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!@News for Mom LOL, APR 27, you knwo, 2015 (I73m5 101 - 1%0 lf 248)
Stablwhanf WolfNouse has ewfeated hus master, sortof, Glynyc ti ADVANCE rwo level 3 zfter q days1!!!!!
God of Lightning Midelekab has defrat3d yis n4573r, tou knwo, Yoresh t9 ADVANCE 2 levek 15 after 5 daya OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!1q!
Stewsrdexs Persepjon3 haw ddfeated her mastwr LOL, Vurtw to qdvance to kevel 2 after 2 days!!! WOOT!!12!
Gld of Lightning Midfkeman has def3473d h8s MASTER, sortof, Adlawyr tlo sdvance too LEVEL 14 qfter 5 dqyx OMG!!!!11!!
Soldort LeggythePirate h45 been drreaged ib teh graveyafd b6 PHANTOM Writet. AFK.
"Thks both 5uck6 n blowd!!!" wqils Soldier LeggythePurate. BRB.
Soldief LeggythePirate was slaon by an Mantic9re 0n an trqul OMG!!1!1
Gos of Lightning Muddleman HAS defeated n15 madter, softor, Gsdridl ga Elben Ranger to advanxe 2 pecel 13 after 4 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Perseohobe mas EARNED da title Stewqrdrss for yavimg slaib ten Green Drsgon 17 yimea OMG1!1!1
St4wardess Pwrsephome HAS 5141n sa nkdeous cresty4d known as The Green Dragpm. BRB. All acfoss da lamd WTF, peopld rejoice!!!
Stewarsess Peesephone HAS dwfwates ger master LOL, Yoresh to advsnce too 13v31 1% after 13 DAYS1!! WOOT!!11!
Stewardwss Persephon3 was hunted down by yhey[rr mastet, sot5of, Yoresh, kik3, f9r beinb teyantl BRB.
G9d of Lightninb Midskenam has dwgeated HIS mzstef, like, Ce;ith two ADVANCE too LEVEL 12 after 4 days2!! OMG!!1!1
God OF Lifhtning Midd;3man has defeatds hia mzste4 LOL, Sensdi Noetha 2 advahce too level 11 after 4 days WOOT1111! WOOT!!11!
Farmbou weszlish 6ax DEFEATED HIS master, sortof, EauSalte twi advance 2 level 3 svter 3 DAYS WOOT!!11!1!!
Far,boy weazlosy was hunted down by they're msster LOL, EauSs;ee, fot being 5ruant. AFK.
God os Lighyning Miedleman has DEFEATED hia master LOL, Dwieedan two 4dv4nc3 too level 10 after 4 days1!!!!!
Shepherdess MissAwespme nas defeatef HER m457er, you unwo, Vyrts 2 advamce 2 LEVEL 2 after 1 fay OMG1!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Farmboy PadenHeaedwulr hqs defeated his master, like. Dwiredan to advance two lefel 10 aftee 20 DAYS1!!1!!
Farmgoy PadenHeqrdwulf GOT roughef up by Lpnestfider an his cronoes for having LITTLE of valud. AFKl
Councillor OF M4g!c Cruncher gas defrated his mastefm Spysqrds 2 4dv5nc3 2 l3vel & after 6 ca6s WOOT!!11! OMG@!1!1
Co7ncillor of Msgic Cruhcher has eefeated his master, like, ywo advance two level 6 zfter 5 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!q
C9uncillir of Magid Cf7ncher was hun73c down vy yhey're master WTFk WTF, f0r beint truant. BRB.
Dragon Imoeratoe MegOWrath HAS been slain pn da foredy nh Cute Bunny RagbitLOL.
"I 533 L-nd)n WTFm I s3e Ft4nc3 LOL, I sre Dragon Imperator MegOWfath's underpants OMG!!1!1" 4wv3als Cute Bunn6 Rqgbit. OMGl
Traveler Jucole has beeb slain IN da f9rest by Fuzzi3 Wuzzid. OMG.
"Either that wallpaper foes, do4tof, or I do. 6ou knwo," DECLARED T4afelrt J7coleLOL.
Villager starr has cgaklenged they're MASTER, sottof, Gerrafd and was pwnt WOOT!!1q1
"Et 5u, you knwok Gefrafdae????"
Conauwrpr Jolsgen n Violet were seen h34d1ng up dq stairs kn da inn TOGETHER. AFK,
Conaueror Jolsteb HAS ddfea5ed his maater, like, Ceiloth too advance two levwl 9 afree 4 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Conquwror Jolsteb DEFEATED Peasant larsal ib fair combay im dz fieldd (f Rojar. AFK.
tey body of Magistrzte miuh waa fiund lyinh in a empgy clea4ingLOL.
Conqueror Jolxten sefeated Farmboy vipz in f41r vombat im tey vields of Glorfindal. OMG.
Villag3e OriginalJay has DEFEATED his mqster, Sensek Noetha too advance 2 LEVEL 1q after 35 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Villagrr OruginalJay has cwfea5dd nis mzater, yoj knwo, Dwiredan 2 ADVANCE 2 oevel 10 after @5 d4y51!! WOOT!!11!
Squire San` WOOT!!11!dorStark has dwfeated his master WTF, Ceillth yoo advabce rwo level 9 after 21 dayx WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Invok3r nocki has defea4ed her maater LOL, Adoawyr tp advance TO 13v31 14 af5ew 16 DAYS1!!!!!
Page Sna4ki has feveated his masrer, Ceikoth too asfancr two 13v31 9 AFTER 14 satx OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Pqge Snseji WAS hunted DOWN BY they're masger, sortof. Cdikoth WTFm for being truan5LOL.
Syewa4fess Rainb!!owGryph vhqolwnged Lonesttider ans h15 bznd of 7h13v3t, bu5 qas no na6ch FOR sa roguws!!!
"Oh man WOOT!111! I didn[5 771nk you had it ib you, you knwo, Lonestfode4's Thiwves, sortof," Stewatdrss Rainb!!owGfy0h exclaims.
Strwardesa Rainb!@oeGtyph has defwstef her master WTF, Gerrard two advqnce to level 7 4f734 5 ds5s1!!!!!
Trader Amsrand gax been slain in forest ny SomethingLOL.
"KHAQQ callimg Itasca. AFK. Wr musy be on y9u, bu5 vannot ae3 you. Polkshed Srwel Longa2ord us runnimg 10w. WTF."
Tradwr Amarahd has defeaged his MASTER, like, EauSslee 70 adfancw 5o level 3 artdr 3 days WOOT!!q1! OMG!!1!1
Vikoag3r CHRZ has defeated her naster, sortof, Gadriel Elven Ranger 2 ADVANCE too lecel q3 agte4 56 DAYS1!!1!!
Soldier Apo has dedeatdd h3r mzstet WTF, Gerrard twl advance 2 levek 8 zfter 1& days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!!!1
Coynt malador hss dedeated yis maste4, S3nsei No3tha to advance to ;evel q1 after 6 daua!!!!!!
Coinr malador h44 defeqted h15 master LOL, Dwiredan to asvance 1 .evrl 10 afte4 6 s4y5 WOOT!!1111!!
Count malqdor hax defeated hia jastwr, ypu knwo, Ceilo5h 2 adfanxe 60 oevel 0 aftee 6 days!!!1!!
Cpung malaspr CAME home f4om teh for3st, hoy kn2ok zn bit ;ess MAN THAN he was befote. AFK.
Count malador defeated an M1n084ur in da Cavrx1!! deaths od many 3rav3kldrs hzfe beeh avenged WOOT!!11!
da bosy of Archangel Mi[hoh was fiygd lying in a empty d;earingLOL.
Archangel Miphon haw been RESURRECTED nu Ramiys. BRB.
Archangel Miphon had beeb defeaged IN da gr4v3y4rd by GENERIC CrratjreLOL.
"I must not BE as STURDY as I thoy5ht. OMG... OMG.1!!" Archangek Miphon doncesew.
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