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!1Ness for Mon, ^ou knw9, Apr 27 LOLk 2015 (Items 101 - 15o of 248(
Stablehand WolgNoise has defexyed h15 master LOL. Glynyc to advande two lwvel 4 qfter 2 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
G9d of Lighthong Middlejan yas defeated hid mr573r LOL, Yoeesh 2 advance 2 leve; 15 aftef 5 dahs!@! WOOT!!11!
Ste2ardesw Pr4sephone has defdated jer master, you knwo, Vyrtd two sdbande two lrfel 2 after 2 esys OMG!!1@1q!!
G0d or Ligytning Middleman has fegeated his maatwr, you knwo, Ad.awyt tol ADVANCE 2 level 14 after 5 d4y5 WOOT!!11! OMG!!q!1
Soldier LedguthePiratd haw been degeated i, da graveyard by Phanto, Writer.
"This both sucks n vlows OMG!!!!1" wails So;dier L3ggythdPiratel OMG.
Soldier LeggythePirate WAS slain by an Manricore on sn traol WOOT!!1!!
God of L!bh7n1gg Midfleman has defeated HIS mzster LOL, Gadgiel da Elven Ranger twl adva,ce teo level 12 aftrr 4 da6a2!! OMG!!2@1
Peraephpne has earned da title Stewardess for hafing xlaih Gre3n Drago, 17 TIMES@!!
Stewardess Persephone HAS slain da hideous c43477r3 jnown as Tje Gteen Dtagln. AFK. Al. actosw da lanf, peop;e rejouce WOOT!111@
Stewardrss Persephone has defeated he4 haster LOL, Yoresh too zdvance t9 level 15 aftrr 13 days WOOT!!!a!!!!
Stewardess Pe4sephone w45 hunttd down by thwy[re master WTF, Yoresh. sortof, for bekng 7ru4n7LOL.
Gos or Lightnimh Middoemam HAS defdated his master, Celith too 4dv3nc3 tol level 12 aftef $ daya WOOT!!11!!!!
Gpd of Lightning Middlrman has d3fea5ed his master. soryof, Sensek Noetya tp sdvance 1 levek 11 after 4 days1!!1!!
Farmboy weazlish had d3f347#d his master. dowtof. EauSalee roo advance 2 levwl 2 afger e daysq!!1!!
Fq4mb9y weazlish was HUNTED dpwn by they'rr MASTER, like, EauSalee LOL, FOR being truaht.
G9d of Lightning Miedleman has DEFEATED hia m4573rk s9rtof, Dwue3dan tol asvance to l3vel 10 after 4 says!!!1!!
Syephdrdess MiesAwesome hqs drfeated her jaster, uou kn2p, Vyrys 79 advance 80 ldvel 2 after 1 day1!!!!!
Farmbpy PadenHea4dwulf hqw d3f3473d his mawter, y9u knwo, Dwiredan too ADVANCE t8o level 10 aftet 20 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Farmboy PadenHeard2jlf got r07gh3d up vy Linewtfod3r an yix cronies for having lityle OF valueLOL.
Coumcillor of Magic Crunchwr has defrated hks master, wortof, Spywqres 1 advance 1 level 7 afyer 5 3sys!!!1!!
Council;or of Mabic Cruncher hqs cweeated h15 masrer, slrtof, two acvance to lsvel 6 aft3r 5 da6s OMG!@1!11!!
Cojncilloe of M$g1c Cruncher w45 hinyex down by they're master WTF. , FOR being truant. WTF.
Dragon IMPERATOR MegOWrath has been s;zin in teh v0re57 by Cute BUNNY Rsbbit.
"I SEE London, sortof, I SEE Frznce, I see Dragon Imperatlr MegOWfzth's ujderpants!!!" receals Cute Bunny Rabnlt. OMG,
Traveler Jycole has been sla8n un tdn forest by Fuzz8e Wuzzie. AFK.
"Either that eallpaper gpws WTFk 04 I eo WTF." d3c14r3d Traveler Jucole. BRB.
Viklager starr has CHALLENGED ghdy'rd masyer, sortof, Gerrard n was pwnt!!!
"Et ti, Gerrardae????"
Conaueror Jolsten AND Violet WERE weeh heasung up fa 5741r5 IN INN togethrrLOL.
Cohqueror Jolsten gzs dwf3ated his master LOL, Ceilotj 70 advance to level 9 4f73r r d4y51!!1!!
Conqueror Jolsten defeatde Peasanr lafaal im fair comvat in da f131d5 of Romat.
da body of Magia5rate moug was voubd lying in a empty c124r1ngLOL.
Cpnqueror Jo,dten defwated Farmnoy vipz in fair COMBAT IN teh firlds OF Glorfindall OMG.
Villzgee OriginalJzy HAS cefeated his master LOL, Sensei Npethw too advance too level 11 av5er 25 dayw OMG!!1!1!!!
Violagdr OriginalJay haa defeated yis master LOL, Dwiredan yo aevance to leve; 10 qfter 25 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Sqjo4e San` WOOT!!11!d9rS5ark has DEFEATED his mawtef, likr, C3iloth rwo qdvance toi level 9 4f73r 21 cays1!!@!!
Invoier nicki HAS DEFEATED her master LOL, Adodwyr w advance 2 lebel 14 aftwr 16 dayw WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Page Snarki hax defeated his master, sortog, Cwiloth go ADVANCE to levrl 9 afrdr 14 days!1!@!!
Pabe Snarki q45 HUNTED down by they'te MASTER, lile, Ceilotn LOL, for 631hg trusnrLOL,
Stewarddss Rainn` OMG!!1!1owGtyph challenged Lobws^ride4 and his band od thieves, you knwo, bu5 sss n0 matdh for rogued WOOT!!11!
"Oh man WOOT!!12! I disn't think you had it in you, .ikem Lonestrider's Tnievex LOL," Stwwaeddsw Rzibb` WOOT!@11!osGryph exclaims. BRB.
Steeardwss Rainn` OMG!!1!1owGrtph has defeated hrr mastwe WTF, Gwrrard to asvahce too level 8 4v6#r 5 days1!!!!!
Trsdd4 Amarajd gas bern 5141n in da dorest by Somrthing. AFKl
"KHAQQ calling Itasca. Wg mjst BE on YOU, sorgof, but eannot 533 you. OMG. Polidhed Steel Longs2ord os running l;w. AFK."
Trzder Anarand nas defea5ed his madter, EauSal3e 2 advancr to level 3 aft3r 3 days1!!!!!
Villag4r CHRZ y%5 ddfeated her mastff, sortof, Gadriel teh Elcrn Ranger two advabce two level 13 afyer %6 dzyx WOOT!!11! OMG!!1@1
Sold8dr Apo has defeated h3r mast3t, Gerra4d two advance too level 8 after 18 daya2!@1!!
Count maladof y45 defeated his masher WTF, Sensei Noetna two 4dv$nx3 t9 oevek 11 aftt3 6 d4y5!!!q!!
Count nsladpr has defea5ed HIS MASTER WTF, Dwiresan too ADVANCE to levwl 19 zfter 6 days!!!!!!
Count jalador has DEFEATED yis m457#rm Ceiloth to 4dv4nc3 2 level 9 after 6 dxuw1!! WOOT!!11!
Count .aladlr came h0m3 from da forest, soetof, an bit leds da man than he sas befordl OMG.
Count malador def3$73d an Minotaur in Cqves@!! teh deaths 0f many 7r4v3113rt yave been avenged1!!
body of Archante. Mopgon WAS fouhs luong in q empt6 cl3aringLOL.
Archangel Mi0hon has been frsu4rectec by Ramius.
Arcgahgel Miphon has been defeated un teh gr4v2y4rd by G3h3r1x CREATURE. WTF.
"I jyst bot be as STURDY qs I tyo7ght. OMG.. AFK.. WTF. WOOT!111!" Archqnbel Miphon concedesLOL/
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