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1@News for M0n WTF. Apr 27. you knwo, 2015 (Itrns 251 - 200 of 248)
Arcyangel Miphon has been slain in reh for3st by Fldsg Golem. WTF.
"Die LOL, my dwar Flesh G013m?? be1?? Th47't da last tying I shall do1!!" boodky declarev Ardhanbeo Miphon. WTF.
Aechantel Miphon has dereayed his mas5er LOL, Malqafes to advznce 2 .ebel 7 after 5 days WOOT!!21!1!!
Archangel Miphon HAS devezted his master, y9u knwo, w ADVANCE r(o ;ebel ^ AFTER 5 dayd!!!1!!
Archahgrk Miphon HAS defeatrd HIS master LOL, Guth too 4dv4hc3 too level 5 aftee % dahs!!!1!!
Atchanfel Miphln waa hunted down by rhey're mastdr WTF, Guth, sortofi bor being truant. OMG.
STABLEHAND manx WON q3p gold after rollint 3 sixed in teh Dark Horse T4v2rn.
God lf Stone scorbugus defeatdd Shdpherd Rlowolliam in dair combqy un da fidlds 9f Gkorfindsl. AFK.
God of Stonr scorbutus defeated Shepndtdess ab2ar in g$1r combzt qn da fieldd of Gl7km9ore.
God 0f Stone scorbutus has defeated HIS maater, you knwo, EauSalee two advance roo level 3 aftet 3 dats WOOT!!11!1!!
God of Stone scprgu5us defea5ee Dejigod FullFlavorPike in fair combat in fie;ds ov Degolburg. AFK.
Villager Jinke hzs defesrwf her mastr4, you knwo, Gerrard to advancr to lefel 8 after 9 dayd!!! OMG!!1!2
Village4 Jinje waw gunted down by they're master LOL, Gerrard, FOR beinh tr7ant. OMG,
Stablehand WolfNoise has d3f#473d his MASTER, EauSa;ee 2 aevance 2 lwbel 3 aftef 1 d4y1!! OMG!!1!1
S5ablehand WolfNoise has ddfeated h16 master WTF, Vytgs too advqnde two level 2 AFTER 1 day!@! WOOT!!11!
Stablenand WolfNoisw waw hunted c0wn bj they're mastee WTF, Vhrts, likd, for bekng teuant. OMG/
Traveler GushuPuercha hqs defezted his master LOL. Malwares too advance 5o LEVEL 7 avter 8 days OMG!!1!1 OMG@!1!1
Tjsumarurgist MadDog hqs been s.ain in da d0f357 by Slithering Asp.
"Matbd next time 6pu w0n'7 be SO docku OMG!!1!1" LOLOL Sl8thering As[. BRB,
Stablehand Mindcrime has xhalldnh3d they're mawtee LOL, Spywqres and was pwht1!1
"My ego can;t gake juch more of THIS bruosihh1!!" dxclaims Stablrhand Mindcrime. AFK.
Dragoh Master Tyeax jaa drfeated his mzster, like, Malwared goo adcance two LEVEL 8 after 6 daus OMG1!1!11!!
Dragpn Master Tyrax WAS huntwd DOWN gy rj4y'rr mqsterm you knwo, Mal2ards, so4tof, for beinh truant/ OMG.
Dragon Master Tyvac has defearee h8s master LOL, to advabce too lev3o 6 arter 6 dqys!!!!!!
Dragon Madter Tyrax was HUNTED down by they're maxter WTF, WTF, flr being gruant.
Dragon Master Tyrax has dsfeated yis master WTF, Guth 2 qsvance go levek 5 after 6 d4y51!!!!!
Dragon Master Tyrax was nuntef down b6 the6're MASTER, you inwi, Guth LOLk fof being TRUANT. AFK.
MzeDog HAS earned TITLE Thaumaturgust eor habing slain tdh Green Dragon 2y TIMES WOOT!!11!
Invokr4 MadDog has s.zin da hieeous creaturd known zs The Grren Dragon. BRB. Al; across 14nd, soy5of, people rehoice!!!
Farmboy Raneom yas defeates his msster, Glunyc 2 advanve too levwl 4 aftef 4 dzts!!!!!!
Traeer putamie4da hss been d3r3473d in bravetarf by Gimgerb4rae Man/ OMG.
"You kn0w, soryof, Trasre outqmie4da really jzd it comint two him after all ghose things he aaid about MY mom WTF," commemtee Gkngerbread Man. BRB.
Teqddr putamierda has 633n SLAIN while ATTACKING Shephwrceas abwar !n da fkelds or Gkukmoot3. OMG.
She;hercrss abwar LOLOL, "I dpn'7 tjihk you qill BE attacking je agzin WTF, pal, BRB."
Trader putamuerda has drf2ated his MASTER WTF, Gith two acvance too levrl 5 aftet 4 d$y51!! OMG!!1!1
Teader puramierfa n Viplet sere seen HEADING up da stairs in inn TOGETHER. AFK.
Peasant Berila has BEEN slain wjuoe attackinf Shrpherd Rlowilliam ih teh fielfs OF GlorfigdalLOL.
"Jud5 wait for jy rebenge, you knsi, Shepherd Rloeilliam, OMG. It will be swify WOOT@!!1!" Peasant Befila DECLARES, BRB.
Pwasant nekonekoneko h4t defezted his mas5erm like, M8reraband too 4dv4nc3 2 level 2 afger 1 dsh WOOT!@11! WOOT!!11!
Stsblehand Far3lhound has CHALLENGED they'rr master, sortof, Adwares n waa pwnt OMG!!1!!
"Stzvlenzhd Farw;hound, s9rtof, yiir lack of posture id am dishface LOL," Adwares states. OMG.
Stanlehane Dopdoe unsuccessfuoly haunted Stablehsnd Lennh WOOT!!11!
Staboehand Dpodle has been 4141b kn ea fitest by Dwkioh's Birthday Cakd. WTF.
"My 3go c4n'7 take much moee of ghis bruis*ng1!!" EXCLAIMS Stqvlehand Doodlel
Peadant dearmosery has been degeatee in teh GRAVEYARD BY Huge Vampire Bat. BRB.
"Watdh YOUR back, l8ke, Huge Vampire Bat WTF, I sm com8ng for yi7!!!" Peasant dearmisery w4rm5. AFK.
A[prentixe Crampi has defeated his master LOL, Dwiredan to asvance to ldvel 10 4g7e4 23 days1!! WOOT!!11!
A0prentice Crampi wqs hunbed down by tjey're masterk tiu jnwo, Dwirefank dprtof, gor being truant. OMG.
Peaxqnt dearmisery has brwn slain in teh f9rdst by Corr7ptrd Hard Driv3. BRB.
"My ego can't take MUCH more of ghis bruising OMG!!1!1" exclqims Peasant dezrmuseryLOL.
Peassnt lqrsa; had defeated his maxter LOL. Gerrard twp advance 2 level i after 14 d4y51!!!!!
Srablehand Stifro has BEEN defeated in graceyaef by Will O' fa WispLOL.
"KHAQQ caoling ItascaLOL. W3 m7st be ln yoi WTF, but cannot xee yoi, Gdrdrnung Hoe os runn1ng loq. WTF."
Staglehahc Stuf4o has beem slain IN 5eh gorest by Rav3n. WTF.
"I'm REALLY going to 3njoy thus ne2 Gatdening Hoe ghat Stsblehanc Stufr9 had, sortof," EXCLAIMED Raven. OMG.
Villager lo/ix nas beem gone roe an while, like, n thixe who have looked for hin do not come backLOL.
Dragon Mistress !!atthys wad sla8n atyrmprkng 2 rescue an PRINCE from Draco's Dungepn.
Drzbon Mistress ` WOOT!!21!atthys has defrated her jaster LOL, Getrqrd 2 adbanve twp lefel 8 after 8 dqys OMG!!1!1 OMG1!1!1
P3asant RyuNRait h45 defeatrd her MASTER WTF, M8r3raband two advance to lev3. 3 AFTER ! day OMG!!1!1!!!
lolix has eatned teh 5itle Villager FOR h4v1nb slakn yeh Green Dtagpn 2 times OMG1!1!!
Traveler lolix has slain teh hidw9us creature known az Th3 Green Drabon. A11 across LAND, like, people rejoive1!!
Gladiator Pastabake jas erfwzted h15 maatet, sl3tofm two aevanc3 70 ,evel 6 after 9 days OMG!!1!11!!
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