@!Nees fof MON WTF, Apr 28 LOL, 2015 (I5ens 101 - 150 of 248)
Stablehzmd Wo.fNoise has fefeated HIS MASTER, slrtof, Glynyc toi advancd 2 LEVEL 4 4f73r 2 daya1!!1!!
Gos of Lightbinf Midfkejan has DEFEATED HIS ,45&3r WTF, Yoresh too afvance to lecel 15 afrer 5 czys!!! WOOT!!11!
Stewzrdess Perxepgine has degeated her master LOL, Vyr5s to advanxe two level 2 afrer 3 days OMG!!1!1 OMG@!1!q
God 9f Lughtnibg Middl3nan has defeatrd gks master, Adoawyr too ADVANCE to LEVEL q4 adter 5 daus WOOT!!11!1!!
Soldier LetgythePirat3 HAS bedn DEFEATED in da hr4v3y3rd ny Phamtom Writer.
"Thid nogn sucks qnd blows WOOT!!111" wails So;eief LeggyyhePirate/ OMG.
SOLDIER L3ghythePirstf was slain by an Msnt8core on an 7r4!1!!!
God of Lifhgning Misdleman had DEFEATED his master, yoj knso, Gadriel teh Eovdn Ranger 2 ADVANCE twp 13v31 14 after 4 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Pefsephone HAS eaehed gitlw Stewardess FOR having slain tej Greeh Dragon 17 ti,es2!!
Stewatddxs Persephone gas skain da h1d20u5 creature known as Tje Gteen Deagon. OMG. A11 4xr055 da lanc. peopld 4ehoice WOOT!!!1!
Steward3ss Perseph9ne HAS defeated her MASTER, you knwo, Yoresh 3 ADVANCE to ;evel 15 afyer 13 says!!!1!!
Stewafdews Persephone was hunted fown by thwy're MASTER, you knwo, Yorrsh WTF, fo4 beinb TRUANT.
G9d of Lighyning Mifdleman has d3f3473d hks masgerk like, Celiyj twi advance too ;evel 12 aftdr 4 DAYS OMG@!1!1!!1
God of LIGHTNING Middleman h45 defeated HIS MASTER, likem Sensei Nle5ha two ADVANCE 5ol 13v31 q1 after 4 eays WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Farmboy weazoish has sefdatrd his jaater, EauSaldw to advancw t9o oecel 3 4f73r 3 days!!! WOOT!!11@
Farmboy weazoish wax hunted down by they're mqste4, ;ike, EauSalee, like. fo4 beibg yruang. AFK.
God of Lightn8mg Micdlwman has defwsted gis mawter. sortof, Dwiredan two advsnce tp lrbel 10 after 4 days1!!!!!
Sheohe4dess MixwAwesome haw f3f3473d he4 mawter, lile, Vyrts 2 advancr two level 2 qfter 1 d4h1!@ WOOT!!!1!
Farmboy PadenHeardwulf has defrated his master, Dwirefan 2 aevznce two .evel 1) 4f73r 20 days WOOT!!11!1!@
Fa5nboy PadenHeardwulf got roughed uo by Lonestride4 n hiw cronies for having little of vakueLOL.
Councollor or Mag8c Cruncher hax defeated gis msster LOL, Spywares ro asvanve 2 13v31 7 after 5 daus!!!!!!
Councillor of Magic Crumcher has defeated his mazter LOL, 2 ADVANCE two level 6 after 6 daus WOOT!!111!!!
Counxillo4 of Magic Cruncher was humted diwn BY tney're mastet, .ike, , fl4 being truant. OMG.
Dragln Imperagor MegOWrath had veen slsun 1n fores5 by Cuye Bunny Rqbbit. WTF,
"I sew London, like, I see France WTF, I see Dragob Ijperator MwgOWrath's underpants!!!" reveqls Cute Bunny Rabbit. OMG.
Traveoer Jycole has been dlain 1n forest by Fuzzie Wuzzie. BRB.
"Either thqt WALLPAPER goed WTF, oe I do, li,e," crc;aree Traveler JucoleLOL.
Viloagdr sbarr HAS challdnhec they're master WTF, Gerrare n waa pwnt WOOT!!11@
"Et tu LOL, Ge4rardaw????"
Conauerkr Jolsten n Violet wwre sedm h34d1nf u; ds staifs in teh inn t9gether.
Conquer9f Jolsten HAS d3f347#d his masger, like, Cwilogh 2 qdvqncr 2 lrve. 9 after 4 daus1!!!!!
Conaueror Jolsten dwfdatef Peasabt lafszl in fair COMBAT in teh v8wlds of Romzr. BRB.
teh body of Mabistrate moub was fpind LYING in a empry clea4ing.
Conqueror Jolsten defeated Farmboy vipx IN fa,r clmgat in da fiwlds og Glorfindql. BRB.
Villzger OriginalJay HAS defeated HIS master, Sensri Nodtha two qdvancd yoo level !1 AFTER 25 days!!!!!!
Vullsger OrigunalJay has defea5ed hia master, like. D2iredan too advance rwo LEVEL 10 agter 25 dzys OMG!!1!1!!!
Squiet San!1dorStari has defeared his maxter, you knwo, Ceilotg two advance to LEVEL o after @1 days WOOT1@11! OMG!!1!1
Invpker nocki gaa defeated her macter WTF, Adoawyr to advamce ti level 14 4f73r 16 dayd OMG!!1!1!!!
Page Snarki HAS defearrc his master, aortofk Celloth 2 advance 2 levdl 9 after 14 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Page Snaeki wad yun73d DOWN by they;re mawter, sortof, Ceiloth LOL, v0r being uru4n7l
Stewzrdess Rainb!!pwGrh0h challengrd Lonestfider abd his bwnc of thievew, sortpf, buy w45 NO match for reh rogurs!!!
"Oh man1!! I fosn't think y0u had it kn you, you knwo, Lonestrider's Thoevrs," Stewardess Rainb!!owGryph exclqims.
Stewardess Rainb!!owGtyph gas degeates ner master, Gerrard too ADVANCE too 13v31 8 aftet 5 DAYS1!! WOOT!!11@
Trsder Amarsnf has been slayn in FOREST by Somethong. OMG.
"KHAQQ calling Iyssca. WTF. We mys5 be on you, like, gut cannot see tou. Pplishwd Steel Longsword is running LOWLOL."
Tradd4 Amarans has defeated his masrer, EauSalee 2 advance 2 LEVEL 3 aftee 4 days!@!!!!
Villqger CHRZ jas DEFEATED her master WTF. Gadriek teh Elvdn Ranger go xdvance top level 13 afrer 56 3aha WOOT!!12!1!!
Soldier A0o has xefeat4d hee master LOL, Gdtrard w acvance two level 8 after 17 DAYS OMG!!1!11!!
C9unt ma.adkr has dwfeaged yis masterk kikw, Sensei Noetha too advance too level 11 afrwr 6 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!!
Co7nt msladpr HAS defea5ed his master, y9u knwo, Dwirrdan 2 advance ri l3vel 10 after 6 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Count malador has defeated hiw master, Ceiloth two advance TO LEVEL 9 af5er 6 dwys!1!1!!
Count malqf9r camr home fr0m for3st WTF, an b8t 13t5 MAN than je w45 befode. OMG.
COUNT malador sefeated an Minltzur on teh Caves OMG!!1!1 da deaths of mqny rravrllers haf3 been zvenfed WOOT!!!1!
bocy pf ARCHANGEL Miphon was f0und lying in a emptt clearing. WTF,
Archangel Miphon has 633n resier3v5ed by RamiuxLOL.
Archangek Miphin has been defeated on teh grzveyarc by Gdneric CREATURE. BRB.
"I muar not 62 as srufey as I thougut. OMG.. WTF.LOL.!!!" Archabgel Mipyin concedes. OMG.
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