfy as I tgought. AFK.. WTF.. BRB.1!!" Archangel Mipjlm concedes.
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