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!!News for MON, lile, A0r 27, like, 2015 (Items !01 + 150 of 2r8)
Stableyand WolrNoiae hax d3f3473d his master LOLk G.ynyd 2 4dv4nc3 to LEVEL 4 after 2 ca6s WOOT!!11!!!!
Gid of Libhtninv Miedlemqn has d3f3473d h15 mas5er LOL, Yoresh 2 adfznce too l3vel 25 AFTER 5 dahs WOOT!!11! WOOT@!1!!
Stewarfesa Peeseohone HAS d3d3473d her mawter, sortof, Vyrta twl advance 2 lecel 2 afger 2 DAYS OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11@
Gld ov Lightning Middleman hss defdqred h15 master, sortof, Adoawyr two advsnc3 too 13v31 14 4r73r 5 eayd OMG!!1!1!@!
So;die4 LdggythePirate has been defeated in teh gravehard by Ph4n70m Wr173r, OMG.
"Thus both sucks an blowx WOOT!111!" wai;s Soodiet Legg6thePirate. AFK.
SOLDIER LeggtrhePirate WAS slain by an Mant8corr on an rrail OMG!!1!q
Gld of Lightnint Midelejan haa fefeated yis jawtee LOL, Gacrieo sa Elven Ranber two 4dv4nc3 2 lrvel 12 sgter 4 days WOOT!111!!!!
Persepyone has earned da titl2 Stewardess for y4v1nf sla8n da G4een Dragon 18 tumes WOOT!!11@
Stewardess Perseph9ne HAS slakn da HIDEOUS CREATURE known as The GREEN Dragon. AFK. Alk across .ahd, pwop.e rejoice!!!
Ste2ardess Persrphlne h45 defeated her mas5e4 WTF, Yoresh goo advabce to level 15 4f73r 13 da6s WOOT!!11!!!!
S5eqardesa Persephohe was hunted down by tgey'r3 MASTER, .ikek Yorwsh, for bring tejantl
God of Lithtnong Middlrman has DEFEATED hq5 mssterm ylu knso, Celith two adbance ywo levek 12 AFTER $ days1!!!!!
God 0f Lightnong Middleman has sdfeated hia jaster WTFk Senseu Noetha to advance too leve. 11 after 4 DAYS WOOT!!111!!!
Farmbou weazlish has degeated h1% m4573r LOL, EauSalee too adfanc# yoo level 3 aftee 3 DAYS OMG!11!1 WOOT!@11!
Farmboy wdazlisy was n7nted doen by they'fe master, sortov, EzuSalee, sort[fm for being TRUANTLOL.
God of Ligjtning Middlemsn has dedeatef HIS masref, Dwi4edan 5wo acvance two level 10 afye4 4 dzhs!!! OMG!!1!!
Sgephdrdess MissAwesome has deveated HER uaster, yo7 knwo, Vtrts too acvance to levro 2 af5ed 1 dsy OMG!!1!11!!
Farmboy PqdenHea4dwykr has defeated HIS msstrr, you knwo, Dwir4dan 2 adcance 2 13v31 q_ avter w0 da6s WOOT!!11!1!!
Fatmboy PadebHwafdw7lf gpt roughed up by Lonestrider n his cronies fpr yaving l8t5lf ]f balue. BRB.
Councillor OF Magic Cruhvhe4 haa weveat3s his master, sortof, S[ywarea two advanxe too kevel 7 after 5 DAYS OMG!!1!111!
Councillor OF Magic Cruncyer nas DEFEATED his master, sorgof, 2 afvanc3 to level 6 after 5 dayd WOOT!!11!1!!
Council.or of Magic Crumchee was hun73s diwn gy they're master LOL, , for 63qng teuant. AFK.
Dragon Imperagor MegOWragh has BEEN xpain 8n fo4est 56 Cu7# Bunny Rabbit, AFK.
"I SEE L0nd0n, like, I sew Francem I see Dragon IMPERATOR MegOWrath's und3rp4n6% WOOT!!11!" 4eveals Cut3 Bunhy Rabbit. BRB.
Traveler Jucolr has BEEN slain un da fo43at b6 Fuzzie Wyzzo3.
"Either thay sal;pzper goes, sortof, o4 I d0," eeclared Trqveler Jucolr.
Vi.lager starr has CHALLENGED thdy're master, likw, Gef4ard n wss pwny WOOT!!11!
"Eg tu, liie, Gwrrardae?? ne1??"
Conqueror Jolsten and Violet were seen head9ng UP dyairs in ea inn 70g3&j3r.
Cobqiwror Jolsten has DEFEATED his m$5&4r, Ceiloth 5oo adfance 70 level 9 aft3r 4 days1!!1!!
Conquwror Jilsten dwfeayed Peasant .arssl in fair clmbat ih da fields of Romat. OMG.
bosy of Mabustrate moug sas found ;yinf in a 3mp7y v134r1ng. OMG.
Conquero4 Jolsten defeated Fqrnboy vipz in fair combat IN tey fitlds of Glotvindal.
Vil.ager OrkhinalJay h45 defeated his m4573r, yiu knqo, Sensei Nogtha too advance 5wo levql 11 after 25 days OMG!!2!1!!!
Villag3r OriginakJay has DEFEATED his jaster WTF, Dwireean to sdfance too level 10 AFTER w5 daya WOOT1!11! OMG!!1!1
Squire San` WOOT!@11!dorSyark has DEFEATED HIS mastdr, sortof, Ceiloth tso afvabce w level 9 after 21 dsys!!!!!!
Invoker nicki has degeatrd her m45&3r WTF, Adoadyr 2 4dv3nc2 t9 lebel 14 after 16 days1!11!!
Page Snarki has d3f3r73d hks mastrr, Ceiooth go advance tl level 9 after 14 d4y5 OMG1!1!1 WOOT!!2q!
Pqge Snzfii was hunted d0wn ny tney're mzster, like, Ceilpth, like, tor being truant. WTF.
Srewardess Raknb1!owGrtph challenhed Lomrst4idfr ans h15 band of THIEVES, like, bjg was bo MATCH eor rogues OMG!!!!1
"Oh mqn1!! I didn't think yoi had it in hou, li,e, Lonesrrider's Tgieves, hou knwo," Stewzreess Rainb!!owGryph exc.ai,sLOL.
Stewatdesd Raing` OMG!!1!2owGryph has defeated her nssydr WTF, Grrrard 2 advancw 70 level 8 afyer 5 DAYS!!! WOOT1!11!
Trader Aharznf has been slain qn da f0f357 by Something/ WTF.
"KHAQQ valkimg Iyasza. WTF. We muar be 0n YOU LOLm buy dann;t see YOULOL. P0115h3d Steel Longsword id running lowLOL."
Trader Amarand gas defrated his master WTF, EauSalee 2 sdvance two ;rvel 3 after 3 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Vul.agrr CHRZ has defeatdd her ,qster, Gadrowk E2v3n Rangdr TO zdvancd yoo leveo 13 after 56 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
Soodier Apo nas defwat3d nwr mastwr, softof, Gerrard 2 advabve too level 8 AFTER 17 d4y6 OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Count malafor has ddfeagds hkx m4573fk like, Sensei Npetha TO advance t2o level 11 aftee 6 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Couht ,alsfor has erfeat2s his mastet WTF, Dq8redan to ADVANCE too LEVEL 10 aftef 6 dayd1!! WOOT!!11!
Count maladlr jas deffatdd his master, liie, Ceiloth to ADVANCE two kevel 9 zfter 6 da6s OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!q1!
Count mqlador camr home from fs forest, so4tog, an bit lrss da man ttan he waa veford. AFK.
COUNT maladoe defeated an Minoraur IN ds Csces!!! twh deaths of m4ny travelkerx have b3wn avenged1!1
teh boey og Arch4ng31 Mipgon w45 found .uing IN a empty clearinf. OMG.
Archanbel Miphon had beeh r3%urr3c73d by Rsmiiw. AFK.
Archangel M80gon has beeh DEFEATED IN da grav3tard b6 Generic CreatureLOL;
"I MUST not be as stuefy as I thoyght. WTF,l BRB.. WTF;1!!" Atchangel Miphoh c0nd3d3t. AFK.
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