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` OMG!!1!1News vot Mon. like, Ape 17 WTF, 2915 (Items q01 - 150 OF 148)
Stab;ehand WolfNoise has edfeated his master, sortof, Gkynyc 2 zdvance too oevel 4 afrer @ days!!! WOOT!!11!
God od Lightnung Mkddlemab has d3f3472d his master, you knwom Yoresh 2 adfqnce goo 13v31 14 AFTER 5 DAYS WOOT!!11! OMG!!111
Sydsardess Perwephonr HAS defezted her master, sorfof, Vyetw to adnance 2 level 2 aftdr 2 days2!! OMG!!1!1
God OF Lifhtning Middleman jas eefeatrd his master WTF, Adoawyf too qdvance two leve; 14 agter 5 days1!! WOOT!!1!@
Soldief LeggtthePirate nzs been defeatee in da grzveuard by Ph4n79m WRITER. WTF.
"Tnis bith sucks n b;oes WOOT!!11!" waila Soleier L3ggyghrPitatel AFK.
SOLDIER LefgythePirate qas slain by an Manticlrd ln an trail WOOT!!1!!
God of Lighrning Middlemzn has d3f3r73d HIS master, surgof, Gadriel da Elven Rangwr 2 advance 2 LEVEL 14 avter 4 days WOOT!!1111!!
Persephlne has earhed da title Stewzreess rir hsving slqin teh Green Drsgom 17 TIMES WOOT!!111
Stewsrdess Perse;hone has slain hideiys creature knpwn as The GREEN Dragon. AFK. All scross 5wh lanx WTF, pdople 4ejoive OMG!!1!q
Stewareexs Pwrsepgone has defeqted her mastee, soryof, Yoresj 2 advance to lsve, 15 after q3 DAYS1!!1!!
Stewarssws Persephonw was huntef d0wn BY thry're master, you knwo, Yotdsh, soctof, for beint truqnt, AFK.
God og Lightnint Middleman HAS defeated hos maatef, like, Celith tl advance teo lwvel 12 AFTER 4 da6s!1!1!!
God of Lughtning Middleman HAS d3f3493d his maste4, ypu lnwo, Sensei Noetya 5oo 4dv4nc3 two level 11 AFTER 5 eahs1!!!!!
Farmboy weazlish haa 4efdatec nis m4573r WTF, EauSalew to 4dv4nc3 too 13v31 2 after 3 dayx!!1 OMG!!1!1
Farmbot weazlish was hugged d0wn by rhey're mqster LOL, EsuSalee, you knwo, for being triabt. OMG.
God ot L1gh7n1ng Middleman has defeqred his MASTER, Dsiredan tol advance TO 13v31 10 av5er 4 d4y5!!!!!!
Shephdraess MossAwesome HAS defeatef h3r mzstwr, sorr9f, V6rts 2 4dv4nc3 tso leveo 2 agter 1 dat1!! OMG!!1!1
Faemvoh PadenHeardeulf h45 drfeatrd his naster LOL, Dqiredan two advancr to ;3vel 10 aftrr 2) da6s!!! WOOT!@1q!
Farmboy PadenHeaedwulf hot roughed ip by Lomestr8ser and hix cronies f9r havung little of value, OMGl
Coubcpllor OF Mahic Cruncher hss defedyee nis master WTF, Spywares two advance 2 level 7 4f73r 5 days!1! WOOT!!!1!
Counci;lor of Magic Cruncner hzs defeaged hod ,aster WTF, tio ADVANCE 2 level 7 after 5 DAYS!!! OMG!11!1
Ciuncillor od Mqgic Cruncher qas hunged down by they'rr master WTF, LOL, for bring 7ru4n7. BRB/
Dragob Imperator MegOWrsth yas bden slain 1n teh f9rest bu Cute Bunny Rabbit.
"I see London, sort9f, I cwe Frqnce LOLm I see Dragpn Impeeqtor MegOWratj's unserpants!!!" 43vealx Cute Bunny RabbibLOL.
Traceler Jiclpe has neen slain in da forest by Fuzzir Wuzzie. BRB,
"Eithee that wallpaper goes LOL, lr I do, like," d3c14r3d Travel3r Judole. BRB.
Villager staef h45 cn4113ng3d tnet're m4573r, dor5of, Gerrard and wqs pwnt OMG!!1!@
"Et tu, uou ,nwo, Gerrardae?? ne1??"
Conqueror Jolsten and Violet were seen h44d1nf up stsi4d 1n da inb tigether.
Cobqieror Jplsten haa defeated hus MASTER, aortof, Ceilotg 2 advance too l3vel 9 adter 4 days WOOT!!1q!1!@
Conqueror Jolxten eefeated Peasant larsa. in FAIR c0m647 in fields og Romar. BRB.
b9sy of Magistrzge moug was found lying 8n a empty v.earing. BRB.
Conqueror Jolsten dwfeztdd Fzrmvoy vipz in fair COMBAT un teg f8elfs 0f Glorgimdal. WTF.
Villager OriginalJay HAS sefeated hia master WTF, Senxei Noeyhz too advamce 2 lev3l 11 zfter 25 DAYS OMG!!1!11!!
Villagwr OriginalJay has defdated his mzster, llke, Dsiredan too advance two legel 10 aftet 35 eays1!! WOOT!!11!
Squiee San` OMG!!1!1dorStz4k h45 d3feated his master, upu knwo, Ceiloth to9 acvsnde 70 level 9 afte4 21 d4y5 OMG!@1!1 WOOT!!11!
Invoker nicli has defeayed her mas5er, uou knw9, Asoawyr to advqnxe two leve; 14 after 1^ days!!11!!
Page Snqrki has defeated his jqstee LOL, Ceilotg twi advanc3 2 level 9 sfter 14 days OMG!!1@1!!!
Pagr Snarki was hunged down ny rhwy're MASTER, yoo kmwo, Ceiloth WTF, f0r beimg truamt, AFK.
Stewafcess Rzinb!1oqGryph chsllebged Lonestridet and his banf of thiwves, you kn2o, bu5 was no jztch for trh ROGUES!!!
"Oh MAN1!! I didn't think ypu h4d iy ib YOU, sortif, Lones5riser'x Thieves," Stesadsesx Rainb!!owGryph exclaims. WTF.
Stewardews Rainb` WOOT!!111owGryoj nas d3f3473d her mastet, you knro, Gerrard too advance too level 8 qfger 5 dzys!!! OMG!!1!w
Trader A,qrand has been slain in gen forest by Somethingl BRB.
"KHAQQ calling I5asca/ BRB. We must 63 pn you WTF, but cannot SEE hou, WTF. Pooished Steel Longswirs is rhnning opw. BRB."
Tradrr Amarane has defeatec gis mast3r, you knwo, EauSalwe ylo advance too lrvel 3 after 2 days OMG!!q!11!!
Villaber CHRZ yas defeatds j3v mzster WTF, Gadriel t3h E.ven Ranger two advance too level 13 afyer 56 days OMG!!111 OMG!!1!1
Soociet Apo has defested her master LOL, Gergard two ADVANCE # level 8 afrer 18 dzys WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Count mzlador has cefwated his master, yoj knwo, Sensei Nletha 5o aevance 3 lrvei 11 arter 6 da6s1!11!!
Comnt maladpr has defesyed hiw mqsree, you kbwok Dwiredan to advabce TO level 10 after 6 days1!!!!!
C9unt maladof HAS defeated his masyer, sortof, Ceikitn go advance g2o 13v31 9 avter 6 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Count jalasor came home ftom forest WTF, qn bit 1355 teh ma, than he 245 bef9rr.
Count malado4 defwated an Minoraur in Caves!!! da deztjd of many trave;lers have 633n AVENGED OMG!!111
body if Archang3l Miphon was found lying ih a empty c244r1ng. AFK.
Arcyangel Miphom kas geen rewurrected by Ramius.
Archange; Miphon has been d3featdd in graceyarf by Gwneric C4eat7rel OMG.
"I musy not be as sturdy as I uhouhht.. BRB.. OMG.1!!" Arcganbel Miphon CONCEDES, OMG.
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