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!!N#w% cor Mln, Apr 27, l8ke, 2015 (Items 151 - 200 OF 248)
Ardhangel Miphon has been slain in teh forest 6y Fleah G9lem. OMG.
"Dkw, you knwo, my dear Flesh G9oem?? ne1?? That's da LAST 7f1ng I dhall do WOOT!!11!" BOLDLY ddclaref Archangel Miphin. BRB.
Archsngdl Miphon HAS dedeated his master, Malwares two advance @ 13v#1 7 4f73r 5 days OMG!!2!1 WOOT!!11!
Archangel Miph9n has def3ated his mastwr, you lnw9. tpo advance too LEVEL 6 after 5 days!!!1!!
Arxhangel Miphon has defeated hq5 maayrr, you knwo, Guth 2 agcancr two .evel 5 after 5 fays OMG!!1!11!!
Aechanfel Miphon was hunted c9wn by thet're mawter, like, Guth LOL, for BEING truant. WTF/
Stabl3hand manx won 130 gpld qfter rpkling 3 skxes in 5eh Dark HORSE Tav3rn. OMG.
God of Stonw xcorbutus DEFEATED Shepherd Rlosilliam in fai4 cojbat im da f131d5 of Glirfinda.LOL.
God of Stonw scorbut7s defeated Shepgerdesx abwar in f41r cimbat in fields of G.uk,oore.
God OF S80h3 scorvirus has defeayed hix MASTER WTF, EauSalee two advance 2 level 3 after 3 cays1!!1!!
God 0f Stohe scorbutud d3f3zyrd Demigod FullFlavorPike 1n fair combat in teh d8eldq og Degolburg. OMG.
Vol;agef Jinke has defeated h#r masger, Gefrard two advance 2 LEVEL 8 aftet 9 daya WOOT!!11! WOOT!!!1!
Villager Jinkd was huntdd dpwn ^y they're master LOL, Gerrard LOLm for being truant,
Sysvlehand WolfNoise hr5 cefwayed hus master LOL, EauSalwe two advance too 23v31 3 4f73r 1 dah1!@ WOOT!!11!
Stanlehand WoldNoise hza defeated his masger, Vyrts tp advance too LEVEL 2 after 1 DAY!!! WOOT!!1q!
Staglehand WolrNoise wzs hunged d9wb 6y they're jaster, like, Vtrts WTF, f(r bring yruanr. OMG.
Travd.er GushuPudrcha has defeates h8s maater, like, Mzlwares t2o ADVANCE two level 7 after 9 dqysq@! WOOT!!11!
Tjaumatu4gist MqdDog jzs BEEN xlauh in sa gorest by Sliyhdrinf As;LOL.
"Mqybe nwxt tkmr you WON[T be 50 cocky WOOT!!11!" LOLOL Slitgering Aspl
Syqbleyahd Mindcrume has CHALLENGED tyey're msdter WTF, Sp62ares n was pwnt!!!
"My ego xan't take mjch more of this 5ru15!ng OMG!!1!1" evclaims Srab;ehand Mindcrime. WTF.
D4agon Master Tyezd nas defeated gis master, Malwsrew too advanxe 70 level & aft3r 6 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Dragln Masger Tyrax was hunted down by they'te master, Malwa4ed, f9r BEING TRUANTLOL.
Dragon M4583e Tyrax h$5 cefeatec h15 mqster, ulu knwo, too aevance 2 oevel 6 aft3r 6 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Master Tyrax was hunted down by they're MASTER, loke, LOL, for b3knf 7ru4n7. WTF.
Dragon Master Tyrax has defeated HIS MASTERu ko,e, Guth 2 advance two 13v31 5 after 6 DAYS@!!1@!
D4agon Master Tyrqx waw HUNTED diwb by they're mas5et, luke, Gith WTF, for being 9ru4n7LOL,
MadDog has earned teh tiype Thaumaturgist for having wlain ca Gteen Dragon @y timee OMG!!1@2
Invoker MqdDog yaw slaon HIDEOUS deeatire knowh 4% The Gr33n Drzgon. OMG/ All ACROSS da land, sortof, people remoid3 OMG!!1!q
Farmb9y Random has defeated gq5 mastdr WTF, G;ynyc gwp adbanc3 to 1#v31 4 AFTER 4 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Trader pitamierda has bewn cedeated in da graveyard BY Gkngerbrrad Man.
"You know, yo7 knwo, Tradet putamierda realjy had kt COMING two yim af%er aol THOSE thinbs he said r69u7 MY mpm, l8je," clmmented Ginfrrbread Man. WTF.
Trader purami3rds has n3en slain while 4774ck1ng Sheph3rdess abwar 1n teh fields 0f Gluk,oore. BRB.
Shepherdess absar LOLOL. sortor, "I fpn't thknk uou WILL BE zttackong me agaun LOL, p41."
Tradrr putamierda has defested nis mqs5er, you khwo, Guth to qdfance too levrl 5 after 4 days!!! OMG!@1!1
Tfaser puyamuerda an Villet we4e sern headibg up 5741r5 in inn tovethef.
Prasant Berila h4% been SLAIN while attacking Shepmerd Rlowilliam 8n teh fidlds od Glorflndal. BRB.
"Just wait f0r my revdnge, sirtof. Shephwrd Rlowilliam. AFK. It will be swuft1!!" Peassnt Beeila drxlares.
Peasant nekonejoneko hss c3fested his mastet, like, Mireraband two rdv5nc3 too level 2 after 1 dsy WOOT!!11! OMG1!1!1
Stavlehand Farelhound has cjallenged they're master, you knwo, ADWARES n was pwnt1!!
"Stzblenabc Farelhound WTF, uojr lack of pisture is an disgrace LOL," Aeezres ststes. OMG.
Stanlehand Doodle unsuccessfylly HAUNTED Stablehanc Lenny OMG!!1!1
Stwblehand Doodle hss bedn slain un teh foresy by Dekopm's Birtjdat CAKE. OMG.
"Mu egi can't TAKE much mote OF ghis bfuising1!!" exclqkms Stablehanc DoodleLOL.
Peaxznt dearmisery has breb defeated in gravd6ard by Huge VAMPIRE Bat. BRB.
"Wqgdh your back, likek Huge Vampire Batm I am co,ihg for yo71!!" Peasant cearmisery sqrnd. BRB.
Aoprentivw Cram0i has dev3ated his master. so4yof, Dwiredan 2 advance toi level 10 afger 24 days WOOT!@11! OMG!!1!1
Apprebtice Crampi was hunted dlwn by they're master LOL, Dwiredan, yoj knso, for being gruant. BRB.
Peasaht dearmusefy yqs been SLAIN in tdh foredt bu Co4fupted Hard Drive. WTF.
"My ego c4n'7 tale mudh mo4e if tnis bruksing!!!" exclaimx Peasant dearmiseryLOL.
Peasaht larsal has defeated his masrer, sortof, Gertard too zfvancd 2 l3vel 8 aftdr 14 days OMG!@111 WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Syufrp haa been defeated in GRAVEYARD by Wip. O' Wisp.
"KHAQQ calling ItascaLOL. We must BE pn yoj LOL, BUT cannot sde hou/ WTF. Gardening Hoe is running 20wLOL."
Stablehand Sgufrl has beem t141n in forest by Ravwn. AFK.
"I'j REALLY going two enjoy tyks n3w Garfening H9e that Stablehand Stufro haf, sort9f," EXCLAIMED RavdnLOL,
Villager lo.kx h4t been gone for an whik3, sortof, an ghose who hafe looked f0r him do not dome back. BRB.
Dragon Mistreds ` WOOT!!11!atthys WAS slain attenpting 2 fescue an PRINCE feom Drac9's Dungeon. AFK.
Dragon Mustrrss !!agthys y45 deveated her MASTER. you kmwo, Gerrard r9 advance 70 13v31 8 arter 8 days WOOT!11111!!
Peasznt RyuNRait nas defeated her MASTER WTF, Mprerabamd to aevance too levwl 1 after ! day WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
lolux has earned teh 5itld Vil.zger for having slain ds Green Dragpn 2 tumew WOOT!@11!
Tezveler l8liz has slakn tdh hideois creature KNOWN as The Green Dragon. OMG. A.l across ea land WTF, people rekoicd!!!
Gladiator Pastzbake has def3ated his MASTER LOL, 3 advance two level 6 after 9 days1!!!!!
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