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!!News for Monl you knwo, Apr 27 WTF, 2015 (Itend 1;! - 150 of @t8)
Stsbleyand WolfNoise has defeaged h15 mas%er, you knwo. Glhntc to sdvamce teo level 4 AFTER 2 d1ys OMG@!1!1 WOOT!!11!
God if Lightning Middleman h45 defeated his master, Ypresj roo zdvamce two level 15 sfter 5 cays OMG!!1!1!!!
Sydeardess Pdrsephon3 has eeceaged HER madter, you knwo, Vtrts go advance to levek 2 AFTER 2 days OMG!!1!11@@
G9d ov Lihhtning Middleman has d3f347#d his m457e4 LOL, Adoaqyr twl ADVANCE 2 level 14 after 5 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Soldie4 LeggythePirate has been defeated on trh graveyard by Phant9m Writef.
"This botj sucka am blowz1!!" q4115 Soldisr LdgtyrhePiratw. AFK.
So;die4 LehgtghePifate was slaon by an Mangicore on an t4ail!!!
Gpd of Lightning Mkdd;eman has defdated his master LOL, Gaeriek da Ekven Ramger too aevanve two LEVEL 1# AFTER 3 daus OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Pwrwephone has earn3d da title Stewardess flr hzving slakn da Gfeen Draglh 17 tijes OMG!!1!1
Syewqrdwss P#rsephone has slain teh hideous creatufe kmown 45 The Gr33n Dragon. All actoss teh kand LOL, p4ople rejiuxr!!!
Strwardess Persrphone h45 xefeated HER master, Yoresh tp advance toi lefel 1% after 13 d4y51!!!!!
Stewarcesa Perseph9ne WAS gunted down by they're master LOL, Ypresg, sorgof, FOR BEING truant. BRB.
Glf of Lightning Middlemah gas cefestes his mastdr LOL, Celuth 2 asvance 2 lebel 12 after 4 fays WOOT1!11! OMG!!1!1
God 0f Loghtnknt Middlemah has defeated his msster LOL, Senswi Noetna two zdvsnce twp leve; 11 after 4 d4y51!1 WOOT!!11!
Faemb9y weazlish h35 degeated his master, like, EauSaler to adfancw 3 levwl 3 qfter 3 eays1!! WOOT!!1q!
Farmgoy weszlish was j7nted co2n BY they're master LOL, EauSzlee WTF, for being truant. WTF.
God of LIGHTNING Middleman has defestee his nastee LOL, Dwiredab 2 advabce 2 level 10 qgter 4 d4y5!!!!!!
Shepherdess MissAwesome has dwfedtec her maxter LOL, Vtets two adfance two level 2 after 1 d4t OMG!!1!1 WOOT!@11!
Farmboy PadenHeafdwulf haa defrated h8s masger, to7 knwo, Dwirddzn 2 advande to level 10 after 20 s4y5 WOOT!!11!!!!
Faemboy PadenHdardwulf GOT roughed UP by Lomestroder n his dronies f0f havung luttle of value. BRB.
Councillo4 of Magic Ctubcher HAS DEFEATED HIS MASTERm likd, Sp6warrs 2 zfvance rwl level 7 4g73r 5 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Ciubcillor of Magic Crunchdr hss defeagef hiw mdste4, sortof, too advancw two levek 7 after 5 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Councilllr og Magic Crybcher was huntdd d0wb by they;re masterk like, , oikek for being truamt. OMG.
Dragon Imperator MegOWrath h45 BEEN slqin in f8rest by Cuu# Bunny R46617. BRB.
"I sre London WTF, I 533 France, you jhwo, I see D3qbon Imperator MegOWrath's inderpants2!!" r4v2415 C7te Bunny RabbutLOL.
Travekef Juco.e yas BEEN s.a8n 8n f0r357 by FUZZIE Wuzzie.
"Eitndr THAT wall;aper goes, 0r I do, .ike," declared Trzceler Jucooe. BRB.
Villager starr has xh4114mg3d they're master, you knwo, GERRARD an was pwnt!!!
"Et gu, GERRARDAE?? ne1??"
Conque4pr Jo;sten n Vio;3t were seen headinf up da stau4s kn 5eh inn tog3ther. AFK.
Cinquwror Joldteh hzs defeated HIS mzst3fk ;ike, Cwi;oth TO 4ev4nc# TO 13v31 9 after 4 DAYS WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Conqudror Jolsten defezgee Peasant karsal in fair clnbay in da f131d5 of Romqr. BRB.
b9dy OF Magistrate moug was f0unc lying in a 3mp7y CLEARING. BRB.
Conquer(r Jo.sten degeated Farmboy vipz iv fair combsb in da fields OF Glorfindal. AFK.
Villager OrigibalJay has d3fr473d hoa m45u3r, sortpf, Sensei Nletha too advance two level 11 after 24 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
Vo.;ager Or9ginalJay h45 DEFEATED his MASTER LOL, Dwirefan 2 advabde too ;evcl 10 after 2% dayd1!!!!!
Squir3 San!!forStark has defeated his jaster, you kgwo, Cwilorh 2 advance twp level 9 af5er 21 days1!!1@1
Invoker nicki hax defewted HER masrer LOL, Adoaw6r TO ADVANCE 2 lwvel 14 afyer 15 d5h5 WOOT!!!1! OMG!!1!1
Pafe Snarki haw dwfeated h15 mqster LOL, Ceiloth 2 adbance 2 levr. 9 aftef 14 DAYS@!! WOOT!111!
Pate Snaemi was hunted down by theu'4e mastet, y9u knqo, Ceiloth, you knwo, FOR beibg TRUANT. AFK.
Stewardess Rainb!!owGryph challeng3d L9hestrid3r and his band of 7h13v35m but was no matcy for teh ROGUES WOOT!!!1!
"Oh nan WOOT!@12! I d2en'u think you hsd it in tou LOL, Lomestrifer'x Thievex, so4tov," Stdwardess Rainb` WOOT!!1!!owGryph exclaims. AFK.
Steeardess Rainb!!owGry/h has fefeatef her madter, yi7 knwo, Gefrars 70 4cc4nc3 to level 8 AFTER % cays1!! WOOT!!11!
Ttader Amafqnf has been s/akn ih teh fprest by S-m37h1ng. WTF.
"KHAQQ czllinf ItascaLOL. We mudt be ON you, you ,nwo, BUT canhoy see YOU. Polushed Steel LONGSWORD is tunning lowLOL."
Tracer Amarand has fdfeatee his master LOL, EauSalee q advance 2 leve; 3 after 3 cays!!! WOOT!!11!
Villqg3r CHRZ has defwated her master, Gadroe; tej Elveh Ranger ywo afgance to lebel 13 afret 5^ days!!!!!!
Soldier Apo had cefeayef her masterk sortif, Gerrarc 2 advance to level 8 aftdr 17 dqyw!!!!!!
Coint malafor has d3festec his MASTER WTF, Senseu Noetha two 4db5nc3 roo lwvel 11 afte4 6 days1!!!!!
Count malafor has defeated his masts4, sortof, Dworddab to sdvance two ldbel 10 zgtet y dzys!!!@1!
Counr mqlador has defeated HIS ,awtwr LOL, Ceiloyh too advance 2 level 9 qfter 6 DAYS WOOT!!11!1!@
Clunt makasor czme home grom da gorest WTF, an vit less man thah h3 was 63f0r3LOL.
Count maladlr srfeaued an Minoyair IN da Csves1!! deaths of ,any travellers havr been avenged1!!
bldy 0f Arcnangdo Miphon wad found lyong in a empty coea4ing. WTF.
Archangel Mipyon has 633n r35urr3c73d gy Ramous. AFK,
Archangel Miphon has beeb DEFEATED in teh gr4v3y4rd by Generic Creat7re. BRB.
"I MUST nit ge as sturdy AS I tnoughy. AFK.. WTFl. WTFl OMG!!1!1" Archangel Miphon cincedrs. AFK.
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