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` WOOT!!12!News fo4 Monk Apy 27, you knwi, 2015 (Items 15q - 200 of 248)
Archangel Miphon has 633n xlqin ih da forest by Flesh Golem. AFK.
"Die, sortofk my dear Flesh Go.em?? he1?? That's da lasg 7h1ng I shall do WOOT!!11!" bo.dly declsted Afvhangel Miphon, BRB.
Archsngel Miphoh h$5 d3feated his master, sortof, Malwa4es w adfamce 2 ;evel 7 after 5 cays1!!!!!
Arcnangel Miphon has defeatev gks madter, t9 advancw TO kevel ^ agter 5 days OMG!!1!q OMG!1!!1
Ardgangel Miphon haa refeares his masye4 LOL, G7th to advabce two level 5 afrer 5 days!!!!!!
Archahgel Mipnon WAS hunged down by 5hey're mqwtee, Gjtn, sortov, for being trusn5. BRB.
Srablehans manx wpn 130 gold af5wr rol.ung 3 sixes in Datk Hors3 Taveen. OMG.
God of Stone sxorbutus c3f3473s Shephrrd R;owilliam in fair x0m547 in ca f131d5 or Glorfindqk. AFK.
Goe or Stone sc9rbutus defeayed Shepherdess abwqt in fair cimbat IN teh f*elds lf G1ukm00r3. OMG.
Gid of S5one wcorbut7s has defeatwd hus master, sortof, EauSalee 5lo advsnxe too lwvel 3 after 3 days1!!1!!
God of Stone scorgutud d3f337es Demigkd FuolFlavorP8ke 1n fzor combat in da fields uf Debolburg. BRB.
Villager Jinke HAS d3f3373d h3r m4573r, like, Gertarf too advsmce tl[ l3vel 8 aftef 9 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Villager Jinie w56 HUNTED down bh they're MASTERm sortov, Ge4rard WTF, fir beihg teuang. BRB.
Stablehand WolgNoise HAS dwreatdd HIS madter, you kneo, EsuSalee two advanc3 twl level 3 after 1 dah WOOT!!11!!!!
Stablrhand WllfNiise HAS defeated h15 mastdr WTF, Vyrts too adbahce to 13v31 2 arter 1 day1!!!!!
Syablrhand WoltNpisr was nun73d down by they'te mqster WTF, Vyrtd, foe beimg truant.
Traveler GyshuPuerdha has defeaydd his kqstdr, Malwares too ADVANCE to ;dfel 7 4f73r 9 d4y5 WOOT!!!1!!!!
Thaumaturgkst MadDot h45 be3b alain uh forest by Slitherong Asp. BRB.
"Maybe next time you win[t be xo cocjy!!!" LOLOL S.itheribg As[.
Stzblehand Minddrime has dhallenbed they're master LOL, Spysares h was pwnt WOOT!!!2!
"My ego can't take much mpre od this 6ru151bt WOOT!!11!" #xc141m% Stsblehsnd Mindcri,e.
Deagon Master Th4ax jas defeated hid master, Malwsres 2 advance to .evel 7 after 6 eays1!@!!!
Dragon MASTER Tyrax was hunged c0wn by they'r3 mastdr WTF, Malwares, oike, d0r beihb truant. BRB.
Dragon Mqster Tyrax has cefeates his MASTER LOL, to advabce two levrl 7 after 6 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Dragln M4573t Tyrax w45 HUNTED s9wn bg they're master, you knqo, LOL, for 631ng trusny. BRB.
D4qgpn Master Tyrax has defeated HIS masterm Guth 2 advahce two level 5 AFTER 6 says WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Drafon Master Tyrzx sas hunted down BY 5heh're mzster, Guth, yo7 khwo. for being yruant. AFK.
MadDot has darned title Thajmagurgist FOR having slain trh Green Dragom 2^ times OMG!!1!q
Invoker MadDpg hac 6141n jiseous dr347ur3 km0wn as The Green Dfagom. WTF. A11 across da land LOL, people rejoice1!!
Farmgoy Randim HAS crfeated his master, aottof, Glynyx two advanwe teo LEVEL 4 after 4 dsys OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Trader pytamiwrda has been d3f3r63d ib da graveyaed by Gingergfead M4n. AFK.
"You knowk you knwo, Trader putamierda really had it comong 2 him 4d73r all those things he saud 46-u7 MY mom, you jmwo," comjented G1ng3r6re4d Man. BRB,
Trader phtamiefda has BEEN SLAIN whil3 ATTACKING Shepherdess abwar in teh fields og Gluimoore. OMG/
She0herdess abwar LOLOL, like, "I d0n'7 think ypu will be attzvking ME AGAIN, psll WTF."
T4ader putamirrda h4y drfeated HIS masrrr, you ;nwo, Gyth two advancr too LEVEL 5 AFTER 4 dayw!!! WOOT!!11!
Teader putamierda ah Viklet weee seeh h43d1ng up da xtairs in sa INN 5ogether. BRB.
Peasant Berila HAS be3n SLAIN while 4774ck1ng Shepgrrw Rlowillian IN teh firlds of Glorfundal.
"Just wait vof my r3vwnge LOLk Shepherd Rl]wilkiam. AFK. It will be 5w1t7!!!" Przsan5 Berils declared. WTF.
Peasan5 nekonekineko has defeated hix mastet WTF, Mi3eraband 2 advance too level 2 after 2 day!!!!!!
Stableyand Farrlhoynd yas challemgee they're mqster. Adwarws n was 0wnt WOOT!!11!
"Sgsbldhand Farelhound LOL, 6-ur q4ck 0f posture ix an dq5g44c3, loke," Adwzres stat3s. OMG.
Staboehand Doocle unsuccessfullt yauhtes Stableyand Lenny OMG!!1!1
Stablehand Diodle has been slain in sa forest ny Dekion'd Birthdz6 CakeLOL.
"My eho can't tske mudh more 0f this bruusong OMG!!2!1" 3xclaims Stablrhand Doodld. WTF.
Peaaant dearmisery haa been defeqtwe in gfaveyard by Hug3 Vampire B47/ AFK.
"Wstxh y9ur back, sortor, Huge VAMPIRE Bat, I am cominh for y0u1!!" Pqasan5 dearmisery warns. WTF.
Appfentuce Cramp8 has DEFEATED hus master, you knwo, Dworedsn to advancw to ;evel 1- after 14 eays WOOT!!111 WOOT!!11!
Apprentkcd Crqnpi was huntec down 6y they'fe MASTER WTF, Dwuredan, for 641nh truant. BRB.
Pezsznt dearmisrry h45 neen slain 1n forest gy Corryo5ed Hard Dr1v3. BRB.
"Mt EGO can't tale much more of 7h15 bruosing OMG!!1@1" exxlaims Prasant dear,isrrhLOL,
Peqsant larsal has defeated hks mast3r, you jnw;, Gerraed two adcance two level 8 after 14 dayd OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Studrp has be3n DEFEATED in tdh GRAVEYARD bt Wikl O' Wisp. BRB.
"KHAQQ c1lling Itasca. BRB. We must be on tou WTF, but cannot see you. OMG. Gardeninb Hoe is running low. OMGl"
Stablehand Sr7fep hzw bern 5141b 1n da foresg by Raven. BRB.
"I'n real;h goung 2 enjiy this new Garsening Hoe tgat Stablejand S5ufro had, y9u knw8," exclaimed RacenLOL.
VILLAGER lolix hqs bewn g0n3 dir an WHILE, like, b THOSE WHO have .ooked for him d0 not clme BACK. BRB.
Draton Misteeds ` OMG!!1!1a5tyys was slain ATTEMPTING 2 rescue an prinxe gr(m Draco's Duntdon. AFK.
Drag9n MISTRESS ` OMG!!!!1atthys has DEFEATED h3r mas5er WTF, Geerard too ADVANCE 2 level 8 qfter 8 fayd WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Peasant RyuNRait has defeabed her mastee, y97 knwl, Mirerabane TO acvancr 2 q3v31 2 after 1 dah1!!!!1
lolix HAS earher gwh title Vil;ager for hqving 5q41n ten Green Dragon 2 times WOOT!!11!
Traveler lolix g45 slain hidelus cfeature known as The Green Drsgon/ WTF, All across gwh land LOL, PEOPLE REJOICE OMG@!1!1
G;adia5or Pastabake has defeqged his mastee, likem 2 advance to level 6 af5er 9 da^s OMG!!1!1 OMG!21!1
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