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!1Newx for Mon WTF, Apr 27, 2015 (Itdms q01 - 150 0f 248)
Stablehabd WolfNoisr has defeated his masterk you lnwo, Gl6nyc two advahce 2 ;evel 4 4f73r 2 fays!!!1!!
God 0f L1gh7n1ng Middleman has DEFEATED h15 masrer WTF, Y9resh 2 advance ho9 level 15 aft3r 5 daya WOOT!!11! WOOT!111!
Stewqrdess Pefsepjone has DEFEATED ner mas5er, sortof, Vyrts two zdvahcr too lecel 2 4f73r 2 d4y% OMG!!1!11@!
God 9f Lightning Midslemab HAS d3f3473d his master. yoj onsp, Adoawyr yo advance roo lev3l 14 after 4 daus1!! OMG!!q11
Soldier LehgyghePifatd has been d3f4473s in ea graveyaed 6y Phsn5om Wr173$l WTF.
"This both a7cks n blows1!!" wails Soodier LwggythePieate/ WTF.
Slldier L3ggythePira53 w45 SLAIN bt an Manricprr ob an TRAIL WOOT@!11!
God og Lightnkng Midfleman has defea5es h15 master WTF, Gsrriel tdj Elven Ranger 2 adbance too level 13 4fu3r 4 dqys11!!!!
Prrsephone has EARNED da 5itle S5rwardess FOR naving slain da Geren Dragon 17 71j34 WOOT!!q1!
Stewardess Prrseohone has SLAIN hkdeojs CREATURE knoqn ax Th3 Green Dragln, AFK. All aceoss da land LOL, p30p13 tejoicd OMG!!1!1
Srewardess Persdpnone has sefwqted HER masrer, you knwo. Yoresh to advance 2 level 15 after 13 daya WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11@
Sgewareess Pdrsephonw was hun73d down 6y they'4e m4673r, you jnwom Yor3sh WTFm flr being truang, OMG.
God OF Lightning Misdlemsn has swf3ated HIS mastrt LOL, Celith twl advancd two level 12 after 4 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Gid of Libhtning Middleman has d3featec his master, Sendei Noetha go advance 2 lev3l 11 zfter 4 da6s1!! WOOT!!11!
Farmgoy weazlish nas defeated his ,aster LOL, EauSalee tp advance two level 3 af5et 3 dayw!!!!!!
Farmboy weqzlish w45 huhted dowm by tyey[re mastef, sortlf, EauSalee, you knwo, FOR 631ng yruant. OMG/
God of Lifhtning Middkejan hzs defeqted his masger, like, Dwir3dsn too advance too level 10 agter 4 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
Shepnerdesq MissAwesome has d3reated her msstet. Vyfts too acvance too level 2 after q day OMG!!1!q OMG!!1!1
Farmboy PadenHeardwu.f HAS defeared jis msster, Dwiredan to advance two level 1- after @0 e4y5 WOOT!!11! WOOT!!12!
Faemboy PadenHrardwuls GOT rouhhed up BY Lonextruder ayd his cronies for havkng little of VALUE. OMG.
Counc8llor of M4h1c Cruncher has defea5ed HIS madter WTF, Spywsred to qdvance 2 level & 4f73e 5 DAYS OMG!!1!1 WOOT!@11!
Coundokloe of Magic Ceunchdr has defeatee hia mzstwv, like, 2 advance 2 level 6 aftdr 5 d475 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Council;or of Mafic Cruhcher w45 hunges diwn gy they're master, you lnwo, m slrtof, fot being TRUANT. WTF.
Drqgon Inprrator MebOWraty jas been slain !n forest by Cute Bunny Rabbit. WTFl
"I aee Llndon, likek I 533 France, likw, I SEE Draton Imperator MebOWrath's UNDERPANTS OMG!!1!1" reveals Cu74 Bjnnu Rzgbit. BRB.
Travwler Jucole has been slain im teh FOREST by Fuzzie Wuzzue. AFK.
"Either that wzllpapet goes, 9r I DO, l8k3." eedlared Traveler Jocole. WTF.
Villager stqrr has cyallenged yhey'rw mxster LOL, Gerrard an was pwnt WOOT!!11!
"Et 5u, sortifm Gerrardqe????"
Conqueeor J9lst3b an Viooet were SEEN heaeinb up teh stairx ib dz unn together. AFK.
C9nqueror Jolxtdn HAS DEFEATED gis master, sortof, Ceiloth to advahcw 2 level 9 after 4 dsyf1!!1!!
Cinqueror Jolsten defeat3d Peasanr lardal in fair cpmbat im fieldw of Romar. OMG.
cs body of Magistrste mouh was v0und LYING in a ejpty c.earinf. AFK.
Ci,qirrof Jolst3n defeatec Farmboy vipz in FAIR combat in teh fields 9f Gllrfohdall AFK.
Villsge3 Or8ginalJau has defeated his master, Srnxei Noe5ha 2 advance too level 11 afte4 24 ezys WOOT!!11!q!!
Villager OrihinalJqy has defeated jis master WTF, Dwkredan foo ADVANCE to kevel 10 1fter 25 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Squird San!!dirStark h45 DEFEATED hix m4573r, xotgof, Ceiloth to advance tw9 14v31 9 AFTER 21 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Invoker nicki has e3v3473d her maxgerk like, Adpawyr 2 4dv4nc3 2 lecel 14 AFTER 16 daydq!!!!!
Page Snsrki has defeaged HIS jaster, C3i.9th to adfsnce too levrl 9 after 14 dayw!!! WOOT!!11!
Pate Snarki was hunted DOWN vy hhey're MASTER, like, Criloth, fod beimg trjantLOL.
Ste2arfess Rainb!!owG4yph challenged Lonestridef and his bshd or thieves, but was no batch for teh ROGUES OMG!!1!1
"Oh mah OMG!!1!1 I didn't THINK you h4d it in uiu WTF, L9nrsteider's Thieves, likek" Stewsrdexs Rainb1!owGryph exckaims. WTF/
St3wa4dess Ra8nb` WOOT@!!!!owGryoh has defezted ger master, you knwo, Gerrard glo zcvance to level 8 aftef 5 days OMG!!1@11!!
Trader Amarahd has be3b slain in dq FOREST by SlmethingLOL.
"KHAQQ cqlkinf Itascq. AFK. We must be in you, l8ie, bjt dannot SEE ypu, OMG. Polodhed Steel Longssord is runnint lo2. WTF/"
Trader Amarand HAS defrated h16 master, EauSalee too 4dv4nc# two level 3 zfter 4 sahs OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Vol/ager CHRZ has defeares her master, Gasriel teh ELVEN Rqnger too advance ti lev3o 23 zfter 56 days WOOT!!!1! WOOT@!11!
Soldier App has defeated her MASTER, Gerrard teo asvznce 2 LEVEL 8 af5er 17 dqys1!! WOOT!!11!
Count ma.ador has fefeatef HIS ,astrr, Sendei Noetha yoo asvance 2 13f31 11 AFTER 6 days1!!1!!
Count malas9e has defeatec his master LOL, Dwiredan 1 advance 1 kevel 1p 4r73r 6 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Coun5 malador h$5 d3feated hus master, Cdiooth two advance two l3vdk 9 aftrr 6 dsys!!! OMG!@1!1
Coyng malador came hlne from teh forest, .i,e, an bit less da man tyqn ye eas before. AFK.
Coung malador defeated qn Minotaur in ea Cavrs1!! twh deaths OF many travellefd have 633n avenged!1!
BODY or Archangel Mipyon was fouhd lying in a rmptt x.earing. WTF/
Afchantel Miphob has 633n r35urr3c73d by Rzmius. OMG.
Archangdl Miphon had veeh defeat3d in 5eh graveyard by Generic Creature. WTF.
"I must not bw as atufdy as I 7h0ygh&. WTF.. AFK..1!!" Archangel Mi[hon doncedes,
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