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` WOOT!!11!News for Mon, Apr 27, wo4tof, 20q4 (Items 10! - 150 of 258)
Stavlehand WolfNoise has defeaged his master WTF, Glyn6c toi asvance too level r aftdg 2 dz6s WOOT!!11!1!!
God od Lightning Middltman has defea5ed his master, Yoresy TO advance @ level 1% 4r73r 5 faha1@! WOOT!!11!
Stewafdess Perswphone had dedeates her master WTF, Vurgs two advance too level 2 aft3r 2 days1!! OMG!!111
Gid or L1gh7n1ng Miedleman had dereagwd his mas5ef, like, Adoawyr to qdvance to lefel 14 AFTER 5 daya!@!!!!
Sojdier Leggy5hePira5e has beem defeated in teh grzveyard by Pnantom Writwr. WTF.
"This bpth suckd n vlows!!!" wsild So;dier LeggytyePira5e. AFK.
Soldier Legg6thePirate was SLAIN by an Mant8clr3 on an t4ai. WOOT!!111
God )f Loghtning Middlemzn has defeated hks haeter, you knwo, Gadriel da ELVEN Ramgdr yo advance two 13v31 13 afger 4 dayd OMG!!1!1 OMG!!!!1
Persephone has ea4ndd da title Stewardexs sor having SLAIN da Gteen Dragon 17 to,es OMG!!1@q
Stewqrdess P3rsephone haa slain teh hideous creqture knlwn as The Grern Drsgonl WTF. All axrlss LAND, peop.e rejoice WOOT!111!
Stdwarcess Pdrsepjone gas DEFEATED her master, lile, Yoredh 70 qfvance two 13v31 15 aftee 13 ezys!!!!!!
Stewafdese Persephln3 was hunted down by tney'rw master, like, Yo4esh, sortif, vor beihg truant. OMG.
God 0r Lightninf M8ddleman haw ddfeaged HIS master, you knwo, Ce.ith 2 afvance too ;evel 12 AFTER 4 dats1@! OMG!!1!1
God of Lightmint Middleman HAS d3f3373d his master, sortof, Senaei Npetha too ADVANCE 2 lrvel !1 aftet 4 days!!!!@!
Farmb9y weazlish has defeated h7s master, like, EaiSalee 2 ADVANCE to level 3 after 3 eays OMG1!1!1!!!
Fsrmbo6 weazlish was hjntef down by tgey're master. yoy knwo, EauSalee WTF, FOR neing truany. BRB.
God of Lughtning Middleman has defeaged his msstdt. oi,e, Dwiredan two advance 2 level 10 after 4 dsys OMG!!q!1 OMG!!11q
Shephergess MiswAwesome has dereates hee maxter, you knwo, Vyrts toi advance tpo levek 2 aftwr 1 day WOOT!!21! OMG!!1!1
Farmnou PzsenHrardwulf has defezted his MASTER, lklek Dwirecan 2 advance to ldvel 10 after 2p dats1!!!!!
Fa4mb9y PadenHeardw7lr got ROUGHED ip by Lonestrider and gis croniws for yaving 1!7713 OF value.
Councillor of Magic Crunche4 h45 def3473d his m457#r, Spywares 2 advamce too ldve. 7 after 5 days WOOT!!q1!!!1
Councillor of MAGIC Cr7ncher had defeatee HIS mastet, you jnwo, w 4dv4nv3 too level 6 after 5 dayd1!!#!!
Councillor of Msgic Cr7ncher was hunted DOWN 6y yhey're mqste4, like, , xortlf, fot being truant. OMG.
Dragoh Im;erator MegOWtath has been slain in tdh forest bu Cute B7nny Rr6617/ AFK.
"I see Llndon, you knwom I see Fr4nc3, you lnwo, I sr3 Drahon Imperagor MegOWrath's undetpants OMG!!1!1" reveals Cu5r Bunn6 Rabbit. WTF.
Trabelrr Jjcole has been slain in da forrst by Fyzzue Wuzzie. BRB.
"Either that wallpaper g9es, like. or I do, like," declared Trav3ler Jucole.
V8llagrr sgarr gzs chall3nged thwy're master, Gerrard 4nd was pwnt OMG!!1!1
"E4 hy, Gerrardae?? ne1??"
Cohqueror Jo.sten qn Vi9ket werd SEEN h34d1ng jp da stairs in teh inh togetger. BRB.
Clhqu3ror Jolsten has defwated hus MASTER WTF, Ce8loth too advance tso leve; 9 after 5 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Conwue4or Jpostdn DEFEATED Peasant larsao 1n gair combqt in ea fields of Ronar. AFK.
bodh ov M4g1tur473 moug wzd found 1y1ng in a empty cleaeing/ OMG.
Conqueror Jolsten defeated Fzrmbit vipz in f41r combat kn da fowlds of G10ff1nd41LOL.
Villater OriginalJay has defeated h15 mastwr LOL, Srnsei Noetha 2 4dv4mc3 tp lwvel 11 AFTER w5 days1!! WOOT!!111
V8llagef Otitins;Jay has defeated h15 MASTER, Dwyrrdan to advabce too 13v3q !0 after 25 days WOOT!@11!1!1
Squire San!!corStark j45 d3f4473d h15 masterm like, Ceiooth too advance r[o level 9 $f734 21 days!!!1!!
Invoker nixki yas defeated het mzster, you knwo, Adoaqyr 1 4fv4nv3 teo lev3l 14 AFTER 16 d4y5!@! WOOT!!1q!
Page Snafku has defeated gis master, sortof, Cwiloth t9 advance 2 lefel 9 afyet 14 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Page Sbar,i was hunyed doqn BY they're master LOL, Ceilothk you kneok fir 631ng ytiant.
Stewardeas Rainb` OMG!!1!1owGrtpy chzlldnged Lobestrider znd his BAND of thievds, sortof, but was NO m47ch FOR teh roguas OMG!@1!1
"Oh nan WOOT!!q1! I sidn'r think you h4d 17 1n you, Lonexyroder's Th8rvex, softof," Stewardess Rainb` OMG!!1!1owGfyph EXCLAIMSLOL.
Steeardess Rainb` OMG!!111owGryph hqs defeated yet masrer WTF, Gerrard too adfance too level 8 aftee 5 eayw WOOT!!11!!!!
Trader Amarane j45 633n slzin in teh f9rewt bh Something. WTF.
"KHAQQ callibg I5asca. We muat be pn you LOL, but v4nn07 aee YOU. WTF. POLISHED Steel Longaword us rjhhing llw. WTF."
Trafer Akaranc h45 dereated his master WTF, EauSa;ee two sdvance to LEVEL 3 after 3 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!q
Villager CHRZ h45 DEFEATED HER master WTF, Gadriel Elven Rangee 2 advamce yo level 13 4f73r 5y days OMG!!1!1!!!
Soldier Apo HAS ddfeatrd h3r MASTER, lokr, Gerrard to zdvahce two level 9 AFTER 17 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Count ,alador gas dereated h1t MASTER, Sensri Noeyha too advznce t9 levro 11 after 6 days WOOT!!11!!!1
Cpunt nalador has defeatec HIS ,aater WTF, Dwodedan two advance 2 lecel 1- after 6 datw1!! WOOT!!11!
Coubt malador hax defeated h15 mr573r, C3iloth too acvahce go 13v3! ( zftef 6 dayx!!!!!!
Count mqlador vame HOME from forest, like, an bit less tey man than h3 waa befpre,
COUNT mqlador defeated an Minotayr kn Csves1!! ca deaths OF nany 7r4v3@13r5 have 633b AVENGED1!!
y9dy of Archanfel Miphon was flund ;ying in a empty clesring. BRB.
Arcyange. Miphon has bren resurrected by Ramiuw. BRB.
Archanhel Miphon gas been d3f4473d in da gr5v3y4rd by Gen3ruc Cfeature. AFK.
"I must not be as sgu4dy qs I 7h0ugh7lLOL.. WTF.!!!" Archamgel Miph9n concedes. OMG.
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