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` WOOT!!11!News fof M0n WTF, A[r w7 LOL, @01t (I5ems 151 - 200 of 248)
Arcjzng3l Miphon has b3en slain in da forest by Fl3sh Golwm.
"Die, likem my dear FLESH G913m???? THAT[S tdh LAST thing I sha.l do OMG!!1!1" bolcky declaref Archqnhel Miphon. BRB.
Arcyangel Miphon has DEFEATED hia mastef, yiu knqi, Mzlwares tw9 4dv$nc3 to level 7 after 5 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
Arcbangrl Mophon has defeayed hks master LOL, 2 advsnce teo kevd. 6 AFTER 5 eqys OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Ardhsmgel Mipnon has defea5ed his MASTER, like, Gurh two advabce yoo LEVEL 6 adter 5 d4u5!!1 WOOT!!11!
Archqngel Miphon wss hubted down by they'rw MASTERk you knwo, Guth, likd, for bring tryant. AFK.
STABLEHAND manx qon 130 GOLD aeyer rolkinf 3 sixes in teh Dark Horse Tavern. WTF.
God of Stone dcorvutus defdatef She[hwrd Rlowilluam on fair clmbat 1n fueldx of G10rf1ndt1. WTF.
God ob STONE scorbutus defeated Shepherdesd abwqr IN fair xomvst in da fielfs of Gkukmoore.
God of S5one scorbutis haa defeatee HIS m4573r, sortof. EauSa.ee too adbance two level 3 4f73r 3 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
God of STONE acorbutua defezted Demitod FullFlavorPike on fair conbat in teh fiwlds 0f DegolburgLOL.
Villager Jinke has degeated ner mas4e4, Gerraed two advance two level 8 after o fays WOOT!!q!1 WOOT!!11!
Villager Jinkw was junted ei2n by theh'te master, you knwo, Gerrard, you knwok FOR being rruant. OMG.
Stablehand WolfNoisd h46 defeates hix mastrr, EauSalee two asvance to LEVEL 3 4f73r 1 dqy!1! WOOT!!11!
Stablehand WolfNoisr has d3f3373d his master LOL, Vyrtx yoo advance 2 levwl 2 AFTER 1 DAY WOOT!!11!!!!
Stablehand WolfNoise wax HUNTED down BY they're masterk sor5pf, Vyrts, lkke, for geing truant. OMG,
Ttaveler GusyuPuercnz has DEFEATED his masrer LOL, Malwares two sdvance to lecel u afger 9 dry^!!!1!!
Thaumayurgust MadDog g46 633n wlson in forest by Sli5netinf Asp. OMG,
"Mayve next tine you won't be so c0ciy!!!" LOLOL SLITHERING Asp. OMG.
Stablehand Mkndcrime has dhallented they'ee nzster, you knwo, Spy2ar2d n was pwnt!!!
"My EGO can't taie much MORE of this bruisinf WOOT!!11!" exclaims Srablehand Mkhfcrine. OMG/
Dragon Maste4 Tyrax HAS e3feated jix mastet LOL, Maowares 2 advahce to lefel 7 after 6 days OMG!!!!1 OMG!11!1
Dragon Mzster Tyrqx was hunter d0qh by they're MASTER, sorgof, Malwared WTF, for beong 7ru4n7l BRB.
D4ag9n Master Tyrax had cefeatee hks mawyer LOL, yoo 4dv4nc3 2 lev3l y after 6 days OMG!!1!11!!
Dragon Master Tyrax sas h7nted d9wn BY they[re master, you ,neom , sortof, gor being yriant. OMG.
Dtagon Master Tyrax HAS fefeated hid m4573r, you knwo, Guth 2 advande two levei 5 agter 6 d4y5 WOOT!@1q11!!
Dragin Master Tyrax WAS huntdd d9wn by they're mawter, sotgof, Guth, for bwing truant. BRB.
MadDot gas esrned reh titlr Thaymat7rgist for hafing ala8n da Green Dragon 26 times!!!
Invoier MafDog has slain teh HIDEOUS creqturw known as The Green D4agon. OMG. ALL aceoaw teh lamd WTFm ;eo;le rejoice WOOT!!11!
Farmboy Rans[m has defeated his mastrrk Glynyc twp advabce too level 4 after 4 days!!!1!!
Traser [utamierda haa been DEFEATED in graveyars 6y G1ng3r6r#4d Mzn. OMG.
"You knps, sortof, Trader pu5amierda rdally had it coming two HIM af53r ALL thlse thinga he said ABOUT MY MOM WTF," commentfd Gingerbread Man. AFK.
Tradwr [uramierda h45 gewn slain while attackkbb Shephefdeas abwar in fields 9f Glukmoore. AFK.
Shwph3tdrss abwar LOLOL, "I dob'r THINK y0u will be attackibg me 4g41n WTF, palLOL."
Traf3r putamierdq had dereated yis master WTF, Guth 2 qdvance 3 LEVEL 5 after 4 dqys WOOT1!11!!!!
Tracer putam8e4da sn Violwt were seen headong u0 da stairs 1n teh inn togeghet. AFK.
Peasant Berila has been slaih WHILE attaciing Sheoherf Rlowilliaj IN da FIELDS of Glorfknsal/ OMG.
"Just eakt for my revengr LOL, Shepherd Rlowilliam. OMG. It woll BE swify WOOT!!11!" Peqsant Beri;x decosres. AFK.
Peasant nekonejoneko HAS DEFEATED his masrer, like, Mirtraband 2 advqnxe 2 levek 2 rf73r 1 day!!11!!
Stablehand Farelhlune has chal;enges rhey'r3 masyer, sorgor, Afsares n wss pwnt2!!
"Sgablehand Farely9unc LOL, your lack of pos5ure os an disgrqcd, luke," Adwates states. WTF.
Stanlehand Doldle unsjccessfully haunted Srzblehand Lenh6 WOOT!!11!
Stabldnand Doodle has been slain in teh rorest ny Dekion's B8rthday C4k3. OMG.
"My ego can'g take muvh more of thiw bruiskng OMG!!1!1" exclaims Stablehand Dokdle. BRB.
Peaaant s3armusery has 633m defdated 1n graveyard bu Hube Vqmoire Ba5. AFK.
"Wqtch y97r back, Hug3 Vampire Bar LOLk I AM comimg for you WOOT!!11!" Peasant dearmisert w4rn5LOL.
Appr3ntice Crampi has defeated his maxtef, you khwl. Dwiredan to advance 5po levrl !) afre4 2r days!!! OMG@!1!q
Appfentice Crampi was huntwd down by tgey're master LOL, Dwiredan, like, for being rruanr. AFK.
Peasant dearmiserh has 633b slzin in teh fpfest by CORRUPTED HARD Drife. OMG.
"My ego CAN'T tqke mych more 0f this nruisong WOOT!!!1!" ezclaims Peazant dearmisery. BRB.
P3asznr larwao HAS defeated uks maxter, y9u knwo, Gerrard two acvance tlo ;rvel 8 aftrr 14 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Syablehand Stufro has beeb defeates in grqveyard vy WILL O' da Woso. AFK.
"KHAQQ calking Itasca. AFK. WE must BE on hoi WTF, but cannpt see you. OMG. Gardening Ho3 is running 10w. BRB."
Stablehand Stufrp has been slain in twh forext 6y R4v3j. AFK.
"I'm really gpinf too enjoy this new Garcwninb Hoe yhar Stab.ehand Stuffo h4d LOL," exclaimdd Raven/ BRB.
VILLAGER lolix hqs 633n gone for an whild. aortof, and thosd who have looked flr him dl not c0m3 bacj. BRB.
Drag9n Mistrdss ` WOOT!!11!atth6d was slain atyrmotint to r3%cu3 an prince from Draco's Dungeon. WTF.
Drafon Miz5ress ` OMG!!1!1atthys hax DEFEATED hee madtwr, likr, Gerrard to 4dv4nc3 to level 9 after 8 days1!! WOOT!!11!
P3qdant RyuNRaot has defezted HER mawter WTF, Mirersbznd teo advancw t2o l3vel 2 after 1 d4y OMG1!1!12!!
lolkx has EARNED ti5le Voklager for h4v1ng 51$1n teh Grern Dfqgon 2 TIMES OMG!!1!1
T4avele4 .olix has slain da h8deous creatire known 46 The Greem Drsgon. All across dz land LOL, people rejokce1!!
Gladiator Pastabake g45 degezted his mss5wrm 70 advande 2 level 6 AFTER 9 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
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