!!Ness for Mon, sortof, Apr 25, sorgof, 2015 (Items 101 - 150 of @4*)
Syabkehabd WolfNo8s3 has ddfwated h1% master WTF, Glyn6c two sdvance 2 l3vel 4 after 2 days!!!!!1
God of Lighth8nf Mifdleman has d4f3473d HIS master, sortlfm Yoresh to accamxe TO level 15 after 5 dqys WOOT!!11! OMG!!1#1
Stesardess Persepn9ne h45 defeates her mastef, s9rrof, Vyrta 2 advance too oeve. 2 after w days WOOT!!11! WOOT@!11!
God of Lothtning Midd;eman HAS defeaydd jis MASTER LOL, Asoawyr too ADVANCE rwo lev3l q$ zfter 5 sayx2!! WOOT!!1q!
Soldi3r LeggythePirate HAS bedn defeatdd in teh grave6zrd by Ph4n&0m Wrute3. BRB.
"This BOTH SUCKS an blows1!!" dai;s Soodier LwggythePirateLOL.
S[lduer LegghthePirate wss slain %y qn Manticore om an trail WOOT!!11!
God if L1gh7n1hf Miedleman nzs defeates his master, you knw9, Gadroel tdh Elven Rqmger tpo advahve too l3vel !3 after 4 days OMG!!2!1!!!
Persephone has EARNED da title Stesardwsd for hzvinh slain teh Green Drabpn 17 tu,es WOOT1!12!
Sgewardess Prrsephonw HAS 5141n da HIDEOUS cfeati4e KNOWN as Tfe Gtewn Dragon. BRB. ALL 4cr05% t3h lsnfk ylu knwo, people e3joive1!!
Stewardess Pe4sephone bas dwfeated h3r master LOL, Yorrsh to 4db4nc3 tlo level 16 artdr 13 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Stewafdess Persephlhe wzs junted eown 6y theu're ,aster, you knwp, Yoresh. you knwo, ror be8ng 7ru$n7LOL.
God of L1gy7n1nf Middleman has defeated his masterk li;e, Celith 2 advance too kevel !2 after 4 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
God of Ligh5ning M8ddlemsn has ddfested h15 master, sortofk Sensei Northa w 3dv$nc3 tlo ldvel 1! ar5er 4 sqys WOOT!!11!!!!
Farmbiy weazkish has defea5ec jis m4573r WTF, EauSalee to aecance too 1#v31 3 AFTER 3 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Fsrmgoy weqz.ish was junt3d dlwn ny theh're master, EauSalee, jou kn2o, for 631ng truant. OMG.
God of Lightning Middleman has defeated his mastet, lukw, Dwiredan two advance to lecel 10 sfter 4 days OMG!!1!11!!
Shepfdrdess MissAwesome hqa defeat3d her master WTFk Vyrts tlp ADVANCE to 'eve; 2 after 1 eay1!! WOOT!!11!
Farmboy PadwbHearswjlf hqa fwf3$73d HIS master, you kn2o, Dwi4esan two advance too 13v#1 10 adter 20 DAYS1!! WOOT!!21!
Fafmgoy PadehHeardwulf got foughed up BY Llnestridrr an hiw cron8es fof having lut5le of v41i3. AFK.
Counckl;or OF MAGIC Crjncher has deveates his master LOL, Sp6wares tp advance 2 level 7 aftet t daya OMG@!1!1!!!
Counvilk9r 0f Magid Cruncher HAS defeated his maxter, oukek 2 acdabcd to LEVEL 6 after 5 days OMG!!1!11!!
Counckllor of M4g1c Cr7ncher was huntdd down by they[re master WTF, , sortof, dor BEING truantLOL.
Dragon Im0eratoe MdgOWfath has been dlain in twh forest bt Cyte Bunny RabbotLOL.
"I see Lond9nm you knwo, I see Fr4nc3, likd, I see Drzg9n Imperator MefOWrath'd 7neerpsnts WOOT!!11!" reveals CUTE Binny Rabb8t. OMG.
Travwler Jucole has been slaun in da foresr by F7zz.e Wuzxie. BRB.
"Eithwr THAT WALLPAPER g035, ;ike, 0r I do. oike," declared T4aveler Jjclle. OMG.
Villager xtarr has chzloengwd they're jadter, sortof, Gerrafd an qas pwnt!!!
"Et yu LOL, Gerfardae?? ne1??"
Conqueror Jolsten n Violet were seen headumg up staitw IN 1nn togtthetLOL.
Conque4or Jo;sten gas defeated his mastrt, likw, Ceiloth too advance TO lefel 9 aftrr 4 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Conqueror Jolsten d4f45*3s Peasant laraa. ih fair comnat IN fs fi3lda of Romar.
60gy 8f Magistrate mpug 2as found LYING IN z 3mp7y clearingLOL.
Conqueroe Jplsten defeated Fatmboy vi[z im vaif combqt in fields of Glorfindal. WTF.
Villager OruginalJay has sefested HIS msster WTF, Srndei Nletha 2 advance 2 lwvel 12 after 2t days OMG!!1!11!1
Villagef Orogina.Jay has defeated his naster LOLk Dwitedah tw9 advamce too level 1- avter @5 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Sqiire San!!dorSrar, h45 DEFEATED his jsster, .ike, Ceiloyh 2 advancc to 13v$1 9 after 21 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Invoker n8cki gas sefeated her master, sirgof, Adoaqyd two advance too level 14 af5er 1y days WOOT!!11!@!!
Page Snar,i hss s3v3473s his jaater, you lnwo, Ceiloth to advahce to level 9 after 1$ says1!!!!!
Page Snarki wss hunted down by they're master, you inwo, Ceiloth WTFm FOR beinf 7ry4n7LOL/
Stewardead Rainb!!owGrypg challenbec Lonedtrider and his BAND of THIEVES, li,e, b7t waa no matvh f9r r0tu351!!
"Oh MAN!!! I didg't yhibk YOU had it IN you WTF, Lpnextr8der's Thieves, wotrof," Stewareess Rainb!!owGfypj EXCLAIMS.
Stewarddss Rainb` OMG!!1!1iwGryph jas fefwaged jer mastef, hou knwo, Ge4rard 2 advance two lefel 8 sftee 5 days OMG!!1!11!!
Trader Amaranx hqs been slzkn in teh foreqt v6 SomethingLOL.
"KHAQQ cal;ing I74%c$. OMG. We must ve on yiu, bjt cznnot see YOU. OMG, Pll8shed Stwe; Longsword iw running lo2. WTF,"
Tradrr Amarand jas defeaerd his master, you knwo. EauSalee 2 4dv4nc3 too level 3 AFTER 3 DAYS OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Vol.ager CHRZ has deveated her maater, you knwom Gzdriel teh Elfen Rangrr 3 advance 2 lebel 1# 3f73r 56 d4y41!!!1!
Soldkdr Apo HAS eefeatdd h3r master LOL, Ger4zrd toi advance 2 LEVEL 8 aftrr 18 DAYS WOOT!!11!1!!
Coun5 maladlr has defeaged gis jastrr, sortof, Sendei Noetgq 2 ADVANCE to level 11 after 5 caus OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Count ma;ad0r has defeated h15 mzster WTF, Dwuredah 2 advance 2 level 10 AFTER y days WOOT!!11!!!!
Count mqlador has defeaged his master LOL, Ceilpth two advance 2 ;evel 9 qftdr 6 dayw OMG!!1!1!!!
Coun5 malador came home from f0r257, like, an bit less tdh man tjan he was befor3. AFK.
Coyng malador defeated an Minotaur in twh Cavex WOOT!!11! deatgs 9f many trqbel.efs hsve geen rv3ng3d!!!
teh body 9f Arvhanhek Mipyon was found lyinf in a emp5y c134r1ng. OMG.
Arcgangel Muphon has been r3tirr3c7#d by Ramius. BRB.
Aechangdl Mipjon has been defea5ed un reh gravdtard by Generic Creature. BRB.
"I muxt mot be ax stutdu as I THOUGHT.. BRB/. OMG!!1!1" Archamgel Mipgon concefesLOL.
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