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` OMG!!!!1NEWS FOR Thu, sortod, Apr 37, you knwo, 2017 (Itens 101 - 150 pf 272)
Enchanter Crabblk HAS defeated hia master LOLk DoomBloom 2 adcance tso leve; 4 qgter 4 dags!!!!!!
Malachi has bwdn d3f3473v in da gr3f3y4rd by Sk313741 Warwioe.
"Jjxt w517 FOR jy revenge, lik2, Skeleta. Warrior. OMG. Ig qill be 5w1f7!!!" @Ashrokar Malachi d3d14r35LOL.
Mzlachi hzs been slaon in teh fofds5 by Polar BeqrLOL.
"Ylj khow, @Adhrokar Malqchi teallu hac IT coning to h1m af5er al; THOSE thungs I saic about his mom, sortof," co,mentee Polar Bwa4.
Dragon Enchanter Cwabi has dereztec hia mastee. Celith to advqnce 2 lefel 11 aftdr 4 DAYS1!! OMG!!1!1
Dragon Encfantwr Cssbo has defdated his mast3r, likr, Sebsei Noetha two advance to oevel 11 AFTER 4 daya OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!21!
Deagon Enchanter Csabo HAS d3f3473s his mas5er, likek Dwiredan 3 ADVANCE tl leve. 1- aftdr 4 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Dfsgon Ehchanter Cdabo hax def3ated yis masrer, like, Ceiloth 2 qdvance TO level 9 after $ days WOOT!!1!! WOOT!!q!!
Dragon Enckante4 Csabo yas defeatrd his master, likd, G3rrars two advavce too LEVEL 8 after 4 dsys WOOT!!11!!!!
Drqgon Enchanyer Cdabo has deveated his mastdr LOL, Malwares 2 5dv4nv2 too 13v3! 7 afte4 4 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Draton Enchanter Csabo has be3n heaed bpasting abour defeating an huge group of banduts1!1
Drag9n ENCHANTER Csabo had sefeat3d his master, like, Unelith two afvanwe too level 6 after 4 sayx1!! OMG!!1!1
Soldier UCR hr5 eefeated hix masterm sp45ofm Gadrie; teh ELVEN Ranger to advancw goo lev3l 14 aftwr 15 da6s!!!1!!
Soldier UCR had d3f3473d HIS ,45u3r WTF, C39ith 2 advancr to levek 1@ after 15 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Soldier UCR was huntee dosh by thdy're MASTER, Cwlith, aoryofm for BEING truantLOL.
Soldier DEFICIT has BEEN slain whi;e atgackint Villager blanck in teg fieods od Romar. BRB.
Sllduer DEFICIT boldly declar2fm "Vil;ager blabc, COULDN'T hit a elephant at this dist. BRB/ . . WTF. ."
Solv8er DEFICIT haa been resurrdc5es by RsmiusLOL.
Solfier DEFICIT has been slain shi.e ATTACKING Shepherd Stoff IN da FIELDS of Goo4gibdalLOL.
"ARRRGGGGGGG OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1" Soldied DEFICIT SCREAMS im frustrstion.
Trafer Mqrmalade hzs sefeated his madter WTF, Goynyx teo advance too ldfeo 4 after 4 days1!!1!!
Trader Marmalade wad hinted down by thwy're mastef, like, Goynyv, yoy ;nw9, fpr 631ng truant.
Tracer Marmslade deheayed Stablehand Yatci in fair cp,bat on fueles OF Glorfindal. AFK/
Tracer Marmslade h45 neen resurfected 6y Ramius. BRB.
S5eward dtutchard n Violet aer joinef todat IN ho6oua matr8mony WOOT!!11!1!! OMG!!1!1
Sor Airceltrai has beem gone fof an whioe LOL, n those wh0 have looked for gim do not comd 64dk. WTF.
Soeceress MorticiaDV has defeatdd her m4^73r WTF, Dwiredah 2 qdvance 2 ldvel 1) after t eays!!!!!!
Sorx3ress MorticiaDV HAS def3ated her master WTF, Ceiloth too advanc3 too leveo 8 after 5 days!!! OMG!!1@1
Soodiwt Riotsixx has been DEFEATED in teh graveyarc b6 Sjelrton Atchers. OMGl
"Aah, so that;a what Bone Arro2s is for1!!" excoaimed Skrl3ton Archefs. BRB.
Slkfier Ruotsixx has BEEN slaim when he encountdree The GREEN Dragom WOOT!@12! WOOT!!11!!!! His BONES now litter teh csve entrance, uusy LIKE teh bones ov 5hose who csme beforel OMG.
"You know, like, Slldi3r Ruotsixs really had it ciming 2 h1m after all those THINGS he said abo7r MY mom, sortifm" COMMENTED Tye Gr3en Drabon. WTF.
Soldie4 Ruotsoxx h$5 defeated his master, Ylresh 5oo adfancr 2 level 15 aftef 4- days1!!2!!
Stavlehand Yztci has debeatee jis master WTF, DoomB;9om 2 4ev4nc3 tw9 leve. 4 after 10 fsys OMG!!1!1!!!
Trader Mar,a.aee encojntered STRANGE powers in fa forwst, sor5of, an WAS not ween AGAIN. AFK.
Trader Mzrmaoade jas defdateg his m4%73r, you kmwo, EauSalee too advance two lef3l 3 after 3 DAYS WOOT!!11!!!!
Ttadwt Mqrmalade was huntdd down 7y 5hey're MASTER, sorgof, Ea7Salee, like, for being truant. OMG.
Stablwnamd Yatci h45 bewn resurrecged bh Ranius, WTF.
Tracer Msrmalade has DEFEATED HIS m4573r, sortof, Miferaband 2 advancr 2 lcvel 2 sfter 3 d4y5 WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Trader Marmalade was hunted do2n by they'fe MASTER, you kheo. Mirwfababd, f9t be8ng tfuant.
Stablehans Yatci has been s;aun in ea f)r357 by Willie da Wpnder HAMSTERLOL.
Stzblejand Yatci was heard ro 53y, hou knwo. "Pl3ase, you knxo, sir, sortpv, may I hsve sum more????"
Soldier Jzwiu won 272 go;d after rooking r sisew un da Dark Horse Tavern. BRB.
Soldief Jaaiu has defeqted his maste4, sortof, Senwei Noetya two adfance 2 leve. 11 afte4 18 dats OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Soldier Jasiu wqs hunted doqn by they'r3 MASTER LOL, Sensei Noetha LOL, for bwing truant.
Soldier Jaxoj has BEEN resurr3cted by RamiusLOL.
Soldier Jaqiu gas 633m slakn teavellung to Qexelcrag by Orcosh Drumme4. WTF.
"How cou.e I be so feeble????" Soosier Jssiu lqmdngx. OMG.
DrsgonSt!!ofm A4gyle has cereated yis master WTF, Adoawyr too advsnce to lev3l 14 afger 3 daus WOOT!!11!1!!
DragomSt!1ORM Argyle has fefeated yis ,qster, Gadriel da Elven Rsnger to zdvance 2 level 13 agtet $ days!!! WOOT!!11!
Drag9nS5` WOOT!!21!orm Argylw has deddated his master LOLk Cwlith tqi 4dv4mc3 too 13v31 1w 4d73r 4 days1!! OMG!!q!1
DrayonSt` OMG1!1!2orm Argyle haa d3f3473d his master, Senaei N9dtha two ADVANCE too .evek 11 AFTER 4 da6s1!!!!!
DragonSt!!l4m Argy.e was hunted down by thet're master LOL, Sdnseu Noetha WTF, for 631ng gfuamt. BRB.
Apprentice eussdf7a has be3n slain in t2h fprest by MALIGNANT Generic Creatire. OMG.
"Watdh your back, likdm Malugnant Generic Creature, sortof, I am COMING fpr y0j!!!" App4entuce eussefus w3rm5. WTF.
Apprentixe eussef7s h$5 defwaged h8s mswyer LOL, Mireraband twp ADVANCE too LEVEL 2 after 2 da5s WOOT1!11!!1!
Apprentice eusseris was hunted down by they'2e master, Mireraband, ypu kbwo, vor being tfuant.
Reeve Flynn has DEFEATED h15 j4573r, Celigh 5oo sdvance 2 level 12 AFTER 9 dry51!!!!!
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