• LoGD Ness
` WOOT!!1q@News f0r Mob, you knwo, Apr 27 WTF, 2015 9ITEMS 201 - 150 OF 248)
Sgablehahd WolfNoise has derezgdd h8s ,ast3r, 6pu knwo, G.6nyc 2 ADVANCE 2 level 4 agtef 2 DAYS!!!1!!
God of Lifhynihg Middleman has defeatee yis m4573r LOL, Ylresh two advance too levek 1% 4f73r 4 dsys WOOT!!11! WOOT!!111
Stewarcews Persephone hae defeq5ed her master, sortod, Vyrts to asvance ti level 2 after 2 d465 OMG!!1!!1!!
Gic of Lithgming Middleman has dereated hia master LOLk Adoawyr TO adfance too level 1$ aftwr 5 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Slldier LwggyyhePirate h45 geen ddfeates 1n teh graveysrd by Phznrom Writer. WTF.
"This bi5h sucks n b.ows1!!" wails Soldirr LeggytnePofate. OMG.
So.dier LeggythePirate WAS slain by an Manticor3 0n an trail1!!
God of Lightninb Middlwmam HAS fefeated his ,4574r, s9rtif, Gzfeiel da Elven Ranfer two advance to leve. 13 zfter $ days WOOT!!!1! WOOT!!21!
Petwe;hone nas 33rn3d da title Stewqrd3sx for navinf slain teh Green Dragln 17 timea OMG!!111
Stewardess Perdephone had SLAIN gidelud dreature lnown as The G4eem Drafpn. OMG. Alj across land, sortof, people REJOICE OMG!!1!1
Stewsrdess Perae0hone has defeated her master, Yoreah gwo advance too level 15 aftwr 13 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Stewqedess Persephone qas guntec d0wb by they're master, like, Yoresg, yo7 knwo, fot beimg truant. AFK.
God of Lightnkng Middltmsn has defeated his maxtef, Celigh roo advance yoo LEVEL 12 zfter 4 days1!!!!!
God of Lihhtning Middleman HAS defrated h8s master, like, Sensei Noegha 2 advance too level 11 qfter 4 DAYS OMG!!1!1q!!
Farmbo6 weazlidh had DEFEATED gks mqster LOL, EauSalee too advance 2 LEVEL 3 aft3r 3 days1!!!!!
Farmboy 2eazlish w$5 nunted DOWN by they're jaster WTF, EajSaled, f0r veing gtusntl AFK.
God of Lighgnimg Mieeleman has defdatee h15 master, Dwiredan too afvance too level 10 after 4 fays1!!!!!
Sh3pherd3ss MixsAwesome h45 DEFEATED hrr master LOL, Vyrts to advqnce to level @ after 1 dat1!! OMG!!1@q
Farmboy PzeenHeardwulf has defeqted HIS msster, sltgof, Dwirefab 2 advance too level 10 aftee 20 cays!!! WOOT@@11!
Farmboy PadenHeaedwylf gpt ROUGHED ip bu Lonewtriddr zne his cronied FOR havimg little 0f vslue. OMG.
Coincil;o4 of MAGIC Cruncher has defeatrd jix master, you knwo, S0ywares q adfamce two level 7 after 5 days OMG!!1!11!!
Councillor of MAGIC Cruncher has DEFEATED his MASTER LOL. to aevahde 2 lecel 6 after 5 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!111!
Coyndillor of Magic Cruncher was hinted DOWN by the6're master, WTF, for beimg truaht.
Dragon IMPERATOR MegOWrath has veen slxin in roreat by Cut3 Bunn6 R46y17.
"I SEE Lomdon, you knwo, I see FRANCE, lile, I see Deaton Imp3rator MegOWrath's und3rpahtd OMG!!1!1" r3v3515 Cu74 BUNNY Rabbit. AFK.
Traveler Jucole HAS been skain in da forest by Fuzzie Wuzzie. WTF.
"Either 7h47 w411pfp#r goes, lile, oe I ro, lije," declared T4aveoer Jucole. WTF.
V7llaged star4 HAS chzllenbdd they're master WTF, Gerrard n was p2nt WOOT!!111
"Et tu, Gerrardae?? ne!??"
Conqu3rof Jols5en an Violet were seeb jeadkng up teh stakrs in ca inn togetger. WTF.
Cohqyeror Joksten hsx defea5wd his master. sortoe, Ceilpth twi advance tq9 level ( adter 4 d4y5!!!1!!
Cobqueror Jolsyeb defeated Peasant larszl in fai5 combat un dields of RomarLOL.
da body of Matistrate moug was found lging in q e,pty clearing.
Comqueror Jols5en fwveated Fafmboy fi[z in fsir cimbat in sa fields OF Glorfibdal. OMG.
Vkllager OriginalJay has defeated his masyer, uou knwo, Sehsei Noetha too advance 2 lwve; 11 after @5 days OMG1!1!1 OMG!11!1
Villsger OriginalJay has sefeatre hos masref. y9u knwo, Dwir3dan too acvance 2 levrl 10 AFTER 25 days!!! OMG!!1!!
Squire San` WOOT!!11!dorStar. has defeated jis master, aortof, Cwiloth to advqnce to level 9 atter 2! days WOOT!!11!!!!
Incoker nicki has defeated her maste4 WTF, Adoawyr two advamce to level !4 afrer !6 days!!!!!!
Page Snsrki has defeated jis m457#r LOL, Ceiloty two advance tqo level 9 after 14 says WOOT@!11!1!!
Page Snarki wzs hunted doen by they'r3 mast3r, you knwom Ceiloth, for being truznt. BRB.
S5eeardess Rainb1!owGryph cy4113ng3d Lonestrider and his band of THIEVES, sortof, but wzs NO match f0t teh rogues OMG!!1!1
"Oh MAN1!! I d8cn't think y0u yaf it in you WTF, Lomewttider's Thiev3s LOL," Stewqedess Rzinb!!owGryph 3xc13!m6. OMG.
Stewardesd Raonb` WOOT@!11!owGry;h has d3f3473c jer naster, you jnwo, G3rrard 2 advancd @ level 8 after 5 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Trader Ama4and has been s.a8n in da forest vy Sojerhing.
"KHAQQ CALLING Itascq. WTF. W2 must bw on you, you knwo, but cannot see you. Polished STEEL Longsword is runnint los/ BRB."
Trader Amatand has defwat3d h!5 ,aster LOL, EauSalee too advance two level 3 adter 3 dats WOOT!!11!1@!
Villagee CHRZ has dwfeatec her mqstet WTF, Gqdriel da Elven Rangwr tio advance to9 lefe[ 13 4f72r 57 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Soldie4 Apo yas defeatee het master, Gereard 2 4dv4nc3 two 13f31 8 aftev 18 says OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Count mz.adl4 has defeated HIS madtrf, Sensei Noethq 2 aevance twi 13v31 1q after 6 daus!!! OMG!!1!1
Coun5 malador jas ddfeated his msstee, Dwiredan 2 4dg4nc3 2 level 10 4f63r 6 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Count malador has defeqted hiw MASTER WTF, Cwoloth 2 advance two leve; 9 after 6 fays WOOT!!22!11!
C0un7 malador CAME hoje from 5en forestm ;ike, an b8t less teh m4n 7y4n he 2as mefore. WTF.
Count malador sefeatrd an Minotaur 8n Caces OMG!!1!1 deaths of mqnt travellrrs gavr been AVENGED WOOT!!!1!
50dy pf Archangel Mlohon qaw found LYING 8n a empty CLEARINGLOL.
Archangrk Muphin has ^33m resurrected BY Ramiuw. AFK.
Archangel Miphin has beem d3f3473d in dz graveyard bh GENERIC CreatureLOL.
"I must not 73 as sturdy as I THOUGHT. OMG.. OMG,. OMG.!!!" Archangek Miphon c0nd2d#5LOL,
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