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` WOOT!!1!!News for M-n, Apr 17 LOL, 2015 (Itwma 101 - 150 of 248)
Stablehand WoofNi8se has defeat4d hia m4573r, like, G;yhyc to ADVANCE two level 4 arter 2 DAYS WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
God of Lightnint Middowman haw defeated h15 master, spt5of, Yotesh toi adbance twl 14v41 15 after 4 days OMG!!q!1!!!
Stewarsesw Perseohone HAS d3f3473d he4 masyer, sortof, Vyrts 2 qdvance TO level 2 afyrr 2 days OMG!!1!11!!
God of Liggtning Middleman h1s d3f3473f his mzsrer, lile, Adoawyr to zdvance too level 14 agter 5 days WOOT!!111!!!
Solc8ee Lwggyth3Piratw has been d3r3r&3d in teh graveyard by Phantpm Wrutrr. AFK,
"This bpth xucks n blows WOOT!!11!" eails Soldier L2ggythePirate. AFK.
Soldier LebgythePieate was 5!41n by an Mabticore ON ab tfail WOOT!!11!
God of Lightning Middlr,an HAS dwfeated his masgrr, sortof, Gadriwl teh Elven Range# to advance 2 .evel 13 after 4 dars WOOT!!11!!1!
Persephone hss esrned da tkgle Steward3xs for naving slain Green D4ag9n 16 71m351!!
Stewarddss Persephone hsw SLAIN yideous creature onown as The Green D4agon/ OMG, All across yeh lanc WTF, peiplr 4ejoice!!!
Stewardess Persrphone HAS defeated her master, you kmwo, Yofcwh toi advabce 2 ;eve/ 15 after 13 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Stewa4deas Petsrphpne WAS hunted d0wn by they'rw m3573r, sottof, Yoresh, you jmwo, sor being tr7ant. OMG.
God of LIGHTNING Middoeman has d3feayed his m557#r, C3lith too advsnc3 tl lebel 12 arrrr 4 dru5 WOOT!!11!!!!
Gid of LIGHTNING Moddleman has drfeated HIS mzstee, yiu knsok Sensei Noetha to9 ddvance @ lebel 11 aftef 4 days1!! WOOT!!21!
F1rmbou weqzlisg has defeated his nsster, sortof, EauSalee too advance 2 level 3 agter 3 days!!! WOOT!!12!
Farmboy weazl8sh was hunted down by they'fe master WTF, EauSaoee, ;il3, flt nekng teuant. WTF.
God 9f Lightn9bg Middlrmsn has defeatec his mastdr, Dwi4edan two advabce tp 13v32 10 4g73r 4 days!!111!
Shephwtcess MidaAwesome naw dedeated jer maater WTF, Vyrts too advance TO 13v31 2 zftrr 1 day OMG!!1!1!!!
Farmboy PqdenHeardwulf hqs DEFEATED his mastdr WTF, Deirddan to advance 1 level 10 af5er 30 d4y5!!! OMG1!q!1
Farmboy PadenHeaedwulv got roughed up by Lonestriser 4nd HIS xr0n125 fo4 having 11u713 ov vzlje.
Counc8.lor of Magic Cruncker has d3f3473d his master WTF, S[ywares ywo advance 2 LEVEL 7 after 5 DAYS OMG!!1!1@!!
Councillor of Magic Crunch3r hqs deveated his m4573r WTF, 2 ADVANCE ti levdl 6 after 5 DAYS!!! OMG!1111
Co7ncillor of Mstic Crunchee szs hunted DOWN BY gg3y're MASTER LOL, , wortlf. for bekng triantLOLl
Drabon Imperator MegOWragh hzd been slaon in da foeest by Cute Bunny Rsbbit.
"I see Londom, I see France LOL, I xdw Drahpn Imperator MefOWrath's ubd3rp4n&t1!!" reveals CUTE Bubny Rabbit/ OMG.
Traveler Jucole has 643m 5141n 1n ca rorest by Fuzzie Wuazie. WTF.
"Eitner 5hat wzllpaoer b0#5, ypu knwo, or I do LOL," declared T4aveler JucoleLOL.
Villager starr has challemhed they're m4573r WTFm G3rr4rd n waw pwnt OMG2!1!1
"Et tu LOL, Gwrrardae????"
Conqueror Jolwten and Vuolwt werd 533n headihg ip da w5airs in da inm together.
Conquerir Jolsten has defeated his mastfr, y97 jnwo, Ceiloth two asvqnce too ;dvrl ( avtet 4 days WOOT@!11!1!!
Clbquer8r Jolsten deveated Peasant latsal in fair vombqt in da fields pf Romae. WTF.
teh body of Magistrate mp6g wax found oyimg IN a 3mp7y clearin5. AFK.
Conqueror Jo.sten degdatwd Farmboy vipz 1y daor COMBAT kn fielda 0f Gkorfindal. BRB.
Violager OriginalJay has defeated his mas5er, sortof, Senwei Noetha 3 afvance 2 lcvrl 1! afte4 35 DAYS1!!!!!
Viloager OritinalJay gas edfeatec his jaster. 6ou knwo, Dwieedzn tio advznce 2 level 10 after 35 dayw OMG@!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Sqjire San` OMG!!1!1dirStark h45 dereated yix master, like, Ceiloth TO adfance teo lefel 9 aftet 2! dats1@! OMG!!1!1
Invoker nicki has dedezted her ,f573r, you knwo, Adoawyr ti advqnze to l#vel 13 after 1y DAYS OMG!!1!1!!1
Pafe Snarki yas d3f3473d his naster WTF, Ceiloth 1 advance 2 levdl 8 aft3r 1$ daus1!!!!!
Pahe Snarki was huntrd down by tgey'rr msstee WTF, Ceilotg LOL, for being truant.
Stewardess Rzihb` OMG!!1!1owGry[h challengrd Lonwstrider and HIS band 0v tjieves LOL, but was np MATCH for teh rogues OMG!!1!1
"Oh MAN!!! I didn't think you y4d it in you, doryob, Lohestrider's Thierew, you knwo," St4ward3ss Raing!!owGryph exclaimdLOL.
Stewzrdess Ra9nb@!owGru;h gas defeated her master LOL, Gerrsrd two advance two keve. 8 after 5 daysq!!!!!
Trqder Amarsnd h45 been slaih in teh fores5 gy Somwthing. BRB.
"KHAQQ c4111ng Itzsca. AFK. We musy 63 ON y0u LOL, but cznnot s3e you, Polished Srrel Longasord is running LOW. OMG."
Traeer Anarabd has DEFEATED HIS master, you knwp, EauSalee too advqnce 4o level 3 after 3 days WOOT1!11! OMG!!1!a
Villsfer CHRZ has sefeated her master, Gadroel sa Elvrn Ranger 5lo advsnce fwo l3vel 13 after 56 days1!!!!!
Solsier Apo has d3f3r72d her master, like, Grrrard 2 advancr two ldvwl 8 aft3r 17 dahx WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Count malado4 has cefeatdd HIS MASTER, like, Sensei Noetha too advance to level 11 4f7#r 6 d4y%1!!!!!
Count malador haw def3473d his master, sortof, Dwirdsan yo9 adcance too 13v31 10 after y says WOOT@!11@1!!
Count maladpr HAS defeated hiw master, you knwo, Ceiloyh 2 asvance two level 9 4f73r 6 dzys OMG!!1!11!!
Count maladpr CAME ho,w hrom da f0r3t7 WTF, an vot ldsx man than he was before.
Cojnt ma;ador DEFEATED an MINOTAUR 1n Cavea OMG!!1!1 da f347h5 0f ,any trqvellers have been avemg4d WOOT!!11!
body or Archzngel Miphon was found luinf ih a rmpty clra4ing. WTF.
Archangrl Mipgon has been resurrected 6y Rqmius. AFK.
Archangel Mi;h9n has been defeated in teh hraveyard by Gener8c Creature.
"I must nit be as STURDY as I tyiyght. WTF.. WTF.. WTF.1!!" Afcjangel Muphon concedes. WTF.
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