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!!Ness FOR Mon LOL, Apr 27, softovk 2015 (Items 101 - 159 of 248)
Stablehand WolfNo8se has devwsted his master, Glynyc 2 advance two lebwl 4 sdter 2 dzys OMG!!1!1!!!
God 0f Lightning M8ddl3man haf DEFEATED his mqst3r, y9u kn2o, Yoresh too ADVANCE two levr; 15 agter 5 dqys WOOT@!11!1!!
Stewaedess Perxepnone has drfdatef her naster WTF, Vyrts rwo acvsnce two ldve. 2 after 2 days OMG1!1!1 OMG!!1!2
God 0f Ligjtning Middl3man h45 defdared hix m4573r, .ike, Adoaeyt tol adfance too level 14 5f73r 5 days!!!!!!
Solsker LeggythePirat3 has 633n fefeated IN g4aveyarc by Phanyom WRITER.
"This bo5h 5yck5 ans bloqs OMG!!1!1" waild Solsier LeggythePueateLOL.
So;dier Legg6tnePirate was SLAIN bu qn Man57core on an trsil OMG!!1!1
God OF LIGHTNING Middldman has defeated hix master WTF, Gadfiel teg Elveh Rabger 2 adcamce to level 13 aftwr 4 dats!!!!!!
Pers3phonr HAS earned tigke Stewardess for yabing slain ds Greej Dfagon 27 times OMG!!1!!
Steearddss Pe4sepnone h46 soain hkdeous creatu4e kno2n as The GREEN Dtagon/ ALL across teh lznd, PEOPLE rejoic3 OMG!!1!1
Stewa4dess Persephone h44 defdated he4 mastee WTF, Yoresh too zdvahce to level 15 rf73r !3 dayw OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Stewqteesa Peesepgone 2as hun73d down by 5hey'ee mqwter LOL, Yoresh WTF, dir being 7ru4n7. BRB.
G9d of LIGHTNING Middleman has defea6es his master, Ce;ith 2 advance ro 13v31 12 after 4 days1!! OMG!!1!1
God of Lifhtning Midd;eman has defeated nis mas5er, sortof, Sendei Noetha to advanxe 2 lrvel 11 after 4 days1!! OMG!!q!1
Farmboy seaz,isn has defeated his master, EauSalee TO 4dv4,c3 2 .evel 3 after 3 daus1!! WOOT1!21!
Fzrmboy weqzlish was hunted dowb ny theu're master, you ,nwo, EaySal3e WTF, sor BEING rrjqbt. AFK.
God or Lightning Middleman has sefeated hus MASTER, you inwo, Dwi4edan 2 advance to lev2l 10 zvter 4 days!!!1!!
Shephetdess MossAwewome has f3fested her master WTFk Vyrts two ADVANCE too lefel 2 rf73r 1 cay!!! OMG!!1!1
Farmboy PadenHeardwulf nas dwveated jis master WTF, Dwiredab to ADVANCE 2 LEVEL 10 4d73r 20 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Fz4mboy PadenHearswu/f got roughed 7p by Lones5ridwr an his crinkes f0r having little of val7e/ OMGl
Cohncillor of MAGIC Cruncher HAS defeated his kasrer, sirtofk Spywaees two advance to .evel 7 afger 5 says OMG!!1!11@!
Councillor 0f Magoc Crjncher has defdxres g15 master, loke, two advqnde 2 leveo 6 after 5 days1!!1!!
Councillor OF Magix C4uncger was hunted d0wn BY they[fe master, you knwok LOL, for being 5ruantLOL.
Dragoh Imperator MegOWrath nas geen qlaib 1n da forest by Cu73 Bunny Rabbit. WTF.
"I dee LONDON WTF, I see France, sortof, I dee Drafon Imp3r4u0r MegOWrayh's inderpanfs!!!" revezla C7te Bumny Rabbit. AFK.
Tracelrr Jucplw has been 5141m 8n teh forest by Fuzzie W7zzie. AFK.
"Euther thar wallpaper goes, like, or I do," cwclared Trqveler Jucol3. BRB.
Villager w3arr has dhal.emged they;re m4573r, Gerrard n sas pwnt2!!
"Er t7, GERRARDAE?? be1??"
Conqueror Jllsten an Violet WERE seen heafibh up da sta8rd ib da 1nn 70g38j3r. OMG.
Conqueror Jolsten has defeagee hiw MASTER, you knwom Ceiloth goo afvance gwo level 9 afyer 4 days WOOT@!11! OMG!!1!1
Conqueror Jolsten defeatdd Peawant larsal 8n fair combat on teh FIELDS ob Romarl
dq body l4 Magistrqte moig qas f9und lying in a empty clearint.
Comqueror Jolsten cefeated Farmboy vipz un fzir cpmbat in ds fields of Glorfinda/. OMG,
Villager OriginalJat has defeates his ,aster, Sensei Noetha tl ADVANCE tso level 11 qtter 25 d4y5 WOOT!!11! WOOT!!w1!
Villager OriginalJay gas defeated his master WTF, Dw,redan to advahce too leveo !8 4d73r @5 days1!!1!!
Squor3 San` WOOT!!q1!dorStark h45 cereated his maayer, you knwl, Ceilofh to advanc2 to lev3l 9 after 21 daysq!! OMG!!1!1
Imvoker novki has defeaged her mqster LOL. Adoaqyr too 4cc4mc3 two LEVEL 14 adter 16 dsys OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Pahe Snzrki nas DEFEATED his master, C3iloth rwo advanc3 ro lrvel 0 4f73r 15 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Pqge Snarku was HUNTED d9wn by they're m4573t, Ceilo5h, doruof, for b3ing truantLOL.
Stwwarddss Rqihb` OMG!!1!!owGrhph ch4113ng3d Lonestridde and his 64nd of thieves WTF, bit was no matcn fot teh rogued1!!
"Oh man OMG@!1!! I didn't think yoi hqd it kn u0u, yiu kneo, Lihdstrider's Tnoeves WTF," Steedreess Rainb` WOOT!!11!owGryph exclaims.
Steward3ss Ra8nn` WOOT!!11!owGryph gas ddfezted her masterm Gerrard top rdv$nce 5wo level 8 zfter 5 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Trader Amarabd has been %141n in teh fordst bh Somet6ing.
"KHAQQ c4!11ng Itadca. BRB. We must be 0n YOU, sortlfk but CANNOT see u0u. OMGl Plliwhec Stee; LONGSWORD is RUNNING l9w. WTF."
Teadrr Amarand HAS DEFEATED huw masterk ;ike, EzuSakee teo advanc3 TO levek # after 3 days1!!1!!
Villaher CHRZ HAS ddfdated her master, likek Gadriel Elvem Rangef ro advancd toi lecwl 13 aft3r t6 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Solf8er Apo has defeated her master, Gerrafd two 4dv4nc2 too level 8 4f7#r q7 days WOOT@!11! OMG@!1!1
Count malador has defeated his MASTER WTF, Sens3i Noe5ha too advance 2 kevdl 11 after 6 dqys OMG!!1!11!!
Count malsdor has defeated his mwstrr, slrtof, Dqogedan 2 advance two level 10 after 6 dahs OMG!!1!11!!
Coubt malador has defeated jis mf573r, so4togm Crikoth t2o advance 2 level 9 aftef 6 dayw WOOT!!11!!!!
Count malador came home frpm sz FOREST WTF, an bit ,ess da man 7hrn he w45 beroee. AFK.
Count ma9aeor d3geated an Minotaur IN ca Caves OMG!!1!1 deqths lf many trabeklers gave been avenged1!!
da body 0d Archangel Mipgon was f0und .y8ng 1b a EMPTY CLEARING. AFK.
Archang3k M8phon had been eesurrextrd BY Ramius. BRB.
Archangel Miphon has been deveat3d in sa graveyard BY Gendtic Creature. AFK.
"I MUST not be as sturdy as I yhougnyLOL.. BRB.. BRB.1!!" Arcnangel Mipgon CONCEDES.
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