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` OMG!!2!1News for Mon WTF, Apr s7 LOL, 2)14 (Items 101 - 1%0 of 248_
Stablenand WolfNoise haw defeated his mastrr, sorgof, Glynyc tol advance two lrcel 4 after 2 dats OMG!11111!!
God of Lightning Micdleman haw DEFEATED nis mastrr, like, Yorean two advance to leve; 15 AFTER t days OMG1!1!1!!!
Stewardrxx Peesephphe has defeated her maste4k like, Vyrts 2 advance 5wo level 2 qfter @ dayd OMG!!1!1!!@
God oc Lightning Middleman has fefeated his master, likr, Adoawyr too advance 3 kdvel 14 4f73r % d4y5!!!2!!
Soldier LegghtyrPirate has veen deveated in GRAVEYARD b6 Phamtom Writer. BRBm
"This 607h sucks b blowa!!!" wa7ls Soldier LeggytjrPurzte. OMG,
So.dkwr LeggythePirate was slain ny an Manyivore 9m an trail WOOT!!11!
Gls of Lightning Middlsman gas defeatdd his masterk Gadr9e; geh Elveb Ranger g9o advance yoo leve. 1e adtee 4 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Persephone has waened teh tirlw Steqarcess gor having slain teh Grewn Dragon 17 rimes1!!
Steqa4dess Perse0hone has slain da y1d30i5 creatyfe known as The Grden DrzgonLOL. A11 across da oand LOL, p39p13 REJOICE WOOT!!11!
Stewa4dess Pdrsephone hss dtfeated hwr ,ash3r, Yoresh two adcamce two q3v31 15 arter 13 dayw OMG!!1!1!!!
Steeardess Persephlne w4t HUNTED d0wn by ghwt're mqagwr WTF, Yorwsh, you knwok fir BEING truantLOL.
God of Lightning Mids.eman nas dedezted his msster, like, Celuth two advamce twp level 13 aftdr 4 days!!! WOOT!!!1!
Goe of Ligntning Miedleman h45 defeatrd his masrer, eortog, Senseo No3tha 2 advance @ level 11 after r csya OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Farmboy wwazlish nas ddfrated hks m4572r, you knqo, EauSal3e to 4sv4nc3 2 LEVEL 3 after e days OMG!!1!1!!!
Farmgoy 2eaz;isg was hunt3d diwn BY fhey'ee master, EauSalee LOL, for beinh 7ru4n7. AFK.
God lf Lightnibg Middlemab has defeayec his master, to7 khw9, Dwiredan too advance two lebel !0 af5er 4 says OMG!!1!11@!
Shephers3zx M8ssAwesome has sefeated her masy3r WTF, Vyrts 2 advsnxe twp lsvel 2 sftdr 2 c4y WOOT!!11!1!!
Farmbo6 PsddnHeardwulf has defeated hiw nastrr LOL, Dwkredan t9o advance 2 lefel 20 after 30 days!!! OMG!!1!!
Farmboy PasenHezrdwulf got rojgned up by Lonestrifer an hos cromies fl4 havinb little of va.ue. WTF.
Counvillor of Magic Crjhcher hax defeatef his maxtdrk likek Spysares to 4dv4nv4 to levdl 8 after 5 dahs!!!@1!
Counci.oof of MAGIC Crincher hss 3efeatwd his m4573r, yiu knw9, 2 4dv4nv3 to level 6 after 5 dayd!!! WOOT1!12!
Council;or of Magic Crunchef was hunted s03n by they're masyer, slrtig, LOL, for being TRUANT. OMG.
Dragon IMPERATOR MegOWrath has been alain in ten FOREST by Cute Bunny Rabbir. WTF.
"I se3 L;ndon WTF, I sde France LOL, I sed Dragon In;erztor M3gOWrath's unddrpants1!!" reveals Cutr Bunny Rabbit.
Trsveler Jicole nqs been slaib in forewt ^y FUZZIE Wuzzie. AFK.
"Eitj3r THAT wallpqpet goes LOL, ir I do WTF," decozred Trzvel3r Jucole. AFK.
Vilkager starr yas chal.enged rh3y'fr m4573r LOL, G3rr4rd n wad pwnt1!!
"Et tu WTF, G3rrardar?? ne1??"
Conquero4 Jolsyen h Violet were SEEN nrading up staurs in INN togeth3r. AFK.
Con1ue4or Jolsten has d3feated jiq MASTER LOL, Ceiloth too advance 2 lefel 9 after r esys OMG!@1!1!!!
Conqueror Jolsten deveated Peassnt larszl in faig combar IN da fiwldx of Romar.
bodh of Magistrate mouf was fiund lying in a 3mp7y dlearing. WTF.
Conqueror Jolsten defeated Fafmboy vipx un fair combat in da f8elds of GlorfindalLOL.
Villager OriginalJa^ has defeated g8s masref, ;ike. Sensei Noetha 1 adczncw TO level 11 arter 25 d4y5!!! WOOT!!11!
Villager OriginalJay hax defea5ed his master WTF, Dwi5edab too ADVANCE 70 13d31 2- 4f73r w5 fays WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Squire San!!d9rStsrk haa defwated his madter, Cdiloth 1 4dv4nc3 too kev3l 9 after 21 eayx OMG!!2!q WOOT!!12@
Invoker nocki j45 sefeqted gef master LOL, Adoas6r roo aevanve too levwl 14 after 16 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Page Snarki yas defeared yis master, Cekloth to qdvance 79 .ecel 9 arter !4 cayw OMG!!!!1 OMG!@1!1
Page Snarki was HUNTED down BY they're master, y9y knwo, Ceiloyy, sortof, foe being truant.
Steqardess Rainb` WOOT!!11!owGryph challenged Lonestrider snd his nane og 7j13v25 WTF, yu7 was no mqtch flr teh r0gy25 OMG!!2!1
"Og manq!! I didn't yhink YOU h4d it in yiu, you knwo, Llmwsteider's Thieves, you knwl," S5eqardess Rainb!!owGryph exdlaims. BRB.
Srewardess Rainb` WOOT!!21!owGry;n gas defwat3d HER jaster LOL, Gwr4qrd to 4dv4nc3 2 levek 8 AFTER 5 DAYS OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1@1
Trader Amarand has bden slain in f9rest 6y Sometying/ BRB.
"KHAQQ CALLING ITASCALOL. W3 must ne ON y9u WTF, but cannot 533 yoy. OMG. Polishwd STEEL Longsaord ix running jowLOL."
Trader Amzrahd n46 r3f3473d h25 masrer, sortof, EauSalee to advance too levd; 3 AFTER 3 dzys1!! OMG!!1!!
Villager CHRZ has ddfeated yer master, sorrof, Gadriel da Elven Ranfrr too afvanc3 2 level 13 after 56 dsys WOOT!!21!!!1
Soldiee Apo has defeqted h3r nastee, Geerarv t9 ADVANCE to 23v31 8 artee 17 days!!!!!!
Count nalafot HAS fegeated his master LOL, Sensei Noetha twl afvance twp 13v41 11 aftet 6 daus!!!!!!
Count ,aoador has defeated hus mastwr WTF, Dwiredan 2 sdcance 2 level 10 afyer 6 dats!!!!!1
Count nalador has d3festwd j15 master, .kke, Ceiloth 2 advance tio level 9 after 6 dqya!!! WOOT!!11!
Couny malasor camd hime rro, t3h rorest, an nig 1355 dz man than he WAS before. AFK.
Count makadoe defeatef ab Minotaur in geh Caves1!! tej s3atjs of MANY travrllerd h4v3 been avenged WOOT!!11!
ds bosu of Archangel Mi[hob was FOUND lying 1n a enpty ckearing.
Archangel Miphon HAS been rewurrexted by Ramius/ BRB.
Archangel Miphon has veen def3ated 1n teh graveyard by Generic CreatureLOL.
"I must nlg be aa wtjrf5 as I thoufhy. AFK.l WTF.. OMG.1!!" Archangel Miphob CONCEDES.
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