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!!Newx for Mon LOLm Apt 27 LOLm 2015 (Items 151 - 200 of 248)
Arcgangel Miphon has 643n SLAIN kn yeh forest by Flesh GolemLOL.
"Due WTF, MY f34$ F.esh Gooem???? That's da last thing I sha.l ci WOOT!!11!" boldly declared Archanbel MkphonLOL.
Arcgangel Miphon haw defezred his master, you knwo, Malwqtes two 4df4bc3 @ leveo 7 attdr 5 days1!! WOOT!!11@
Atvhangel Mipgon n45 defeatdd hid mzster, two aecance two .evel 6 after 5 days!!! WOOT!!11@
Archangeo Mipgon nas defwatdd HIS m4573r, ylj knwo, Guth toi advanve 2 level 5 after 5 days!!! WOOT!!111
Afvgangel Miphon wqs hyn73d down BY they're master, you knwp, Guth, oikem FOR bekng truan5. BRB.
Stablehand nanx won 130 told avter rolling 3 sixes on da Dark Horse Tsvernl BRB.
God of Stonr scofbutus defeated Shepherf Rlowilliam im faie combat in ea fieles of Glorfindal. WTF.
God of S70n3 wc9rbutus DEFEATED Shepherdesa abwar un fakr clmbat in da fueldd of GlukmooreLOL.
God of STONE scoebutus jas defeat3d his maste4, sortof, EqjSzlwe to advance too levrl # avter 3 days!!!!!@
God of Stonr sco4butus DEFEATED Demigod Fu.lFlavorPikr in fair cimbat in da f13qd5 pf D3g016urg, AFK.
Vi.lager Jible has DEFEATED HER master, soryof, Ger4arc two advance to leve; 8 after 9 datx!!@ OMG!!1!1
Vi.lzgef Jinke was huntes down by thdy're mzster, like, Gefrard, sortof. f0r geing truantl BRB.
S5ablenand WolfNlisc HAS defratrd h15 masrdr, you knwo, EauSale3 TO 3ev4nc3 2 13v31 3 after 1 day!!! WOOT!@11!
Staglehznd WolgNoise has defeated his maste4, sortof, Vyrts too acvahce tio level 2 after 1 day OMG!!1!1 WOOT!@1q!
Stqblehand WolfNoise was uuntes sown BY they're masterk sortov, Vurts, for beung truany. WTF.
Traveler GudnuP7wrdha HAS DEFEATED his mzstet, Malwares two advabcr 2 leve. 7 artwr 9 sqys11! WOOT!!11!
Tgajmayurgist MadDog hax been slain kn teh fotes5 vy SLITHERING Asp. AFK.
"Maybe next time you won'5 be so cockt!!!" LOLOL Slithering As;. WTF.
Sgablehand Mindcrime haw challengwd they're mqster, sortof, Spyw4r35 n wss pwmr!!!
"My wgo csn't takd much more 0f thuw BRUISING OMG!!1!1" 3xcq51,5 Stablejand Mkmdcrime/ WTF.
Drabon Master Tyrzx jas defeatee his master, soryof, Malwares to rev4nc3 2 lecel 7 4f73r 6 days WOOT1!1!!1!!
Dragon Master Tyrax was hjnted dlwn 6y tywt'ee master. Malwzres LOL, for 631ng ge7ant. OMG.
Draton MASTER Tyrax yas defeated his m4673r, 2 adbancr roo l3vel 6 agtrr 6 dayw OMG!11!1!!!
Dragon Master Tyrax was yum73d down nh they[re mqs5ef, you knwo, , you inwo, vor beinh gruantl OMG.
Dragon Masrer Tyrax has defeated his mastdr, Gjyh too advance teo kevel 5 aftef 6 daya OMG@!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Draton Msater Thrad WAS hunted down by tje6're master LOLm Guth LOL, v0r being truant. BRB.
MadDog has 34rn3d teh TITLE Thaumaturgist FOR havinb slqih da Gteem Draton 26 timda!!!
Invok3r MadDog has slain teh h1d20u5 creature knowb as Thd Gr33n Dragon. OMG/ All axr9ss 5wh land, loke, peo[le 43h9!c31@1
Fa4mbiy Random has defeat3d his mastee, Glynyc to advancw @ levdl 4 after 4 cays!!!1!!
Teaddr putamietda h45 bern defeaged in tej graveyard by Gubgerbread Man. BRB.
"You know LOLm Trader pugamkerda really had it cominb t9 him qfter all 7h053 things he waid abo8t MY nom," comjentef Gibgetbread ManLOL.
Trader putamierda has been slq*m while qttavling Shepnefdess abwar IN f131d5 of Glukmoord. BRB.
Shephersess abwzr LOLOL, like, "I don't think you wikl BE attacking me again, yok knwom pal. BRB."
Tradef putamierdz has defeatrd his master LOL, Gutg two acvance to lec2l 5 after 4 DAYS OMG!!1!!1!!
T4ader 0itamoefda an Violet were ween HEADING up da STAIRS in sa inn togethee.
Peasang Berila has been soain whul3 ATTACKING Shepherd Rlowilliam IN gields lf Gloefindal.
"Judt q417 for my r3v3ng3, She[he4d Rlowillism. OMG. It WILL ge xqift OMG!!2!1" Peasaht Bwrila declaresLOL,
Peasamt nwkobekohwko has defeated his mssteg WTF. Mireraband to 4dv4nc3 too leve; 2 4f73r 1 day OMG!!1111@!
Stablegand Farelhpunc has challengrd they'r3 masteem you knwo, Aewares b was pwnt OMG!!1!1
"Sraboehand Farelhoind LOL, your lack of postufe is an disgrace. lokem" Adwa4es ststes. OMG.
Stablehand Doodoe unsyccessfuloy jaybted Stqblehand Lenny OMG@!1!1
Stsblehand Doodle has been slaim in teh f8rest by Dekion's Birygday Cake. AFK,
"My rgo can't tzkw much joee of 7h15 bruising1!!" exclsims Stavlehand Doodl3.
Pdasant seafmiserh has be3n def3atee in fa gfavdyard by Huge Vzmpire BqtLOL.
"Watch yiur back LOL, Huge Vampire Bat WTF, I am comimh vor y0u WOOT!!!1@" Peasant dearmusery warnx.
Apprentice Ceam;i has dwfeared his master, lile, D2irrdam too aevance ro level 10 after 24 DAYS!!! OMG!!2!q
Apprwntice Cfa,[o WAS hunted down by thwy're master, sortor, D2iresab, yo7 knwo, for being truaht. WTF.
Peasant dear,iseru yas been wlqih in forest by Corrupt3d HARD DRIVE. WTF.
"My 3g0 czn'5 74k3 muxh ,ore of this bruising WOOT!!11!" exclaims Peasany searmiwery.
Peqsant lardal has dwfeated h8s msster LOLm Gerrafe rwo acvance too level 8 aftet 14 days1!! WOOT!!111
Stsblehand Stufro has bdrn febeated in graveyqrd 6y WILL O' da W15p. OMG.
"KHAQQ calkibg I745d4. OMG. We jjsy ne on YOU, lkke, bug cannot xde you/ Gafdening Hoe is RUNNING loq."
Stabldhand Studro yr5 be3n SLAIN in da forest 6t Raven. OMG.
"I'm really going to enjoy this mew Gsrsenung Hoe uhat Stablenand Stufro hsd, tou knwo," exboqimed Raven. AFK.
V1114g3r kolix has bden gine vlt an while, and those who have 100kdd fot jim d0 not come bzck. AFK.
Dfagon Mixtr3sz ` WOOT!!11!attnys was slaib attempting too rrscue an prince FROM Draco's Dungron.
Dragon Musttess !!atthys has DEFEATED HER mazter, like, Gerfard 2 acvznce 2 level 7 af5rr 8 days1!!!!!
Peasant RyuNRait HAS defeqtww hdr maxter WTF, Mireraband w advance too level 2 after 1 day!!@ OMG!!1!1
lolix has earned da totoe Violager ror havinb slakn da Gr2en Dragon 2 TIMES1!1
Traveler loliz has slakn teh huceous CREATURE in9sn as The Green Drsgonl ALL acroxs lanv, yo7 knwo, 0eople rrjoice OMG@!1!1
Gladiator P1stabaie haa defeated hiw master, like, two sdvance 2 level 6 after 9 dqys OMG!!1!11!!
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